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Siyana, the First to Rise

by froggylover911


Run, run. She knew she couldn’t stop, because if she did, all would be lost. Nobody knows, she thought as her dark faerie wings lifted her off the ground. Nobody knew. They were afraid to trust a dark faerie. Dusk knew she had been wrong to want to help; nobody would want a dark faerie to help them, but she knew she had to. She was not like the others.

      “Come on, Dusk! You haven’t helped with a prank for ages. Those light faeries are asking for it! Please?” Dusk didn’t want to help Nitoria. She wasn’t about to say that to her, because she was a dark faerie, and dark faeries aren’t meant to feel sympathy for others when they play a prank, but Dusk did.

      “Nitoria, I can’t. I, um, have to go meet my other friend at the other side of Faerieland. I’ll see you later, though.” Dusk ran off, trying to look like she wanted to play a prank, but couldn’t. She stopped to rest.

      “You don’t have to listen to her, you know.” Dusk turned around to see a light faerie right behind her.

      “I just want to fit in. I mean, It’s not like I would play those horrible pranks, but without Nitoria, what other friends do I have?”

      “Me. You have me. I would love to help you get rid of Nitoria. Admit it, you do need help.”

      “Sure. I’m Dusk, who are you?”

      “My name is Shyne.” Just as Shyne said that, the whole street went dark, and an even darker shadow could be seen walking toward the two faeries.

      “So, Dusk, you choose this light faerie over me?” It was Nitoria.

      “N-No, Nitoria, I am a dark faerie after all; why would I like her?” Dusk said before she could stop. She walked, looking back once to see only darkness.

      What have I done? Dusk thought, remembering the last time she had ever seen her friend Shyne. She probably wasn’t even her friend anymore. Dusk was just happy to have left Nitoria. Thinking for only a few seconds, she changed directions and headed for the Faerie Library. She had to find out what happened to Shyne.

      After a few hours, she had learned that Shyne had became a grey faerie. It was all because of Nitoria. Then she heard a voice behind her.

      “You can change it, you know.”

      Dusk turned around. Nobody was there.

      “No, I won’t listen to you anymore, Nitoria. I have a real friend now. You can play your pranks alone. Good bye.” It worked; Nitoria walked away, leaving Shyne and Dusk alone.

      Dusk was back in the library. Nothing had changed, but she heard Shyne’s voice. Thank You...

      Dusk didn’t need to learn more, she just wanted to leave and find Shyne. She looked outside and saw the darkness. But it was morning. She flew aimlessly, eventually letting the wind carry her. Soon she hit something solid. She opened her eyes, seeing bright yellow light. An echo like voice spoke.

      The Darkest Faerie. She is causing this. Her name is Nitoria. You can help. Trust the light faerie. Only you can help. You have helped Shyne, now help all of Neopia. You are the only one...

      The voice faded. Dusk looked up to see not yellow light, but a light purple glow. It could only be Fyora. “Come with me.” Dusk was led away.

      She woke up in the faerie castle, and memories came flooding back. She tried to sit up, but couldn’t.

      “Hello. Did you hear about the Darkest Faerie, your old friend?”

      “Yes, I did.”

      “We really should have known.”

      “Wait... Shyne? Is that you?” The light faerie nodded. “Shyne! I missed you so much!”

      “I missed you, too.”

      Suddenly, the room was blown apart. The form of a dark faerie could be seen entering the room. She spoke to them.

      “Hello, Shyne, Dusk. I have come for my revenge. Dusk, you have betrayed me. Shyne, you led Dusk to do that. But first I will use you to get to Fyora. I am no longer just Nitoria, I am the Darkest Faerie! And I will win, my powers are too great for even Fyora.”

      Just then, Fyora entered the room. She held her staff in one hand, and a red and gold orb in the other. She took the orb, and with a blast of magic, she sent it around Nitoria’s neck. She turned to stone.

      The statue Nitoria was hovering in the air, toward the edge of the cloud. It was still for a moment, then started falling, picking up speed as it went. All was silent, and they were able to hear a faint splash as the statue hit the water.

      “She is imprisoned now, but not forever. She has attacked her homeland, Altador, in hope for more power. She will be trapped in stone for a thousand years, and then will be free. She will want revenge, no doubt. Thank you, Dusk, for your help, for if you had not made the choice to fix your mistake, Shyne would never had told me about what Nitoria was planning, and by the time I found out, it would have been too late.” Fyora said.

      Dusk smiled. “Don’t thank me, I didn’t even know about that. I just felt guilty and somehow found out I could change this, and get Shyne back.”

      “Did you tell her that she could change it, Shyne?” Fyora asked.

      “Even grey faeries have powers,” Shyne said.

      “Thank you, Shyne,” Dusk said.

      “What was that orb you used to turn her into a statue?” Shyne asked.

      “It is called Jerdana’s Orb. Jerdana is an Aisha, one of the guardians of Altador, Nitoria’s homeland, and is very gifted in magic. She gave me this, saying I would use it someday. She was right,” Fyora told them.

      “Is it true that all dark faeries are evil? I don’t think I’m evil,” Dusk asked, talking to Fyora, not Shyne.

      “No, not all dark faeries are evil,” was Fyora’s reply.

      “Have you ever met a good dark faerie?”

      “Yes. Her name is Dusk.”

      “Sometimes I wish I was a light faerie.”

      “Is now one of those times?”

      “Seeing what one of my kind has done, yes, it is.”

      “I can change you into a light faerie.” Everyone was shocked at what Fyora had said. There was a few moments of silence before Dusk’s reply.

      “Yes, can I become a light faerie?”

      Fyora nodded and stretched her right arm out until it was on Dusk’s shoulder, and her hands started to glow yellow. Dusk felt an unfamiliar warmth.

      “Thank you.”

      “Dusk the light faerie doesn’t sound so good; would you like a different name?”

      “Yes, that would be best.”

      “You are now a guardian of Altador. Your name is Siyana.” Fyora’s hands started glowing, and Siyana disappeared in a flash of light. She saw a city that looked like nothing else in Neopia. She saw a beautiful city by the ocean, with pets going about daily work. She already loved it. Without having to think, she knew exactly where she was. She was in Altador. She was in her new home.

      I am home.

The End

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