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Snow War III

by emperorzilk


Wes couldn't believe it. The blue Quiggle had been stranded out in Terror Mountain's outskirts for days with only his best friend - an orange Grundo called Biz.

      The worst part about having a Grundo best friend was that he wouldn't shut up. There had been a blizzard while Wes and Biz were camping out in the snow. Over the Neopian Times, the blizzard had gotten a 5 out of 5 star rating.

      "Wes?" Biz asked. "When do you think this storm will be over? Is it bad? Are we going to die?"

      "I don't know," Wes muttered. "Just be quiet and go to bed."

      They lay down in the tent, almost dying of boredom. "Is it over yet?"

      "No, Biz."




      "WILL YOU SHUT UP?!" Wes yelled. He fell back asleep. Biz eventually got tired and settled down too.

      He heard something faint and magical before he passed out. Something so silent, yet so magical, it had somehow put him to sleep.

      A few minutes later, Biz woke up and looked for some food. "Hey, this isn't our tent!" he loudly whispered.

      It was a tiny cabin, built somewhere on the outskirts of Terror Mountain. Biz didn't know who it belonged to, but it looked vaguely similar to the Snow Faerie's cabin. Then he remembered - the Snow Faerie has two cabins!

      "This place must belong to the Snow Faerie!" he thought out loud.

      "Got that right, little Grundo," the Snow Faerie's voice said.

      "Snow Faerie?" Biz questioned. "What are you doing here if you're supposed to be curing people in the village?"

      "I'm on a holiday," she answered. "My sis is taking care of the villagers."

      "Can you teleport us back to the Ice Caves?" Biz asked.

      "Sadly, I have no potion items out here," the faerie answered.

      "Could we travel to the town by underground tunnels?" Biz asked.

      Wes had indeed woken and was listening. "No, idiot," Wes said. "There are no underground tunnels leading to the ice caves besides the old Snow Wars bunker!"

      The Snow Faerie smiled. "We could use the Snow Wars bunker…"

      "No!" Wes yelled. The Quiggle then thought. "Maybe we could… I don't know!"

      Biz spoke up. "It's been abandoned since Snow War Two, surely it hasn't been used."

      "It's settled." The Snow Faerie gave them some supplies. "Good luck."

      Biz asked, "You're not coming?"

      The Snow Faerie laughed. "Are you insane? I can barely last a second under a blizzard!" So, Biz and Wes set off.

      "UGH!" Biz limped through the snow. "When do we reach the tunnel?" The duo walked and paced through the blizzard with jackets high around them. Then, Wes saw a strange floating thing. It was a snowball.

      "Huh-!" Wes was hit in the head. He saw mutant Grundos fighting an elite force of Neopians. A Snow War. Snow War Three.

      Biz and Wes continued. Snowballs blasting this way and that way. They reached the bunker, which began above ground as a long igloo with windows and snowball mounds. A green Grundo greeted them. "Please, hurry and come in!"

      They followed the Grundo, who was recognized as Sergeant Gram. The trio went into the bunker, down some stairs, and into the underground below the war zone.

      Sergeant Gram addressed them. "You two mustn't be here. This Snow War Three's battlefield is like the back of a Scorchio with the Neezles! Only the best of the best of the best can be here. Do I make myself clear, sons?"

      They nodded. Biz raised his hand.

      "We're not in school, boy," Gram told him. "Just speak up."

      Biz nodded. "We just need a way to the Ice Caves."

      Sergeant Gram thought. "Transportation at this time is currently unavailable. But, after the war passes I can see what I can do."

      An Aisha ran into the room. "Sir, Sergeant Gram, Sir!"

      "What is it, Lieutenant Pickles?"

      "Sir, our time is running out," Lieutenant Pickles answered. "The Mutant Grundos say if we don't give up, they'll bring in Sloth."

      There was a moment of silence. "Alright," Gram said. "Get the white flag."

      Wes was outraged. "Don't give up that easily!"

      Gram sighed. "When you've won two wars, the fighting catches up with you…"

      Biz pulled something out of his pocket. An evil snowball! Wes also had one. "We'll help."

      Gram thought. He then turned back to the Aisha. "Lieutenant, give them all we got!"

      The war raged on. In a space station close by, some Mutant Grundos walked down a hall. They reached a room and opened the door. Sloth was there. "Well, Admiral?"

      Admiral Zurggs reported. "They are showing no signs of retreat, Lord Sloth."

      "Admiral, demonstrate the full power of this station and blow up Terror Mountain!" Sloth yelled. The admiral nodded and led the mutants to a control room.

      "Commander, fire when ready," Admiral Zurggs said. "But just trim the top of the mountain, cutting off reinforcements."

      The commander adjusted the controls to 25% power. Then, he got the system ready and aimed. "Bye-bye." He fired a blot. It went down a sealed tunnel, made turns, and gathered energy. Thousands of other bolts were doing this too. Then, they all shot out beams, which connected into one big one and destroyed the top of Terror Mountain.

      The Neopian reinforcements ran screaming. "AH!" Avalanches roared down the mountainside. Sergeant Gram yelled.

      "Sloth is going to pay. If only someone could infiltrate that station, and send one single snowball down the ventilation shaft, he would have five minutes to get off and the station would explode." Wes and Biz looked at each other.

      Later… Biz and Wes had snuck into the ship via mystical flying cloud. They split up and went to find the shaft.

      Sloth stood up. He walked down a hall. He turned and saw Wes. "Well, well, well. Another Neopian for the mutation lab." He grabbed a spark shooter. Sloth set it to a new mode. It shot a beam of orange light extending two and a half feet up.

      Meanwhile, Biz had found the vent. He stuck the snowball in and ran off. 5 minutes.

      "You know you cannot win," Sloth replied.

      Wes threw his evil snowball, but Sloth dodged it. Then, Wes saw another spark shooter and did the same mode. They slashed back and forth. 4 minutes, 20 seconds, 9 milliseconds.

      Biz ran down the corridor and saw some Mutant Grundos. Luckily, they didn't see him. He dashed down another hall and whispered, "Wes where are you?" 3 minutes, 57 seconds, 1 millisecond.

      Wes got sent back. He ran to the docking bay, but Sloth followed. 3 minutes, 34 seconds, 64 milliseconds.

      Biz reached the docking bay. He saw Sloth and Wes. "No!" 2 minutes, 30 seconds, 10 milliseconds.

      Wes turned and saw Biz. They ran and got on the cloud. The cloud flew off. 2 minutes.

      Sloth yelled. He found another cloud and followed. 1 minute. Sloth had just left the station. 30 seconds. Then, he got ten feet away. 15 seconds. "Why won't this go any faster!" Then, the station blew up.

      "Hooray!" everyone on Neopia yelled. Sergeant Gram smiled. Sloth was not found, but had no more minions. The Snow Wars had ended.

      Eventually, Biz and Wes reached the Ice Caves. They later found out that the station was generating the blizzard. All in a day's work.

The End

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