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What Is Neopia's Style Showdown?

Neopia's favourite customisation contest is back! The Style Showdown returns with three all-new themed style challenges. All you have to do is dress your Neopet up to match the theme and then enter the contest. Creativity is the key here, so really let your imagination run wild! The three winners of the themed challenges will then face off against each other in an ultimate Style Showdown competition to determine who will be crowned "Neopia's Best Dressed."

This year's themes are:

Masked in Mystery - Be as creative as you'd like with this theme! It can be anything from your favourite masked character to a mystery that just can't be solved.

Sugar & Spice - Sweets, spices, and everything nice are all fair play in this category.

Spaced - Is your Neopet spaced out, lost in space, or just very symmetrical?

When Is Neopia's Style Showdown?

The Style Showdown runs for six weeks, from July 29th through September 8th. The entry periods for each contest last approximately one week. After each entry period has ended, the Neopets staff will put their heads together to choose the nine best entries, which will then be posted for Neopets users to vote on. The nine semi-finalists for the first theme (Masked in Mystery) will be posted on or around August 12th. Users will then have about one week to vote on the semi-finalists. At the end of that week, the winners will be posted in order of first through ninth place.

The first-place winners from each of the three themed competitions will advance to the finals, where users will choose who is Neopia's Best Dressed. After a final week of voting, Neopia's Best Dressed will be crowned.

How Do I Participate?

Users can submit one Neopet for each Style Showdown theme. Remember, in accordance with the Neopets Terms and Conditions, you can only enter one Neopet from one Neopets account for each theme.

Each Neopet must be wearing a minimum of three (3) items to qualify for entry in that week's Style Showdown theme. These items may be NP items, NC items, or a combination of the two. If your pet is not wearing enough items, you will be notified that your Neopet doesn't meet the minimum requirements, and you will need to add more items and re-enter your Neopet. Users do not have to dress their Neopets in NC items to participate in the Style Showdown.

There will be a submission period for each theme, and users will only be able to enter their Neopets into the contest for that theme during that particular timeframe. Once a submission period closes for a theme, users will no longer be able to enter a Neopet into the Style Showdown for that theme, so make sure to read the schedule to know when each theme contest is open for entries.

All entries are final, so be sure that your Neopet has just the look you want before entering. Once you have confirmed that you wish to enter your Neopet for a theme, you will be unable to go back and make any changes to your submission.

Voting Criteria

Nine (9) semi-finalists total will be chosen by the Neopets staff from all submissions for each theme. The Neopets staff will make their selections based on 1) how well an entry expresses the theme, 2) creativity, and 3) originality. Who is chosen as a semi-finalist is entirely up to the judgment of the Neopets staff. Once selected, these nine (9) semi-finalists will be showcased on the Style Showdown voting page in their themed outfits. From the voting page, users can vote once for each of the nine (9) semi-finalist Neopets per day. You can vote for as many or as few of the entries as you wish. To receive your Neopoint reward for the day, you must vote for at least one entry, but you will not receive more Neopoints for voting for multiple entries or vice versa. In agreement with the Neopets Terms and Conditions, you can only use your main account for voting purposes. Players who use multiple accounts for voting purposes may be frozen.

After approximately one week of voting, the first, second, and third place winners for the particular theme will be announced.

On approximately September 2nd, the first-place winners from each of the three themes will advance to the final Style Showdown, and users will vote to decide who will be crowned Neopia's Best Dressed.

Prize and Neopoint Awarding

You will receive one wearable Neopoint item for submitting your Neopet in each week's theme.

If you are in a country where the NC Mall is available, you will also receive a bonus 150 free NC upon your first entry into a theme.

You may qualify for up to four weekly achievement prizes for voting every day during each week's theme contest.

If your Neopet is chosen as one of the nine semi-finalists in any of the theme contests, you will be awarded additional virtual prizes. The top three (3) winners from each theme will earn further virtual prizes and receive 150 NC. You will be notified of your selection as a semi-finalist and finalist via Neomail. Any prizes you are awarded will be placed in your Inventory.

You will earn Neopoints once a day for submitting votes for the semi-finalists in each theme contest.

A Neocash shopping spree will be awarded to the first, second, and third place finalists. The prize tiers are as follows: the first-place finalist will receive 1,000 NC; the second-place finalist will receive 750 NC; and the third-place finalist will receive 500 NC. Neocash will automatically be placed in user accounts. This Neocash can be used in the NC Mall. The receipt and use of Neocash are subject to the NC Mall Shopping Rules. Neocash cannot be sold or traded for Neopoints, Neopoint items, Neocash items, or any other currency.