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Dusk in Tyrannia: Part Four

by alkuna_


Chapter 4: Revelations and... OMG! I'm a Fangirl!

The screams of the crowd increased as the lights clicked off dramatically, marking the end of the intermission. Introductory music began to build in the background. Even out of sight, we could hear Neopians flooding back to their seats eagerly for the second half of the show.

     The three of us stood on our rising platforms beneath the stage and made our slow rise in the dark. Our eyes were narrowed and our arms crossed over our chests, waiting for the lights to blaze down on our theatrical poses. I turned my head just so, and widened my eyes just enough...

     "Ooooohhhhhh... ."

     And my eyes caught the dim light over the audience and began to blow with yellow green fire in the pupils. A neat trick I learned back in the Citadel.

     Click! Click! Click!

     The three of us were illuminated by our spotlights. My ears folded back and my chin rose in defiance. The Shoyru's eyes were narrowed and she glared boldly at some point beyond the audience. The Blumaroo's ears stood tall and a rebellious scowl on her face.

     "You can't make me... " The words of the song drifted through the darkness, raising the volume of screams.

     And then the lights blazed to full brilliance, illuminating Moehawk and setting the song into full swing. This close, I was surrounded by the beat and rhythm totally. I moved to the music, letting go of everything but the motions we had practiced. I could feel the triumph and defiance in the song as we refused to give in. No one could tell us we were less for being different.

     Candon strutted back and forth, sometimes lining up next to me and matching me move for move, sometimes springing away to dance with one of the other girls. Shades would sidle around in the opposite direction of Candon, jamming away at his guitar, standing back to back with me, and then moving away.

     Shake a fist at each defiant line. Point at the audience, cross the arms, turn the back toward the audience and swish the tail in a sweeping motion.

     "Never gonna make be what I'm not!"

     Whirl fast and angry, thump the chest and roar/yell defiantly.

     As the music rolled to the climax, I inhaled and roared with all my strength, the sound rolling from deep within my chest and driving the crowd to silent awe.

     The song was over and the audience was absolutely silent... for about one second. Then the crowd thundered back with cheers and screams and shouts and roars. I could see several Neopets leaping up and down enthusiastically.

     I smiled and blushed, suddenly feeling shy. I wasn't anywhere near perfect at dancing, this being my very first time. But I think the emotion that the music carried gave me some credibility. Slowly, I came down from my rush of defiance.

     "All RIGHT!" Pierce yelled into the microphone. "Let's give these lovely ladies one more scream of welcome; our brand new fans!"

     Once again the crowd roared its approval. We were led off the stage and given water to drink. Man. I was hot and thirsty from just one song, and I didn't even sing anything. I couldn't help but be amazed at how they could carry on a four hour concert like that.

     "So how'd you like it?" a bodyguard asked us.

     "I have never had so much fun," I panted.

     "I can't believe we just danced in front of thousands of Neopians," the Shoyru gushed, taking a swig of water.

     "I can't believe we were lucky enough to meet them in person," the Blumaroo breathed happily.

     "Well now you have." He grinned. "The guys know that they wouldn't be anything without you fans. This is just one way they're giving back."

     The Bori security guard pulled me aside and pressed a folded piece of paper into my paws, "Don't open it until you're away from the screaming hordes, okay?"

     I nodded and he slipped off. Curious but obedient, I tucked the paper away.

     The fans welcomed us back among their number as the next song blasted over the speakers from Candon's guitar. I slipped quickly back to my seat, and back to my excellent view of those awesome singers. And we were back to cheering and feeding on the energy given off by the band and each other.

     By the time the concert ended, I found myself both drained and still buzzing on the crowd's energy. And I was hardly allowed to go quietly. Fans swarmed the three of us, begging to know how it felt to be up there on the stage, moving to the music.

     "You are sooo lucky!" gushed a Pink Cybunny. "If I went up on that stage... OMG I would just faint!"

     "You were awesome," a Yurble said. "I went on stage once too, way back when. I have to say there's nothing quite like it in the world. You're still feeling the energy, aren't you?"

     I nodded.

     "Don't expect to calm down anytime soon." He chuckled. "I was bouncy for hours after I got off that stage."

     I was surprised that of the fans that came to talk to me, none of them were jealous or angry that I got the opportunity and they didn't. After all... it would be impossible to bring EVERY single brand new fan on stage each time. Most of the Neopets around me had a story to share of going up on stage or meeting with their idols face to face.

     Shyly, a young Grarrl tapped my shoulder. When I turned, he held up an autograph book, "Pardon me, but would you...?"

     I smiled warmly. "Absolutely. What's your name?"

     "Arzel," he said with a smile.

     "That's a cool name," I returned, and flipped open the book. It was amazing; he had names of all kinds of famous Neopians, heroes and villains. I saw Snowflake, Hannah the Brave, Lord Darigan, Lord Kass and even (in drippy green ink) Dr. Sloth. I felt honored to be included among the collection of greats.

     'Arzel, don't ever let anyone step all over your dreams, Dusk of the Darigan Citadel'

     "Thank you," he breathed, happily clutching the book and his pen.

     When the mob finally dissipated, I was finally able to make my way to the exit gates.

     "Mind if I walk with you a bit?"

     I turned and saw the wonderfully familiar form of a Darigan Zafara bounding lightly up to me. Trying to hide a small pang of longing, I nodded. As we made our way along in silence, my mind bounced around. Why did this land seem totally alien in behaviors, and yet seem better than the place where I grew up?

     "You seem to be thinking a lot," he commented to me kicking up a small rock and catching it in midair. "Neopoint for your thoughts?"

     "Just thinking," I said softly. "Not one of the fans here was spiteful in any way. They all seemed glad for me, rather than angry that they didn't get the chance." Now that I said it out loud, it struck me even harder. The more I learned, the less I wanted to actually go home... Home to the darkness... the hidden secrets and cruel whisperings. The pecking order where you were judged by your fashion sense and Neopoints...

     "Well, ya see," the Darigan Zafara grinned wickedly at me, "they attract a specific crowd. People who like Moehawk's music - Owners or Neopets - just don't run toward being nasty jealous. They like Moehawk because it teaches a kind of maturity."

     "It's not just the fans," I protested. "Everybody here is incredibly kind."

     "That's the land itself," the Zafara said after a moment's thought. "Anyone can act nice... but it doesn't last unless you feel nice too. You just need to close your eyes and see what you feel inside. I dunno... it's hard to put into words... like... warmth you can feel that has nothing to do with the weather."

     I stopped and closed my eyes and the Zafara stopped too, smiling slightly and crossing his arms; waiting. I did feel warm. It was like a big wave of welcome was flowing through me. I felt warm inside, so much that I just wanted to find somebody who was sad and give them a big hug.

     "I think I get what you mean," I said softly.

     "I used to live in the Citadel," he admitted, and my eyes flew open in shock; he wasn't just painted, he had been an actual citizen? "I graduated last year," he continued, nodding slightly at the expression on his face. "I wanted to explore. I came here... and just never got around to leaving."

     "I'm a transfer student," I told him.

     "Ahh. Well when you go back, stop and feel what it's like at 'home.' It just may surprise you what really feels like home and what doesn't." He gave his dark ears a toss and bounded away, leaving me to chew over his words.

     A little more slowly now, I made my way out to join Migga at Destruct-o-Match II.

     "Dusk! Heyyy Dusk waitaminute!" At the exit gates, I turned to see Dane sprinting after me, clutching a book in his paws.

     "Hey," he huffed. "You almost forgot your free souvenir. Can't forget that now can you?" He smiled and handed over a Moehawk History Book. I flipped it open and squealed as I saw three autographs on the inside cover.

     "Heh, hope to see you again real soon, Dusk." He gave me a wide grin. "After all, there are more songs to sing!" Then he turned and vanished into the crowd.

     Migga galloped forward to meet me, a huge grin on her face. I was almost bowled over by the warmth I felt coming from her; she was honestly happy to see me and eager to hear how my first concert was. I greeted her with a big hug around the neck.

     Migga listened to my breathless recounting of the concert and my conversation with the Zafara with a knowing smile. ^^So I take it you enjoyed your evening then?^^

     ^^I loved it!^^ I exclaimed happily clutching my book.

     That night I read through my book carefully, smiling at the pictures and at one point, laughing out loud at a picture of the three Moehogs pulling faces for the camera.

     Oh! That reminded me! I quickly pulled out the folded piece of paper and opened it, burning with curiosity to see what it had to say.

     "Dear Dusk,

     I couldn't help but notice how natural you seemed up there on stage with us. Now I'm not trying to flatter you or make fake promises... but if you would be interested, I think you would do really well as a dancer on our team."

     I gasped and re-read the statement. Yes, he really wrote that!

     "You have real talent. Our dance coordinator says it's untrained and could use some work, but he really sees the potential for you to be a killer dancer up on stage.

     Let us know if you're interested!

     Candon of Moehawk"

     Oh wow... just... wow. Never in my dreams had I hoped to have a future with a Neopian celebrity. Hmm. That was something really worth thinking over. Finally I settled down for the evening, chuckling to myself. ^^OMG I'm a fan girl... ^^

     Migga just laughed as she turned out the light. ^^Welcome to Tyrannia.^^

To be continued...

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