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Darigan Citadel For the Cup!

by sweettartlucy


You may or may not be aware of the fact that the third annual Altador Cup will take place this June. If you know all about this event, take a minute to paint your pets Darigan, proclaim your love for the almighty citadel, buy from my shop, or do something else productive while I explain.

The Altador Cup is a yooyuball tournament between the worlds of Neopia. Yooyuball is a game that is only playable during the Altador Cup. During gameplay, one team plays another, trying to score the most goals before time runs out. Each win earns points for one’s team. Basically, each world tries its hardest to earn more points than its weekly opponent. Whoever has the most points wins the round. After various matches, the teams with the best records square off in a finale.

Okay, any Altador Cup veterans can return from my shop now. I’m here to share with all Neopians an imperative message. In fact, this message is so vital, so very important that I actually logged off of neopets and picked up a pencil in order to share it with you! I would like to inform you all that there is only one choice for your Altador Cup team. This ideal candidate is none other than the Darigan Citadel. Why Darigan, you may ask? I have prepared a list of seven reasons to join our almighty group, one for each letter in the word Darigan:

1. We teammates from the Citadel are pleased to report that we’ve never placed lower than second in the Altador Cup. Not that you should join up just because we’re a remarkable team, as that is called selling out, but still it is something to consider, a bit of icing on the cake if you will.

2. The Citadel resides on a violet, awe inspiring rock. Unlike Faerieland’s fluffy little ball of a home, Darigan’s is actually intimidating. The only thing that flies higher than the Citadel is the team’s yooyuball scores. Well, and Virtupets Space station, but for the sake of my writing we shall pretend it doesn’t exist.

3. Upon joining, new team members will be granted a magical visit inside the glorious castle itself. If you bring a friend from one of those other useless, smelly teams, they will be granted a tour of the astonishing dungeons – absolutely free!

4. I am ashamed to report that the Darigan Citadel has lost two wars. However, the third time’s the charm, right? Jump on board now, and become a top resource in the winning army of the future.

5. For Boys: Purple and black are extremely manly colors, fit for only the strongest, brightest, and most extraordinary lads. Darigan pets are fierce, strong willed, and sometimes even a bit malevolent. Clearly, these clever creatures are not cute or cuddly. They are the perfect neopets for a guy to represent. No Darigan boy will ever be called a coward. (Ignore rule number six; it’s all a lie!)

6. For Girls: Violet is the epitome of a feminine shade, found on everything from eye shadow to lilacs. It is the color of royalty, and what girl doesn’t wish to be a princess? Contrary to popular belief, Darigan pets aren’t at all cruel and selfish. In fact, if you take off any vision correcting devices you may possess, and squint a bit, you’ll find them to be quite adorable! (Ignore rule number five; it’s all a lie!)

7. Darigan members are just plain cool. Really, we are. Who else can say they support a formidable floating rock fostering mysteriously intriguing pets? Furthermore, who can say that they have an elite Altador Cup team that won’t accept anything short of winning it all? No one is the answer. So join team Darigan today; you won’t regret it.

Now I am certain that I’ve convinced all the new competitors. Welcome to the winning team! However, I am regrettably aware that some of you veterans are hesitant to depart from your former groups. Here are some advantages the Citadel has over each and every one of the other teams:

Altador: This group made the game, and Darigan Citadel won it. Decide for yourself which is preferable.

Brightvale: Aren’t all of you even somewhat agitated with the fact that Meridell is always out shadowing your wonderful land? King Skarl gets two avatars, while King Hagan only gets one. This is absolutely the epitome of injustice. To stand up to the tyranny, join up with the DC team, as we are conveniently Meridell’s worst nightmare.

Faerieland: By playing for this team in previous years, you showed everyone that you are a giddy, carefree person. This time around you can compete for the edgier Darigan team, therefore proving that you also possess a backbone.

Haunted Woods: Really, haven’t you been slighted by Coconut Shy, Test Your Strength, and other Deserted Fairground games too much to play for a team that aids them? We Darigans also have a reason to be against this diabolical team, as they regrettably beat us in the first Altador Cup. Participating on the side of the Haunted Woods just encourages their evil ways. All of you still without the Evil Coconut avatar, the Citadel is your ideal team!

Kiko Lake: The Lake is a quiet, peaceful little mini world, known of by few and visited by even fewer. In other words, it is somewhat tedious. The Citadel, on the other hand, is an amazing destination. You may get locked up, enslaved, or forced into the army, but chances are you’ll never suffer of boredom again!

Lost Desert: Being a desert, this land is parched and full of scorching sand that stretches on for miles and miles. Fair skinned Neopians are sure to be singed and sunburned after only minutes of exposure to this environment. The Citadel is a dark place that will turn one’s skin whiter, if anything. We also have a plethora of water available, and quite chilly pavement. This will give you an immensely enjoyable contrast to the unbearable heat of the Lost Desert.

Maraqua: Maraquans have fins, and Darigans have wings. If you want your yooyuball scores to stop sinking and start soaring, DC is absolutely the team for you. Oh, and we can breathe above water, which is an absolutely amazing advantage, if you ask me.

Meridell: The Citadel gladly welcomes all Meridellians who have experienced a severe change of heart. If you suddenly feel as if Jeran is a villain, Skarl is a foolish plump lump, or that you should bow to Lord Darigan immediately, it is urgent that you join the Citadel’s team. These feelings may or may not be induced by hypnotism. Join at your own risk.

Roo Island: Blumaroos are here, there, everywhere! This perfectly describes Roo Island, a petty place inhabited by you guessed it, Blumaroos! One will easily sicken of these neopets and their knack to give obvious and unhelpful advice (see: Dice-A-Roo). Darigan Citadel on the other hand, is inhabited by a variety of unique neopets (and a few Blumaroos too, if you actually adore them)!

Shenkuu: Unlike this relatively new land, the Citadel assures that all of its avatars that are still in circulation are completely and utterly possible to receive. Take that, Chef Bonju!

Terror Mountain – Former members of this team, beware! The name is a misleading cop-out of the truth. Albeit the Snowager is slightly fearsome, Terror Mountain is utterly void of terror. Happy Valley, Taelia, and the Advent Calendar are all giggle inducing, if anything. Should you be on a quest for the kind of horror that freezes your veins, Darigan Citadel is your team.

Tyrannia: The Citadel is glad to announce that it has been out of the Stone Age for quite some time, and its residents can speak more sophisticatedly than with words such as ugga-ugga. While an occasional blast from the past is nice, Tyrannian members need to come back to the future.

Virtupets: As you all have just endured an intense war, (and fought valiantly, I might add), the team will be forced to focus more on recuperating than playing yooyuball. Darigan Citadel is proud to say that it hasn’t lost a war in over two years, and will gladly fulfill your yooyuball needs while the space station returns to normal.

Thank you for reading this, future Darigan recruits! I wish you luck in helping our magnificent citadel to defeat all of its opponents. That’s all until next year! I leave you with this; play your hardest, never give up, and Darigan shall win the cup!

Please neomail me any comments you might have.

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