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Usuki Star: Part Three

by cheeseworld101


When Rose entered the bedroom, Ali was lying on her bed reading a book. The Shoyru turned towards her sister and waited patiently for Ali to stop reading. Ali was unaware that Rose had entered the room until she finally put down the book after five minutes.

     “Hi, Rose.” Ali got up from the bed. “Do you want to ask me something? I just finished the chapter, so go ahead before I start reading again. The part I’m at is pretty exciting, so make it quick.”

     “I was just wondering if I could use your desk, Ali.” Rose paused. “I have something urgent I need to do.”

     Ali looked surprised at the seriousness in Rose’s tone. “Yes, you can use my desk. Just remember to put everything back where you found it. I like to know where all my things are so I don’t have to go looking for them every time I want to use one.”

     Rose nodded and sat down at Ali’s desk. She put down the lined piece of paper she had found in the living room. She stopped to think for a moment, and then started to write with a pencil she had also found in the living room.

     “Neopia Culture Magazine,” Rose whispered as she wrote, “I was about to enter your contest for meeting the singers of Usuki Star when someone pointed out to me the fact that I was too young to enter your contest. I had already filled out the form, and I was very excited. You see, Usuki Star is my favorite band ever, and I have always wanted to meet them.”

     “Are you alright over there, Rose?” Ali interrupted, as Rose was writing.

     “Yes, Ali.” Rose turned around in the chair. “I’m writing a letter.”

     “Oh.” Ali blushed. “I’m sorry I disturbed you, Rose.”

     “That’s okay.” Rose turned back to her letter.

     Rose’s handwriting was slightly messy and had smudged a little. She sighed softly, hoping that the Neopets in charge of the contest at Neopia Culture Magazine would take her seriously.

     She continued to whisper as she wrote, “I am very angry that you said that you had to be a certain age to enter. I think that all Neopets should have a chance at following their dreams. I have always been waiting for this opportunity, and now that it’s here, I think that I should still have a chance. I know you might not take this letter seriously, but this is how I feel. I think it’s wrong that there’s an age limit, because I’m only a little bit younger and I’m sure there are lots of other Neopets my age who feel the same way.”

     Rose put down the pencil and rested her tired hand. She had never written so much so quickly. But in the case of this letter, she knew exactly what to say.

     She skipped a line and signed the letter, “Rose the Striped Shoyru.”

     Rose read over the letter and was content. She left the pencil on Ali’s desk and brought the letter to her owner, who was still sitting in the living room looking over the contest details.

     “Mom,” Rose held out the letter, “I wrote a letter to the magazine. I think it’ll help, mom. Can we send it today?”

     “I’m afraid it won’t get there in time, Rose.” Rose’s owner took the letter and skimmed it quickly. “But I will make sure to send it as a Neomail. That way, we can be sure the magazine will get it in time.”

     “Thanks, Mom.” Rose hugged her owner lovingly.

     “How about I do it now so I don’t forget?”

     “That’s fine.” Rose stepped back and scanned her owner’s face. “You’ll tell me if they reply, no matter what it says, right?”

     “Of course I would tell you, Rose. Why wouldn’t I tell you?” her owner questioned.

     “Well,” Rose started, and then trailed off.

     “What is it? Is there anything wrong?” Rose’s owner tilted her head, concerned yet curious at the same time.

     “You see, it always seems like just because I’m younger, older Neopets or owners hide things from me because they’re bad or they think I can’t handle them. But I want you and Mat and Ali to know that I can handle these things. And if I can’t handle them, then I’ll tell you. You can tell me anything, Mom.”

     “Oh, Rose.” Rose’s owner lifted the Shoyru up and placed Rose on her lap, “Thank you for telling me that. It’s hard, because you’re the youngest. But I’ll keep that in mind from now on.”

     “I’m going to let you Neomail my letter to the magazine, now.” Rose got off her owner’s lap.

     “Okay.” Her owner stood up and dusted off her pants. “You should be going to bed soon.”

     “I will, Mom,” Rose replied as she walked into her bedroom.

     Ali was still reading when Rose entered the bedroom. She looked up and put her book down. She went over to Rose and pointed at her desk.

     “What?” the Shoyru asked. “I cleaned everything up like you asked me to.”

     “I just don’t remember that pencil being there,” Ali started.

     Rose interrupted her. “I’m so sorry, Ali. I forgot about that pencil. But it’s really not a very big deal. It’s just a pencil, and you can always keep it there in case you don’t have enough. Do you want it?”

     “I’m sorry. I’m just a little obsessed about keeping this room exactly the same so I know where everything is.” Ali paused. “So we know where everything is.”

     “I know you really want your own room, Ali, but it’s just a pencil.” Rose sighed and turned away for a second. Her sister could be a little strange at times.

     “Well, some things can mean nothing to one person, but be very significant for another. You may think it’s only a pencil, but in a few days Mom may wonder where that pencil went. And I know you really want to enter that contest, Rose, but personally I don’t find it such a big deal.”

     “But,” Rose started to reply angrily, but Ali cut her off.

     “Exactly what I mean. So, please put that pencil back where you found it. I know you probably think it’s stupid, but it’s always good to remember that some things hold more significance for one person than they do for someone else.”

     “Okay, Ali.” Rose went over to her sister’s desk and picked up the pencil. She exited the bedroom and brought it back into the living room, placing it back where she found it.

     Rose sat down on the living room couch and buried her head in her lap. Ali could be so harsh, sometimes. Rose wished that her sister understood that she was still young, and that the Yurble shouldn’t expect her to do things right all the time. And even after the long lecture that she had just received from Ali, she still felt that her sister became stressed over the smallest matters. It didn’t seem right to her, but she wasn’t sure, as her sister was older than her and knew more things.

     The Shoyru was bored, but she had no desire to go to bed. She walked around the room, searching for something to do to pass the time. She scanned the bookshelf in the corner of the room, and finally found a short chapter book she could read. Rose had only read a few pages of the book when suddenly she heard footsteps and quickly returned the book to the shelf. She knew that her owner thought she was in bed.

     “Rose, are you still up?” Rose’s owner walked out of the study. “I thought you went to bed already.”

     “Mom, Ali just lectured me about how some things are more important to one person than to another. I don’t like lectures, Mom.” The Shoyru went over to her owner and hugged her softly.

     Rose’s owner laughed softly. “I think she’s just a little annoyed that you’re obsessing over this contest, Rose. After all, it is only a contest. I know you love Usuki Star, but it’s important not to be so obsessed you don’t think about anything else.”

     “I think about other things. I think about paint brushes, and toys, and Neoschool, and...” Rose stopped talking. “Yes, I know I’m a little crazy about Usuki Star. But this contest means the world to me.” Rose tilted her head and examined her owner’s blank face. She couldn’t tell if her owner was mad or not. She just seemed tired.

     “I know, sweetie.” Rose’s owner kissed the Shoyru’s head. “Go to sleep now. Maybe by tomorrow we’ll have heard back from the magazine.”

     Rose nodded and walked into the bedroom. She completed her nightly routine and got into her bed. She said goodnight to her sister, who turned out the light. She tossed and turned, trying to get to sleep, but she was so excited to see if the magazine had Neomailed her owner a response.

     Eventually Rose fell asleep, but when the sun’s pale pink fingers began to stretch over the horizon, Rose’s eyes were already open, excited for the day ahead of her, and hopeful that there was a new Neomail in her owner’s inbox.

To be continued...

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