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I've heard that younger accounts are more likely to get Fountain Faerie Quests. Is this true or a false rumour? ~ ox_meowclops_xo
Not at all! If you look around on the Neoboards, you'll notice there is often a higher number of younger accounts posting. That's why it seems that they get more quests, when in fact, the odds are exactly the same for everyone. It's completely, totally, utterly random.

*insert witty remark here*

Hi, TNT. In the T&C, you say that a person is allowed to have galleries on their sub-accounts. I see how they get the items by sending from their main but how do they get the Neopoints to update their gallery and make it bigger? ~ anonymous
The same way. :) All Neopoints for the upkeep on alternate accounts (feeding your Neopets, upgrading galleries, etc.) must come from your main account. The easiest and best way to transfer Neopoints is through the Trading Post using an omelette or some other "junk" item. If we had some sort of wire transfer system, that would work, too, but we don't so it doesn't.

I was wondering if you could use your side accounts to make a "mall," but transfer all of you earnings to your main. Thanks. ~ kittycat8161
Though, in the past, the rules regarding this were ambigous, it is definitely not allowed now. You may only use your shop on your main account, so using multiple shops to run a mall is definitely out. You'll have to find other users to participate in your mall if you want to open various shops. (Having galleries on side accounts is fine, though, since you cannot earn NP from these.)

Hi TNT, I've been trying to get this question answered for a while and I was hoping you could help. Are retired Petpets like the Redtail, Baby Vampire, Rotten Egg, Fat Cat, Cyclopian, Scary Jack, Sugar Rush, Grackletrap, and Skeleton Pirate eligible for the PPL award? I can't ever get a straight answer on the subject so I was hoping you could clear this up for me. ~ hotgirl1987
Erm... yes and no. Go get yourself a nice cup of tea and a few biscuits, because this will be a long and boring answer.

You should first know that there were two ways a Petpet could be retired. One was that the name, description, image, etc., all changed, but it still remained a Petpet. The other was that it was changed into a different item altogether, such as an omelette or a spork or a plate of mouldy cheese.

In the first type of retirement, the ID number attached to the item is still associated with a Petpet. A good example of this is item #8084. This is currently the Snorlkin, but it used to be the Baby Vampire. The Snorlkin was chosen for PPL, and the PPL script searched the Petpet database for Petpet #8084. As you can see by the names a the top of the Snorlkin PPL list, there were still plenty of Baby Vampires attached to Neopets, and each one was rewarded.

In the second type of retirement, there is no chance of an omelette or spork winning the PPL (there are rules, you know), so the item ID of the old Petpet will never come up. It has no chance of winning the PPL.

So, in conclusion, a retired Petpet will not be specifically chosen to win PPL, but it can win should its replacement be chosen. We also learned that questions requiring a somewhat technical explanation should probably not be left to programmers to ramble on about.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 5 paragraphs! AH AH AH!

I have a lab rat that is currently a Meerca. She was originally an Eyrie and it says I have to pay for her training, but it's Meerca Day. Does her labbed status effect this? ~ jubinator525
Nope. It doesn't matter what your Neopet originally was. :) If it is currently a Meerca, then it should get free training on Meerca Day. However, you'll notice Meerca Day is on the 18th if you read the news. Remember, we generally update the news a day in advance so everyone around the world gets news on time. The day you wrote this question was the 17th, so you'll have to wait for Meerca Day (the 18th) to get your free training.

Heya. I wanted to ask you if your Neopets can ACTUALLY die. (O.O... Spooky) My cousin had a Neopet and I asked about it. He said it died. Can this REALLY happen? ~ darkestfaerie98
No, Neopets do not die. We think that would be quite cruel! When Neopets reach their lowest hunger state - dying - younger players may think that if they don't feed them, they'll eventually die. This is not the case, but you really shouldn't let your Neopet go hungry anyhow!

Rest in peace, Mr. Flufflesworth. Wait... what do you
mean he's not dead? Oops.

First and foremost, THANK YOU, TNT for all the effort you put into creating the plots. They're great! I love you guys! :D Now, if you don't mind, *please* clear something up for me. There is great debate over whether any prizes will be given for all the star hunting & mapping that was done in Altador prior to the Altador Cup. Even though King Altador promised we would be rewarded for our efforts, some say there are no plot prizes for the Altador Plot because it was a "mini-plot." They use the fact that Altador Cup prizes have already been awarded as evidence to support their theory (since the AC came after the Altador Plot). Others think the prizes are coming, and patience is a virtue. Would you please settle the debate once and for all? You WILL?!? I *knew* it! You ROCK! –navynora
We love you, too! And patience is a virtue. There's no doubt about that. :D

This particular puzzle was a mini-plot, yes, and it was made to run long so that lots and lots of people could participate. Trust us; many people are still stuck at certain points judging from the rest of the editorial questions. ;) Don't worry. King Altador will not go back on his word. You WILL be mini-rewarded for your mini-efforts on the mini-plot. (In fact, one of the prizes has already been waiting on the server... but you didn't hear that from us.)

If your Neopet owns a pile of soot for their Petpet for a lonnnngggg time can they win the PPL award? ~ ime_freak888
No, because any Petpet that has been zapped by the Petpet Lab Ray is automatically disqualified from the PPL. Since Piles of Soot can only be obtained from the Petpet Lab Ray, they will never win a prize from the PPL. *sniffles*

Soon, I will have my revenge!

Just recently, I started collecting Collectable Cards when I came across the Zafara Assassin card. The description for it is under construction. I couldn't find anything about the dangerous Zafara. Who is this person? ~kidagakash_nedakh
It's rumoured that dangerous rogue can be found lurking in the darker areas of Neopia Central. Those who cross this Zafara's path had best be careful. This is a ruthless character who may challenge you in the Battledome. As for the under construction bit... erm, just ignore that.

I NEED HELP!!! This may not be about the web site, but I desperately need this answered. How do you get your question into the editorial in the Neopets Magazine? If this is answered I will be happy for the rest of my life. :) ~0713
Yay, we're glad we can bring you happiness for the rest of your life. You get into that editorial exactly the same way you get into this one. Editorial questions for the Neopets Magazine are taken from the same questions that players send in here. :)

Okay, I already know how the Fountain Faerie works, but when you go to the Rainbow Fountain it gives you this message: Unfortunately it seems that too many Neopets have bathed in these magical waters and have used up all the fountain's magical power. So, my question is, was there ever a time in the history of Neopets where Neopets COULD just go there and bathe in the waters? ~humauni
The Rainbow Fountain has never been a place that you can just walk up to and have your Neopets painted. That wouldn't be very fair to those who have spent a lot of time and effort saving up to buy paint brushes. There was a brief time, though, (over four and a half years ago) when signing up for multiple sponsors granted you a single use of the fountain. These days, however, only completing her randomly given faerie quest will grant you access. (No sponsors needed!)

TnT, can you please clear this up? Every day when I come on Neopets, I have 500 more nps than before and I don't even play games. Is this a glitch or something? ~icycrystalnthenight
Sounds like you are in 2nd place on a high score board! Yep! There you are on the Alien Aisha Vending Machine score table! *waves* If you look up at the top, you'll see it says, "Remember, every night we award 750 Neopoints for the top score of every game, 500 for second, and 250 for third place." Unless you are bumped off, you will continue to gain NP every night until the end of the month when the high score tables are reset. :)

Too bad it won't pay off all those nerkmids you must
have used to get such a high score. :X

What was the first flash-game in Neopets? Does it still exist (in the games graveyard, perhaps)? ~roast_biff
Our Flash games are ordered numerically, and #1 is… Techo Says! It is indeed still available in the Game Graveyard.

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