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Thankless Work: The Kadoatery Keeper

by tirthaseva


Also by cloud96688

Hello, Neopia! Tirthaseva and Kiikoro the MSP Poogle here, reporting to you from the Kadoatery with an exclusive interview with Esther the Eyrie, the Kadoatery Keeper, for our first assignment on the "Thankless Work" project! As you can tell from the melodious mewing behind us, the Kadoatery is bustling with business these days. With the summer holidays in full swing, Neopets everywhere are dropping off their cuddly creatures to be cared for by Esther while they take a cruise to Mystery Island, a spaceship to the Virtupets Station, or a ... how do you get to Altador?

No matter. It is about time for our interview to begin and I believe I hear our guest approaching now!

An elderly Plushie Eyrie walks slowly into the room, with a clipboard under one wing and glasses precariously perched on the edge of her beak. She looks around suspiciously, and from the slight bags under her eyes, it is apparent that she is overworked and a little stressed.

Tirthaseva: Hello, Esther! This is Tirthaseva from The Gnorbu Gazette. What can you tell us about --

Esther: (screaming) What's that, dear? I can't quite hear you.

Tirthaseva: (speaking up a bit) We're here from the news office to ask you some --

Esther: What? (narrowing her eyes) I don't want any of your nonsense. I've either already bought it, can't afford it or don't need it! (she stands quickly and begins to move towards the back room)

Kiikoro stands to his full height and stares her down, baring his teeth in an odd grin. Esther blinks a few times before sitting back down. This is, of course, why we bring Kiikoro along on interviews.

Esther: (removing cotton balls from her ears) I'm sorry, dear, I was having a senior moment. What were you saying?

Tirthaseva: We are here from Neopian News to interview you about your job. Would you mind if we asked you a few questions?

Esther: Oh heavens no! I love my job, nothing else in Neopia like it!

Tirthaseva: It's always great to find someone so enthusiastic about their work. How did you come to own the Kadoatery?

Esther: Oh, it's been in my family since its foundation in the year 20 BN. Every female Eyrie in my family has spent time working here, passing from mother to daughter. I remember the first time I ever worked a shift here like it was yesterday. I had come to spend the summer with my dear Auntie Elizabeth who owned the Kadoatery at the time, and she put me right to work! Ever since that day, it was clear to everyone that this was my calling.

Tirthaseva: Well, isn't that charming! What do you offer for the precious Kadoaties that lodge here?

Esther: And how precious they are! Here at the Kadoatery, a Neopet can rest assured that their petpet is receiving only the best in care. They sleep in Luxury Castle Petpet Beds and have Petpet Scratching Trees to play with, Regal Purple Petpet Cushions to lounge on, and blue and red yarn balls to play with. They are groomed twice a day with Gold Brushes, as Kadoaties love to be pampered. There is a large yard where they can sunbathe or frolic in the lilies and poppies, or watch the Koi in our curved pond. There is never a dull moment here!

Tirthaseva: That's wonderful. How does one reserve a spot for their Kadoatie here?

Esther: Here at the Kadoatery, we believe that face to face communication is the best kind, so anyone who is going on vacation and needs to drop off their Kadoatie should drop on in! The door is always open, and I love to have guests! Sadly, I don't get them very often, and I'm not sure why...

Kiikoro is curled into a tight ball at the floor, covering his ears with his massive paws, seemingly to no avail While trying to be polite, the incessant meowing is really beginning to grate on my nerves as well.

Tirthaseva: Those Kadoaties sure have a strong set of lungs in them, don't they? How do you deal with the noise?

Esther: It's really not that bad once you get used to it. (Kiikoro looks up in disbelief) I also make sure to have a constant supply of cotton balls on hand. It's a small price to pay to be in the presence of these marvelous creatures!

Kiikoro rolls his eyes emphatically and goes back to trying to hide from the noise.

Tirthaseva: I suppose it's something you can become accustomed to. Where do you sleep at night? I didn't notice a Neohome around here.

Esther: Well, right here of course! (both I and Kiikoro stare at her wide-eyed with disbelief) I couldn't just leave the Kadoaties to themselves all night! What kind of caretaker would I be then?

Tirthaseva: (muttering under my breath) A sane one. (speaking up) You really are dedicated! I'm sure you have a million interesting stories from your time working here. Would you care to share your favourite one?

Esther: But of course! (with eyes lighting up) I thought you'd never ask! Once, a Kadoatie was dropped off here for a whole week! Her owner must have been so lonely without her. I don't know how she could do it! The Kadoatie's name was Fluffy and she was dropped off with her favourite toy, which was a...

(an hour or so passes, Esther continues to tell story)

...and her fur was so soft and pink! I've never seen any like it. Even my own Kadoatie that I had as a young girl. Did I tell you about her? She was blue and her name was Duchess and...

(a few more hours)

And then the owner said, "and that's what HE said!" (rolling with laughter)

(and then upon looking over) Tirthaseva? Are you getting all this down?

Tirthaseva: (blinking a few times, likely having just woken up from a long nap) Yes yes, of course! (scribbling a few notes down on a starry notepad) Well, that is an amazing story, but I'm afraid that this is all we have time for today. Thank you for having us, Esther, and you're doing a great job here! And Neopians everywhere, thank you for tuning in. We'll be back again next time with a new edition of "Thankless Work"!

Esther: You're welcome, dear, and come back any time. (she smiles widely and stands to shake hands)

Tirthaseva: (also standing) But one last question, Esther... if your job is to care for the Kadoaties, why do other Neopians have to feed them?

Esther stares blankly.

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