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Go From An Unhappy Pet To A Happy One!

by softball_pitch


Is your pet down in the blues and you don't know what to do? Well, I have the answer for you!! Read this short little article and you will have a easy and inexpensive way to make your pet the happiest pet in Neopia.

First of all, here is a list of the moods you might find your pet in (going from best mood to the worse mood) : Delighted!, Joyful, Extremely Happy, Cheerful, Happy, Content, Unhappy, Miserable, Very Unhappy, Depressed. Just make sure your pet doesn't get to the very bottom of the list.


Another easy way to make your neopet happy is to play with it. Way too expensive, right? Not totally right. There are some very expensive toys out there but you can get a Red, Blue, Green, or Yellow Quiggle Plushie for around 25 to 75 neopoints and your pet will be perfectly happy playing with it. Once you have the toy you want to play with, go to your inventory and click on the toy you want. On the drop down arrow click on, play with (your pet's name here) and hit submit. Once you have played with your pet a few times, it will be even happier. Note: the more you play with your pet, the happier it will get.


Do you like to starve? Well, neither does your pet. Even though your pet will not die if you don't feed it, it will not make your pet any happier and everyone wants their pet to be happy. Here is a list of hunger your pets might have (the hungriest your pet will get to the fullest your pet can get) : Dying, Starving, Famished, Very Hungry, Hungry, Not Hungry, Fine, Satiated, Full Up, Very Full, Bloated, Very Bloated. You might think that feeding your pet is very expensive or you don't know what to feed your pet. Probably the best food you can give your pet is omelettes. Most of the common ones are around 25 neopoints and you will get three meals out of them. There are many different kinds of omelettes, so look around and find the one that will suit your pet the most.

Also you can go to Tyrannia and get a free omelette once every day or to a secret location and get free jelly once every day. The third way to feed your pet is the Soup Kitchen where you can get food for free, but don't go there unless you don't have many neopoints because the Soup Kitchen is run entirely off of profits off of the Money Tree. Be careful, if you have too many neopoints then the Soup Faerie will not let you get free soup. The Soup Faerie can see how many neopoints you have in your bank account and your shop till.


Another tip to keep your pet happy is to not let it get sick. If for some reason your pet does get sick you can buy medicine for your pet at the Neopian Pharmacy, but make sure you check the Neopian Hospital so you're sure you get the right medicine. If you don't get the specific medicine that cures the disease your pet has, then it will not help your pet. Sometimes medicine to cure your neopet cost a lot of neopoints, so if you're short on cas,h stop by the Healing Springs. If you don't get cured the first time, keep stopping there and eventually the Water Faerie will cure your pets. If you don't know where the Healing Springs are, check out Faerieland and you might just find them there. You can go there every half hour, so go often and she might just heal your pets and don't forget it's free!


Have you always liked combing your hair or taking a long hot shower? Your pets like it too. Take a stop at the Grooming Parlour and buy something to make your pet feel like a King or Queen. There are many things you can buy for your pet. Probably the cheapest is a Green Short Hair Brush that only cost around 100 neopoints. If you really want to spend some neopoints on your pet, you can buy specific grooming supplies made especially for your pet!

Color Change

Now that you know how to keep your pets happy for just a few neopoints, take extra time to make sure they stay happy. Do you know how you just get your pet to be the perfect color you have always been waiting for? If you let your pet get too sad for a long time, they can turn blue no matter what color you have it painted and you can't get that color back unless you re-paint it, and yes, that does mean saving up more neopoints to buy the paint brush again! If you let your pet get too mad, your pet can turn red. So just be sure you make and keep your pet happy and you will have your painted pet for life.

To see what your pet's mood and hunger is, look at the left side of your screen. There you will see a picture of your active neopet and its name, species, health, mood, hunger, age, and level. If you have more than one pet and you want to see your inactive pet's status, click on your active pet's picture. There you will be able to see your active as well as your inactive pets' status.

So if you see that your pet's mood or hunger is down, just find some food, toys, grooming supplies, and a little love can make your pet be the best in Neopia. Oops, did I forget to mention love? Love is one of the most important features in caring for your pet. Love will make your pet feel happy, safe, and well cared for. If you love your pet, then your pet will love you back. Everyone likes seeing a happy pet. So spoil your pet and get it everything that it deserves!

I would like to thank everyone that reads this article!

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