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Playing Favorites

by violajunky


The favorite games list, in my opinion, is one of the best features here on Neopets. You can snap to if you love to play games every day, if you are saving for something important, or you just need something to do when you're bored on Neopets! I use my Favorite Games list every single day that I'm on Neopets. Even though I categorize myself as a gamer, you can find your own reasons for utilizing your Favorite Games list. You may use it as a guide for games you want to start playing, or, if you are saving for something, it is an excellent tool to jump to everyday to fuel your savings with more Neopoints.

I came up with this guide because, from my many years here, I have noticed that a lot of Neopians seem to have trouble finding games they actually enjoy playing. Even if you aren't a regular gamer, I hope this guide will give a little jump start to your gaming career.

There are some basic things that everyone needs to know before starting their own Favorite Games list. If you already know some of these things you can go ahead and skip down to the Categories section of this guide. However, you might want to stick around as I will also be explaining how this guide will work. First of all, you can find your Favorite Games list by clicking on the last link in the list under the Games tab on the top navigation bar. To add a favorite, click on the game you want to add and then click on the button of a heart with a little plus sign next to it in the black and white link bar at the bottom of the page.

Each individual game has a thing called a Neopoints Ratio. This number tells you how many Neopoints you get per point earned in the game. Simply multiply the amount of points earned in a game to this number to get the amount of Neopoints you have earned in that play. In this guide, I will list the Neopoint Ratio a game should have for you to add it under that section. Also, the maximum amount of neopoints you are allowed to earn per score sending is 1000 neopoints, unless it is the Featured Game, in which case you are allowed to earn a maximum of 2000 neopoints per play. In some categories, you should 'max your points' or earn a total of 1000 neopoints for that game for each play. I will list if you should maximize your points for the games in each section or not, because sometimes you might not need too.

As for maxing your games, you are allowed a maximum number of nine games on your Favorite Games list. This means you have to be very picky about which games you choose to put on your list. I will list the maximum number of games that you should have under each category to maximize your neopoints. This number is flexible, as your needs/wants can be different from the ones I've listed here. You can change this number to a larger number if you want more games in that particular section, just remember that doing this will decrease the amount of games you can have in the other sections.

Also under each category I have listed My Picks. These are games that I have in my favorites under that category. This should give you a little bit of an idea of what kind of games you should have in each category.

Now that you know how this guide will work, let's not waste any more time!

1: Loves

-These are everyday games you haven't gotten tired with yet.

-Max Number: 4

-1.00 NP ratio or above. You should be able to earn max points.

-These games should pay out the same or more than the amount you earn

After all, if you're playing them every day, you want to make sure they pay well.

My Picks: Let It Slide, Mootix Drop, Hasee Bounce, and Meerca Chase II

2: Addictions

-These are, as the name suggests, games you can't stop playing. Even though they might not pay well, you just love playing them!

-Max Number: 3 because a) they probably don't pay well and b) having too many addictive games can overload your brain!

-You don't have to be great at these games; they're mostly for your own entertainment.

Mine: Revel Roundup, Fashion Fever, Kass Basher

3: Flavors of the Month

-These are games you keep on your favorites list for one month only.

-These games are games you have recently discovered and have fun playing now, but might not enjoy next month.

-It is a great idea to include sponsor games (they last for a short time, but are often easy and dole out a great amount of NP!)

-Also include games for which you are working to collect avatars from.

-As with the addictions, you don't have to be great at these games; however, if you turn out to be great at them, you might want to add them to the Love list!

-Max Number:2. Remember to change them out each month (or when you collect the avatar) or else you'll end up playing games that you don't necessarily need to play or in fact enjoy anymore!

Mine: Terror Mountain Tilt and Freaky Factory


-Clean out the Favorite list each month. Delete games you've tired of or just haven't actually played in a while as well as the games under the flavors of the month category.

-Don't get frustrated if you can't seem to find any games you like. Maybe gaming's just not for you! Try your hand at restocking or the various competitions of Neopia if games just don't work out.

-Remember to have fun! If you're not having fun, then choose different games. Make sure the games you pick always give you some sort of enjoyment. If you don't, you'll wind up being bored out of your skull!

Happy Gaming!!!

Please feel free to neomail me! P.S. If this gets in, then I got the avatar! Yay!

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