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30 Omelettes You DON'T Want To Find In Tyrannia

by anamya


Getting food is one of those daily activities everyone has to do in Neopia. It's like breathing. Ok, it's like breathing but more interesting. And as most Neopians, I bet you go quite often to Tyrannia to take a slice of that huge, ENORMOUS omelette lying there in the sun. There are so many slices to feed our dear pets! And free food is always welcome. So, why not give a delicious slice of that big egg-flavored yellow thing to a hungry pet? But there are people that feel unsatisfied when they get a simple plain or bacon omelette after going to the Tyrannian Plateau. They complain and say "Why didn't I get a special one?" Well, they shouldn't complain. Imagine if they had to offer their pets one of the 30 imaginary omelettes listed below:

30- Dung omelette. Quite disgusting, huh? Neopia is full of dung items, but I think the dung soup from the faerie and the dung jelly are enough free dung food for your pet. You don't want to give him another gross item. Or do you?

29 - Fresh Sushi omelette. Would you eat raw fish that spent centuries under the sun of Tyrannia? No, better not.

28- Asparagus omelette. This could possibly be a very tasty one. My pets (and possibly yours) like asparagus, because they want to grow healthy. But Adam would never let you get this one. HE would take it first!

27 - Mummified omelette. A recipe from the Lost Desert brought to the far land of Tyrannia a long time ago. Unforgettable one million year taste, you'll see.

26- Blandfish omelette. More tasteless than plain omelette. Can you imagine that?

25- Alkenore omelette. A recipe prepared with alkenore cheese - the same from cheeseroller in Meridell. Would you dare to eat something with a pair of pink ears????

24 - Meri Acres Farm Potato Omelette. These slices are nice, if you are lucky enough to take one filled with potatoes from normal farms. But if those potatoes are, well, radical... it'll just fly away.

23 - Chocolate Covered Omelette. If the chocolate factory never sold it, it can't be good. Nobody ever goes in... Nobody ever comes out, but they know how to make good chocolate!

22- Slime Omelette. Classified as a spooky food, not a Tyrannian one. Green, gross, and only the Esophagor would eat this.

21- Snot Omelette. As green and as gross as the omelette above. The difference is that NOT even the Esophagor would eat this. Yuuuuck! (And it will remind you that Meuka waits in the shadows! Maybe he could enjoy this slice...)

20- Omelette Ice-cream. We'll never know if these slices were tasty. All of them melted under the sun of Tyrannia.

19- Almost Gummy Omelette (any flavor). Almost-but-not-quite gummy goodness. Eggy but not goody!

18- Omelette Lollipop. The first sweet egg-flavored food on a stick of all Neopia! Oh, amazing... If you take his one, remember you'll need to buy a teeth brush also.

17 - Mutated omelette. Maybe it has no special effects at all, but if I were you, I wouldn't bite those crawling tentacles.

16- Doughnutfruit omelette. Quite colorful and cute, but that hole in the middle means less omelette to eat.

15- Plushie omelette. Tastes like a pillow. Looks like a pillow too.

14- Negg Omelette. "Oh, this is nice," you can think. But remember, neggs ARE NOT eggs, so it is not going to be a tasty omelette. But it's not a total waste: you should go to the Neggery and ask for some negg points to the Negg Faerie.

13- Stale Omelette. Used to be served with stale bread in Meridell feasts. But most people say it was mostly used as a door stopper, due to its material characteristics. King Skarl has his own omelette door stopper in the castle Dining Room. It's been passed from king to king for ages.

12- Garlic Omelette. It was confirmed that it does not work as a protection against vampires. So, don't put it in a necklace or any other kind of lucky charm - the only thing you'll get is a bad smell.

11- Sand omelette. It's not smooth and leaves a sensation of "eating sand" under your tongue. Specialized researchers are trying to find out why.

10- Brick Omelette. Makes you feel heavy after lunch. The same specialized researchers from above are also trying to find out why.

9 - Woo Woo Grub Omelette. Everybody knows that worse than finding a grub in your food is finding HALF of a grub! There are variations of this omelette with Chebu Chebu Grubs, Ha Ha Grubs and others, so pay attention to any worm holes on your food!

8 - Ugga Ugga Gaaaaahhhh Omelette. It received this specific name due to the reaction of Tyrannian pets when they eat small pieces of this omelette.

7- Coconut Omelette. Although this exotic combination could give you some points at the Gourmet Club, even Mystery Island natives can barely eat this one. Coconut and eggs? Yuck!

6- Underwater Omelette. This one used to be also offered as an appetizer in Kelp restaurant, centuries ago. But it was not really appreciated because kelp goes better with sushi than eggs, and there were pieces of sea shells on the slices. Be careful and watch each bite.

5- Faerie Winged Omelette. You will rarely get this slice, and if you do, it will escape from your hands in the first minute.

4- Glass Omelette. Good for galleries only. It won't bring any changes to your pet.

3- Invisible Omelette. An invite to bite your tongue!

2- Meepit Juice Omelette. You should NEVER try to take this slice. You would be taking food from the meepits! FEAR IT! Those staring eyes would chase you forever!

And in the first place, the one that would make you scream. The most disappointing thing you could get. It is...

1- The Draik Egg Omelette. Oh, boy. No more egg, just that edible yellow thing... Shhheeesh.

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