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FCR: The Vehicles

by heartzanddreamz


FAERIELAND - The Faerie Cloud Racers. I know what you all are thinking. What is she writing about? We already know about every aspect of it, from the Faeries involved to…well, everything. Why is she writing about it; haven’t we heard enough? Well, there is one point that hasn’t been discussed thoroughly enough for me: the vehicles. Yes, you know what trails they give off and what they look like and how incredibly fashionable a couple of them are. But where did those faeries ever get their vehicles? Did they make them or buy them? Did they use magic or did they build it themselves? *gasp from audience* I know, it’s very controversial. That’s why I’m here to give you all the details.

I have interviewed the Faeries, and I have the scoop. To be more specific, I have the right scoop. I have the scoop of delectably delicious double fudge sundae ice cream you secretly wanted. Except you can’t eat my scoop. You have to read it. Anyway, moving on…

The Tooth Faerie

For this interview, I had to wait until one of my Uni’s teeth fell out, then I waited up for the Tooth Faerie. Sure enough, she came, with a special bag of 250 NP just for girly_gurl_lol. I asked her politely if she would give me a short interview. She was going to decline but then “decided” to rethink her decision.

Me: “Thank you so much! How did you make your vehicle in the popular game Faerie Cloud Racers?”

TF: “Please, anyone, help!”

Me: “As long as you answer my questions, no harm will come to you. Now, how did you make your vehicle?”

TF *sigh*: “OK, fine then. I made it out of one of my biggest tooth-from an immense Grarrl. It was a very good find. And I left him a great big bag of 1000 NP just to thank him. It was a memorable moment.” *sighing and wiping tear off cheek*

Me: “And?”

TF: “Then I decorated it with more little teeth. One was from your Uni, I believe. Very cute, it was. It runs on my magic, of course. And the trail it leaves-I fill up the little tank with teeth that I get.”

Me: “So that’s what you use teeth for?”

TF: “Yes, I suppose the secret’s out. But I also use teeth for other things that I will NOT reveal because they have nothing to do with the game. And you cannot make me!” *smirks*

Me: “Yeah, well, we’ll see about that.”

There you are. That’s the first interview. What do you mean it’s not good enough? I think it’s FINE!

The next Faerie I went to was much more available. I didn’t have to kidnap and tie her up, er, I mean, ask her twice.


For this interview, I went to Meridell. First I stopped by the Wheel of Knowledge to learn some new interesting fact. Personally, I prefer the Wheel of Excitement. It’s cheaper and usually gives off some good rewards, but I was feeling lucky and had a little extra NP. I did learn something though. I learned that the Wheel of Knowledge has a built-in boxing glove that sometimes pops out, punches you in the face, and makes you fall in a puddle of mud.

Anyway, I went to Illusen’s Glade. There was a long line of eager owners and their Neopets waiting to give Illusen whatever she wanted. I tried that once. I made up a thing called “Give Heartanddreamz whatever she wants”. One guy showed up on the opening day. And when I asked for a Faerie Paintbrush, he stalked off, muttering, “Illusen’s Glade is so much better!” Finally the line thins and I go in to talk to Illusen. She is sitting on the table, her hair blowing with the wind. Of course, she looks like a symbol of perfection.

Me: “I’m a reporter from the Neopian Times? May I ask you some question about the new game, Faerie Cloud Racers?”

I: “Um, I guess so.”

Me: “Thank you for giving me permission. Especially after that rather, um, embarrassing incident. Now, what was your vehicle made out of?”

I: “Leaves and twigs and other natural things. It’s also very environmentally friendly. It spews seeds, which grow into bushes at a very fast rate. I made those myself. Aren’t they great?”

Me: “Sure. And what did you decorate it with?”

I: “Oh, you mean, those red eye-looking things? Well, they’re simply huge rocks that I found. I added a little glitter and polish to make them shine, but they’re truly from nature. Unlike my sister over there”-jerks head irritably toward Faerieland-“my vehicle is NOT poisonous nor is it damaging in any way. Unless you happen to run it into something.” *glares at me*

Me: “I really am sorry about that. Truly sorry.”

You must be wondering about the incident. Yes, well, let’s just say, I crashed it into a building and then, um, well, we’ll just leave it to your imagination. On to the next faerie!

Water Faerie

This one took no time at all. I simply went to the Healing Springs.

Me: “Hi! I am a reporter from the Neopian Times. May I ask you a few questions?”

WF *stops smiling*: “Are you another one of those reporters asking those pesky questions about how I make my potions or where I get my healing abilities from? One came here once while I was brewing up something and spilled it everywhere. Needless to say, I told her to go immediately. That was a special batch of potion, too. And I had just gotten the mixture just right.”

Me (nervously adjusting fake moustache): “No, I am NOT that weird reporter you are talking about! I wanted to ask you about your vehicle in Faerie Cloud Racers.”

WF: “Oh, OK then. Go ahead.”

Me: “Well, what did you make it with?”

WF: “Just odds and ends. I used mostly scrap metal from the seas of Neopia. Pollution is a very bad thing. I found a way to use up just a little from the dirty waters, but if we all do our part, then one day, the world will become a much better, and cleaner, place. I magicked the metal a little to make it into the shape I wanted. I fit it together. Presto! Oh, right, the fins, too. I made those out of filmy plastic and the same metal.”

Me: “And the little symbols? Do they mean anything?”

WF: “Yes, they are written in Maraquan. It says, ‘The land may shake, the sky may roar, but the water is always a safe haven.’”

Me: “What about the bubbles it spews?”

WF: “Those are just like the bubbles you can blow out of your bubble wand. Except my machine works a little better and the bubbles last longer. So, um, there’s a line, I have to get back to work. Thanks for visiting!”

The Dark Faerie

You thought I would skip over her, didn’t you? You thought I was going to pretend to forget about this Faerie and not go. But, honestly, it was a cloud over from the Healing Springs. Why shouldn’t I come here? Aside from the fact that there is a very big possibility of her turning me into a toad, what with the fact that the last time I tried her quests, I forgot I had to get her something for about a month. You do NOT want to ever do that. But, getting back to the point, I want to prove that I am a very brave and reliable reporter. Stop snickering!

When I arrived at the cloud, a poor little Neopet and his owner were being turned into, yes you guessed right, toads. I would have helped them, but Jhudora was glaring at me, so I walked past them. I didn’t have to worry about lines, cause everyone was avoiding this cloud for at least a mile around. I had all the time in the world. Too bad I had to spend it with Jhudora. And if you’re reading this, Jhudora, I want you to know that I think you’re a horrible, terrible faerie-the best of them all.

So this is how the interview went:

Me: “Um, your Royal Darkness, I am a reporter from the Neopian Times. You are our favorite faerie, so may I ask you some questions?”

J: “Ha! Your favorite faerie? I’ve seen your polls. My pretty sister Illusen is the top of your list. Of course, she’s always gotten the attention, she has. But I can make my own-I don’t need anyone’s help! *mutters darkly*”

Me: “But those were so wrong. We printed an article later saying how the polls were faulty. YOU were at the top of the list.”

J: “Really? Well, I might just let you be yourself and ask your silly questions. Go on! Shoot!”

Tip to future journalists: Flattery gets you almost everywhere.

Me: “How did you build your vehicle in FCR?”

J: “That again! I only agreed to be in that stupid game so some evil player could defeat Illusen’s player! For no other reason at all! But I appreciate your bravery for coming to my cloud. However, I don’t think you truly want to know what I did. If I told you, I’d have to kill you, though I might do so anyway. Go on with your silly questions.”

Me *gulp*: “Um, what about the clouds it spews?”

J *smiling delightedly*: “Oh, those! They’re highly poisonous and increase pollution! Isn’t that wonderful? My vehicle is a horrible machine. Pollution may just be smog right now, but one day it will turn to DOOM! DESTRUCTION! CHAOS!” *laughing evilly and maniacally*

Just to let you know, I sneaked off the cloud.

And, so, there you have it. One of the most important (you couldn’t really HAVE the game without the vehicles) but most overlooked aspect of the game. Written out for you.

I realize I did not interview the Light, Space, Fire, or Snow Faeries. I’m sorry I did not get their opinions. The Space faerie lives among the stars, thus I couldn’t reach her. I couldn’t find a Fire Faerie. The Light Faerie was “far too busy” to answer my questions. As for the Snow Faerie, well, I have my reasons.

I hoped you liked reading this!

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