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The Negg Hunt

by iluvchocolate_91


Neggs! We all know they are delicious to our wonderful little pets. We also know that they can help your pets in many different ways! Some raise your pets’ health, stats, happiness, all sorts of things. They can be very helpful! We can also exchange them for points at the Neggery, looked after by the charming Negg Faerie, in Terror Mountain. With those points you can buy better, rarer Neggs. These lovely little oval shaped items are also nice to collect, if you fancy it.

There’s about 150 different kinds of Neggs! Plenty to fill a gallery with. Neggs also make delightfully marvelous gifts! Is it somebody’s birthday? Why not send them a Happy Birthday Negg! Maybe your Neofriend accomplished a difficult goal? You could certainly send them a Congratulations Negg! Or possibly you have a special somebody you admire. You could send them a Sweet Heart Negg or a Cupid Negg.

No matter what the occasion is, no matter how you’re feeling, a Negg will certainly fit!

If you’re feeling a bit wicked and malicious, Wicked Neggs, Jhudora Rotten Neggs, or Cackling Neggs may be just the thing to send! (These also work for Halloween!)

Maybe you would like to send your Valentine a lovely gift to show your regard. Glamour Neggs, Valentine’s Neggs, and Heart Shaped Neggs are precisely suitable!

Christmas is always less than 367 days away, so you may want to start planning ahead to give Neggs out to your best pals. Christmas Tree Neggs, Christmas Pattern Neggs, Candy Cane Neggs, and Taelia Neggs are just right!

There are many ways to obtain these cute items, through User Shops, the Trading Post, Random Events (like at Terror Mountain), and a few other select ways.

Since it’s Easter time, I will list some of the most popular (and my favorite) Easter Neggs available:

  • Candy Filled Negg
  • Chocolate Candy Filled Negg
  • Jelly Bean Filled Negg
  • Sunflower Pattern Easter Negg
  • Brightly Coloured Easter Negg
  • Starflower Patterned Easter Negg
  • Purple Swirly Easter Negg
  • Blue and Red Checkered Easter Negg
  • Chocolate Negg
  • Pink Snowbunny Easter Negg
  • Jazzy Easter Negg
  • Lemon and Lime Easter Negg
  • Luxury Chocolate Easter Negg
  • Mint Chocolate Easter Negg
  • Spotted Easter Negg
  • Chocolate Orange Easter Negg
  • Pretty Pink Easter Negg
  • Strawberries and Cream Easter Negg
  • Strawberry Swirl Easter Negg
  • Lemon Sherbert Easter Negg
  • Chyrsaberry Surprise Easter Negg
  • Lovely Lime Easter Negg
  • Dancing Daisy Easter Negg
  • Fruity Faerie Easter Negg
  • Cornupepper Easter Negg

If none of these Neggs suit you, there’s plenty other Easter themed Neggs to choose from. As well as the ULTIMATE Easter Negg gift, the Bag of Infinite Neggs. Anyone would be pleased to find this gift waiting for them!

Now, what to do with these Neggs come Easter? You could show them off in your gallery, but that sounds a little boring, doesn’t it? Maybe you could feed them to your pets? I would think they’d become sick from eating so many! Ah, yes! You could have an Easter Negg Hunt with, or for, your pets!

So, where would be a good place to have an Easter Negg Hunt? Well, Maraqua wouldn’t be good since it’s... underwater. The snow drifts in Terror Mountain would cover the Neggs and you would never be able to find them. The Lost Desert is too hot and there aren’t many places to hide the Neggs. However, Mystery Island would certainly be the place! Plenty of things to hide the Neggs in and behind. Plus, you would have lovely weather this time of year.

First off, you need a lot of Neggs. A good amount would be over twenty, but under fifty. It all depends on how many pets you have (and how much time!). The Candy Filled Neggs would be the best since they have little prizes inside! It’s vital to count how many Neggs you have; that way you’ll know when all of them have been found by your pets.

Be sure to send your pets off somewhere so they can’t cheat and find out where you’ve hidden the Neggs. After all, it should be hard to find them!

Place the Neggs far apart. Make sure some are high (but not out of your pets’ reach) and some are low. A great place to hide the small objects are in shrubs, behind decks/porches, and nestled in between tree limbs and trunks.

Once you have all the Neggs hidden, call your pets out. Give them small bags or baskets so they can hold on to their new found treasure!

After they’ve searched everywhere, high and low, bring them back around and have them count how many they’ve all found. If there’s a Negg or two still hiding, send them back out to find those stubborn Neggs!

After all the Neggs are found, it’s time to pop them open to see what lovely snacks await inside! Limit your pets, or you may end up going to the Pharmacy to buy some Flat-U-Less tablets! Or they may catch a bit of Neggitus. If so, be sure to give them a Neggitus Injection right away.

This whole hunt will surely be delightful for your pets. Maybe make it an Easter Tradition for you and your pets to enjoy every year!

Now that Neopets has been revamped, revitalized, and rejuvenated, you can choose a few other Negg or Easter goodies from the NC Mall. There’s plenty of selections, but remember it does cost real money!

Now, maybe you’re one of the very few who dislike Neggs (or suffer from a Negg phobia). While you should be rather ashamed of yourself for rejecting Neggs, there’s plenty of other Easter goodies to give, though they certainly won’t have the same “Neggalicious charm”.

  • Iced Easter Chick Cookie - *So cute you can barely eat it!*
  • Pink Easter Negg Cookie - *Don’t worry! It’s not a real Negg. I promise. -shifty eyes-*
  • Blue Easter Negg Cookie - *Really... it's not a real Negg.*
  • Easter Bunny Usuki - *How charming!*
  • Sugar Bunny - *Fluffy, sugary, and pink! What more could you want from a delicious snack?*
  • Cybunny Chocolate Egg - *Okay, so it rhymes with “Negg”. Maybe not the best choice.*

So what have we learned from this short (but enthralling!) experience? Neggs are lovely items that are not only great gifts, but yummy! While there are downsides to these items, a Negg Hunt is still just the thing to get your lazy cough potato pet moving. There are, sadly, a few Neopians around whom dislike Neggs, nonetheless, they can still enjoy this bit.

Happy Easter, you fun-loving Neggaholics!

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