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Reva's Strange Dream

by areana55954


"It is true, you know," said Reva with a smile. "I went to the Laboratory today on a whim and look what happened. I am now a Faerie Kougra. I can fly just like the Tooth Faerie." The once brown Kougra flexed her new lavender wings and flew into the bright blue sky. She flew between some clouds and then began a series of flips and turns that left her audience below clapping.

     Reva always wanted to be a faerie, but not just any faerie. She wanted to be just like the Tooth Faerie. She had dreamed of going around and giving people advice on their teeth and neopoints for their lost baby teeth. She even had decorated her home with Tooth Faerie furniture. The Tooth Faerie Poster was hanging in her bathroom.

     Why just yesterday she had lost her last baby tooth. That night she brushed her teeth, flossed, and used her special Tooth Faerie Mouthwash. She placed the tooth under her pillow, clutched her Tooth Faerie doll to her side and fell asleep. The next morning she reached under her pillow and found that the Tooth Faerie had left her 250 neopoints and a special bottle of mouthwash for her last baby tooth.

     Reva wasted no time that night using the special lavender colored mouthwash before she went to bed. As she slept, she had the most wonderful dream. In the dream she was flying through a window of a young Ixi she knew named Barnaby. She reached under Barnaby's pillow and found the baby tooth he had placed there. She knew it was his first tooth to be lost. She lifted it out and placed a special packet under the pillow. Inside the packet was 200 neopoints and a brand new tooth brush. She placed the tooth in her bag and flew to another home and did the same thing. That night she dreamt that she visited fifty one homes before she flew back to her own bed.

     For the next few nights, Reva had dreams exactly like this one and every morning when she woke she had a growing pile of teeth next to her bed. She counted the pile of teeth and found that she had 327 teeth in all. She gathered them up and put them into her Tooth Faerie pillowcase as it was the only thing she had that could hold them all.

     Reva was very worried. How could this just be a dream and where were the teeth coming from? She had to get some answers and decided to go to see her best friend, Claude. Claude was a very smart Kiko with large glasses he wore for reading the big books in the library; and that was exactly where Reva found him, nose buried in a book about Krawk Island.

     Claude was surprised to see her looking so worried as Reva was always laughing and playing. She was even starting to look a little gray. He held her hand as Reva told him about the dream. He was even more worried when she told him about the 327 baby teeth in her pillowcase at home.

     "Claude, what if I really did try to do the Tooth Faerie's job? She is going to be very angry with me."

     Claude thought long and hard. "Reva, let's go see the Tooth Faerie. Maybe she can explain what is happening to you and help you out. According to this book, Tooth Faerie Book, it says she can be located at the Faerieland Dentist office in the morning, showing young neopets how to floss. Let's go and see her."

     Together Claude and Reva made their way to Faerieland and finally stood on the doorstep of the Dentist office. Inside they could hear the Tooth Faerie talking about the importance of brushing. Reva opened the door and walked in, followed by Claude.

     "Reva," said the Tooth Faerie, "I am so glad to see you again, my friend. How are you doing?"

     Reva sat in front of the chair where the Tooth Faerie was sitting. She noticed that the Tooth Faerie had her legs under a spotted green blanket and laying on a special tooth shaped stool. Very slowly Reva told the story of what had been happening to her. When she finished, she expected the Tooth Faerie to start yelling at her; instead, she was drawn up into her lap.

     "Reva, I had visited you when you lost your baby tooth last week. And I had given you the magic lollipop that makes you forget that I was there. Then when I went to stand up to leave, I tripped on your Tooth Faerie Doll and sprained my ankle. You felt so bad about it that your offered to help me out while I had to rest my foot for the week. I gave you a special mouthwash that would give you my powers for a week. I guess that lollipop made you forget that you were helping me out."

     Reva was astonished. Her dreams had been real and she had actually been doing the job of a Faerie, and not just any Faerie, but her favorite one.

     "Today is the last day that you will have the ability to help me out. So I expect you to bring me all the teeth that you collected this week tomorrow," the Tooth Faerie told her.

     Reva put her arms around her and gave her a big hug. "I will be the best helper you ever had. Thank you, Tooth Faerie!"

     She walked outside and her lavender colored fur glistened in the sunlight. Not a touch of gray remained. Claude hugged his friend. "See, everything worked out for the best. Wow, Reva, you are so lucky. I have never heard of the Tooth Faerie doing this with anyone else."

     Reva was so proud that she flew into the sky and did leaps and turns that had everyone clapping for her. That night she used the very last of the lavender mouthwash and lay down on her bed. The next morning she gathered the teeth, now at 373, into a bag and returned to the Faerieland Dentist Office. There she found the Tooth Faerie taking off the bandage from her healed ankle. Reva handed her the heavy bag.

     "Thank you again for all your help, Reva! I have something special for you," the Tooth Faerie told her. She walked into the back room and picked up a picture frame from her desk. She handed the tooth shaped frame to Reva. Inside was a photo of the Tooth Faerie, with a special message written to Reva.

     "Come to see me anytime! For my very special helper and friend, Reva. Signed the Tooth Faerie"

     Reva was so happy. The Tooth Faerie had one more surprise for the young Kougra. "Here is another bottle of the special mouthwash, I would love you to help me for one more week. I have never had a vacation and thought I might go visit my friend the Snow Faerie. Could you do the job for one more week?"

     "Oh yes!" shouted Reva. "I would love to help you out." She walked out with her new gifts. On the way home, she thought, "You know, sometimes your dreams can become real; all you have to do is believe it can happen to you." She could hardly wait for bedtime.

The End

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