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Best Winter Vacation Spots

by sunlight_phoenix


Summer is over in Neopia. The days are short and cold. Mystery Island residents have abandoned the beach to the cold lap of the waves. Krawk Island is all but silent; a muffled chorus of pirates can be heard through the muffled windows of the Kau's Head. Altadorians shuffle past the now quiet Coliseum, paws stuffed into mufflers. The Marrows at Meri Acres Farm are shrinking and must be brought indoors for a warm night. The unlucky ones are forgotten and freeze in the chill morning frosts.

So then, where can a bored Neopian go to get away from the stresses of home? What land makes a good vacation spot this dismal time of year? Faerieland is always an exotic place. Terror Mountain and the Ice Caves are just getting ready for their tourist season, a perfect time to visit. And Virtupets ® Space Station... well, space has no weather. So where do you want to go this winter? Where are the hot, or rather cool places to be seen, where are your neopets bound to have the most winter fun?

Terror Mountain:

Happy Valley: a large valley nestled deep at the foot of Terror Mountain, Happy Valley is anything but terrifying. It’s a host to wonderful wintertime games that are sure to give your neopet a wonderful winter experience. Your pet can race around the rink singing sweet winter songs, or have a fierce snowball fight in Snow Wars (who knows; you might even get a trophy). Why not stop by Winter Petpets and pick up a cute Wreathy or an adorable Ona? The Advent Calendar will be getting ready for business and is the happening spot of all local Neopians. If you can get in, you are sure to have some wonderfully chilly times. After a cold day of snowball fights and ice races, you’re sure to have a cozy little room at Auntie Alice’s bed and breakfast. Alice is a sweet old Zafara who understands not all neopets are built for Happy Valley’s weather.

Ice Caves and the Top of the Mountain: These are slightly less welcoming vacation spots. They host a variety of activities for the brave explorers of Neopia. There are three daily trips into the Cave of the Snowager, a fierce oversized worm made out of ice that enjoys a life style filled with Pteri wings, Bruce heads and Wocky toes. The guides know when the fierce beast sleeps, but there is no guarantee he won’t wake up. The Ice Caves also host the Neggery, home of the famous Negg Faerie, and the ice arena, where you are sure to meet some of the most chilling rivals. If you have the guts to traverse narrow winding paths up cliff faces and climb over the bodies of other, less lucky Tuskaninnies, then you can make it to the top of the mountain, a cozy small community, less used to tourist traffic, but no less entertaining than Happy Valley. This is the place to be seen as winter approaches.


But perhaps you are not one for the cold winter winds that sweep though Terror Mountain. Perhaps you’d rather spend your winter floating thousands of feet above the ocean on a warm silky white cloud, sitting around an ancient oak table dining with delicate faeries, or snuggled up in a cozy armchair reading one of Faerieland’s exciting adventure novels about the warm summer beaches at Mystery Island. Well, you can do all of these renowned activities and much more. Enjoy the magical races at the Faerie Cloud Racers or place a bet on your favorite Poogle before a race. While you’re there, why not enter the magical city of Faerieland and take a look at their enchanting culture, airborne foods, or beautiful pets?

Virtupets® Space Station

Not too warm, not too cold, the Virtupets® Orbital Space Station #4 once held the fierce battle between the Space Faerie and Dr. Sloth. Since then it has been turned into a buzzing arcade run by the once enslaved Grundos. The games are fun, the air is thin, and the hosts are charming. But be careful if you decide to visit this vacation spot; who knows when Dr. Sloth will try to make a comeback?

Krawk Island

Krawk Island in the winter time, what a rare treat! The pirates have calmed down from their summer skirmishes; most are too lazy even to leave their favorite pub and they wouldn’t even dream of starting a fight. They instead turn to less strenuous activities like baking and sewing, although they would never admit it. Visitors during the winter months are taken in like dubloons. I first went to this raucous island during the summer and almost lost my life, but with the first frost, the visitors pack up and leave. The locals move into the warm pubs, forgetting their past arguments. The shop owners take down their aloof barrier and smile as they tell stories of foolish neopets who tried to steal from their shops. If you’re looking for a vacation with beautiful views and captivating histories, then Krawk Island is not for you, but if you just want a cozy fire to sit by and exciting stories to listen to, then book your ride to Krawk Island now!

Neopia Central

The hustle and bustle is warming as Neopians get ready for the Day of Giving. Vibrant songs mingle warmly in the air as happy shoppers take their bags from one store to the next. Your warm hat and coat keep you snug as you trudge down the main street, peering in through the expansive windows.

Neopia Central’s not what you’d think of as making a good vacation spot. Most Neopians avoid the crowded streets and head for the marketplace. But there are many more advantages to the crowded city than the low prices. The cafes serve some of the best food in Neopia, fellow shoppers are kind, and shop owners are kinder. After a vigorous day of shopping, the city offers much more than the Grand Neopian Neolodge, although for the wealthy Neopians I suggest this as an extravagant one night stay. But the true prizes of Neopia's hotels can be found among the small bed and breakfasts that line the downtown streets. Flotsam Fin, Bruce's Burrow, and Kau’s Celebrating Inn are a few of my favorites. In any of the small hotels you can find a quiet environment, warm food and fires, and immaculately cleaned rooms.

The Start of Something New

So you see, just because the “vacation season” is over, doesn’t mean you can’t find what you want in a vacation. Travel to the top of Terror Mountain, visit the faeries in their halls of cloud, or see Krawk Island in a different light. Winter is here, bringing its cold snow and frosty toes, but also its warm fires and cozy nights.

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