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Everything You Need to Know About Key Quest!

by oxbridge_united


Key Quest is the latest Multiplayer game from Neopets. It was released to open beta on the 29th of July 2008 and it has been very popular ever since!

When you join a game, you get to pick a starting color; you can pick either red, yellow, blue or green. Pick your favourite color since it doesn't really matter what you pick.

When the game is full, you get to roll a die! After everyone has rolled their die, the person with the highest number gets to pick which Neohome they would like. There are 4 Neohomes that you can start from. Each Neohome has its own advantages and disadvantages, so pick whichever one suits your playing style most.

When everyone has picked their Neohome, the game starts and the person who get to pick their Neohome 1st starts off the game.

When it's your turn, there are 2 things you can do. If you have one, you can use a Power Up. I've added more information about power ups later on in this article. If you use a Power up or not, the next thing you do is to roll the dice! Click on the dice to roll it. Surely you didn't need me to tell you that!

After rolling the dice, you move around the board, a 1 means you move 1 space and a 6 means you move 6 spaces etc. You probably knew that already, but I'll add it in anyway.

When you stop moving, you land on a space. There are 6 different types of spaces you can land on. Some spaces do something when you pass over them and others only have an effect when you land on them. Below is a list of all of the spaces and that effects they have.

Round tile with “NP” in the middle: You gain 50 NP when you pass or land on this space. Free neopoints for doing nothing!

Round tile with a multicoloured Diamond in middle: You get a random Power Up when you pass over this square. If you have 3 power ups when you pass over this space, you can choose whether to discard one of your current power ups or not.

Purple tile with 3 stars in the middle: When someone lands on this space, a minigame is played. You can find out about the minigames later on in this article.

Round tile with swirly thing in the middle: You can choose to teleport to the other space of the same kind when you pass over this space.

Round tile with a keyhole in the middle: You gain a key when you pass this space. The color of the key is decided by whatever color the key above the space is.

Yellow tile with a big “X” in the middle: You gain a load of NP and a key of your choice when you land on this space.

Power Ups

Power Ups are items that can be used at the start of the turn. Each Power Up is different and does a different thing, so you better know what does what or you could be swapping places with someone when you thought you were taking one of their keys!

Key Grabber: Snatch a key from someone else. Use this to grab that key you need to win the game.

Misdirected Compass: Pick a player and send them backwards. You can pick yourself if you really want to.

Transporter Helmet: Swap spaces with another player on the board. Use this if someone is nearer to the key you need than you are.

Rainbow Sticky Hand: Steal a Power Up from anyone. I like to steal other people's sticky hands with this so they can't steal my Key Grabbers.

Bottled Quicksand: Pick someone to lose their turn. Use this on the person who's nearly at their final key.

Loaded Gummy Die: Pick what number you roll on the dice. Pick a 6!

Catapult: Pick a player and send them back home. Use it on the person closest to their next key.


Minigames are played when someone lands on the Minigame Space. The minigame that is played is picked at random. Below are all 3 of the minigames you can play and a simple guide to winning them. Neopets provides a more detailed explanation when you play a minigame.

Petpetpet Snare: Draw lines around the target petpetpets to score points. The target petpetpet is shown at the top of the screen; be careful not to circle any other petpetpet!

Nova Matcher: Click on 2 matching Novas to score points. Look carefully at the color of the Novas; some of them look very similar.

Spyder Scare: Click on the Items below the Spyders to score points. Your spyder's eyes show a beam of light which tells which way they are facing. Items closer to the top are quicker to grab.

The winner is always the person with the most points when time’s up. The winner of a minigame wins a key of their choice, so it’s important to try and win as many as you can!

Once you have all 5 keys, you have to make it to the Quest Door to win; it’s the big thing in the middle of the board if you didn’t know already.

When someone does make it to the quest door with all 5 keys in hand, the game is over and you gain a key depending on how well you did. The winner gets a Gold Key, 2nd place gets a Silver Key, 3rd place gets a Bronze Key and the loser lets the Lead Key.

You can claim prizes with these keys at the Vault. When you claim your prizes at the vault, a Gold Key gives you 4 items, a Silver Key gives you 3 items, a Bronze Key gives you 2 items and a Lead Key gives you 1 item.

Hopefully after reading this, you should be winning a load of games and getting Gold Keys all the time. Good Luck!

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