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The Spell

by rainbow2skittle


I felt a cold yet soft gush of autumn wind blow past my face. The sky was a pale, violet blue; a stunning backdrop for Neopia Central. Soon it would be dusk, and at times like these, most Neopians would be at home preparing a warm serving of salivating Turkey Drumstick Dinner with a nice chilled mug of Thornberry Fruit Grog. My stomach growled audibly at the thought. Not me, though, I thought miserably.

     It was then that I finally noticed the pair. There was a pretty blue Acara and a cute pink Kacheek strolling out of the Grooming Parlour. In each of their paws, they clutched several multicoloured shopping bags and they both had wide, satisfied smiles across their gleaming faces. The blue Acara seemed like the chatterbox type, and even as they were still only inches away from the Grooming Parlour she seemed to be babbling on about getting a fantastic bargain. The pink Kacheek, on the other hand, looked kind and thoughtful as she nodded every now and then to show she was listening to her friend.

     My eyes were alert and hopeful. A smile almost crept upon my normally-wretched face. Finally, this was my chance! Surely if anyone were to listen to my story, these friendly-looking girls would, right? I decided to wait and listen to them for a while just to make sure.

     The two girls stopped by the window of the Grooming Parlour and I watched them as they conversed animatedly.

     "What did you get from the Parlour, Caitlyn?" the Acara eagerly asked her friendly companion.

     Caitlyn peeked into one of her own shopping bags, looked up and beamed. "I bought a Pink Toothbrush, Blue Nail Varnish, Peophin Shampoo, Peophin Fragrant Soap, a Green Glittery Brush and Perfume."

     "Cool! I hear that those Peophin products do wonders for your fur, especially the shampoo!" Tammie grinned. "Anyway, where do you want to go now?"

     Caitlyn smiled congenially. "How about Pizzaroo? I'm absolutely famished and craving some Yam-Lime after all that shopping! Come on, let's go!"

     Yes, I thought. These typical, amiable girls would definitely try to help me. Hastily, I cleared my throat and began to speak before the pair could begin to trot away in the direction of Pizzaroo.

     "Help me please," I croaked in a feeble and small voice. "Oh please, please help me!"

     Caitlyn and Tammie heard my cries and almost immediately came to a halt. They looked around, trying to search for where the voice had come from. Obviously, they found it difficult in working out where I was. I cleared my throat as loudly as I could. Eventually, they found me sitting alone by the sidewalk sorrowfully.

     I half-expected them to bend down, pat me in compassion and offer me a place to stay - yet the other half of me was dreading that they were going to scream and end up trampling on me amidst the fear. Instead, they did none of those. Their pretty little noses instantly scrunched up in disgust. Not that I blamed them.

     "It's a Mortog!" Tammie exclaimed dramatically, dropping her shopping bags and pointing at me tenaciously.

     "Yes, you're right. I am a Mortog." I sighed. "A poor and hopeless Mortog all alone by the sidewalk. Is there someone out there who can help me?"

     "Would you look at that, Tammie? It can talk AND it has a witty sense of humour!" Caitlyn laughed. Apparently it didn't occur to her that I wasn't actually joking.

     I was feeling slightly offended when Tammie started jabbing at me with a vial of Perfume scrutinisingly, but I forced myself to remain solemn. I tried to explain to them that only a few days ago I was a very successful Blumaroo businessman at the Neopian Stock market. Then, I was transmogrified by Edna the Witch.

     "Edna was jealous of me, you see," I told them simply. "I'm a very experienced and well-respected businessman in Neopia. You might have even seen me in the Neopian Times sometimes as I'm quite popular around here."

     I nodded agreeably at my own statement and I paused purposefully. I was hoping that the last statement would sink into the girls, maybe making them admire me a little more. The girls just stared at me with empty looks. I sighed again and tried to ignore their silence while I resumed speaking.

     "Edna turned me into my current slimy, green form just for revenge. You see, if nobody saves me before nightfall tonight, I am going to stay like this... forever!" I sniffled, and let out a little whimper, which sounded more like a distorted croak.

     Caitlyn looked at me, mortified - as if I had just shared with her the scariest, most horrible horror story ever known to Neopia. "And umm... h-how do we umm... s-save you?"

     "Only one thing will save me now; just one kiss from a beautiful girl," I stated matter-of-factly. Which shouldn't be taking so long, I added silently.

     Caitlyn looked doubtful, and turned to Tammie. She and Tammie exchanged wary glances. I wanted to assure them that I was really telling the truth.

     "Really, I'm telling you the truth! I'll give you whatever you want afterwards, if you will just kiss me," I pleaded, becoming anxious by the second.

     The sky was now a dreamy pastel mixture of pink and purple, a sure sign that dusk was not far. I could see the sun going down and the sunlight dimming, and I didn't want to face the fact that in a few moments I could be painfully transmogrified into my real Blumaroo form or, even worse, evermore the ugly Mortog that I presently was.

     Tammie tilted her head and looked at me with such an interest. Her eyes glistened, and I should've sensed something defiant and mischievous in her then and there.

     "Close your eyes," she whispered.

     "Oh no, you're not!" Caitlyn yelped at her friend. "You have got to be joking!"

     It was around then that my blood seemed to stop circulating. Overwhelming excitement welled up inside of me. It was so intense that I had to catch another big gulp of breath. I closed my eyes, gingerly puckered up my lips and braced myself. She was going to kiss me! I mean, I was going to be kissed! Finally, the spell would be broken! No longer would I be hopping pitifully about Neopia Central as a hideous, unwanted, slimy and stinky Mortog. Already, plans were forming in my head of the huge party I was going to arrange as soon as I was back in my handsome Blumaroo form. Tammie was definitely not going to regret this decision!

     Suddenly, I felt something grasp hold of my neck and pull me up from the sidewalk. Shocked, I opened my eyes. Tammie was just about to toss me into one of her shopping bags like I was some sort of ragged and torn plushie.

     "What in the Turmaculus are you doing, Tammie?" Caitlyn shrieked, as if she were reading my mind.

     "I'm not silly, Caitlyn," Tammie smiled in amusement. "A talking Mortog is worth more than a Blumaroo businessman. Now, I thought you said you were up for some Yam-lime Pizza! Let's go, I'll pay this time!"

The End

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