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1. Why can't I enter my Neopet in a theme contest?

Your Neopet might not be wearing enough items. Your Neopet must have on at least three (3) items to be entered in a theme contest. Great wearable items can be found all over Neopia, so if you need to purchase more items for your pet, please visit the shops or the NC Mall.

2. How long do I have to enter my Neopet in this week's theme?

The submission period for the theme contests will usually last about a week. Please check the schedule to make sure you have time to enter your Neopet into the current themed competition.

3. I entered my Neopet for a theme and want to enter another pet, but it's not letting me.

That's because you can only enter one Neopet for each theme contest.

4. Do I have to vote for every semi-finalist to earn NP?

No, you can vote for as many or as few semi-finalists as you'd like and still earn the same amount of NP. All that is required to earn Neopoints for voting is casting a vote for at least one semi-finalist.

5. When will Neopia's Best Dressed be decided?

We will announce the final winners and crown Neopia's Best Dressed during the second week of September.

6. How will I know if I am a winner?

We will notify all semi-finalists (those whose Neopets were chosen by the Neopets staff to be one of the nine voted on by users in each theme contest) and all finalists (first, second, third) by Neomail. Your prizes will be placed directly into your Inventory.

7. What is a semi-finalist?

For each theme contest, the Neopets staff will select nine Neopets to be voted on by the users. These nine Neopets are semi-finalists. The first, second, and third place winners of each theme contest will be determined by those user votes.

8. My Neopet has on more than three items. Is that OK?

Yes, three is just the minimum number of items that a Neopet must be wearing in order to be entered into the Style Showdown, so feel free to make your entries as elaborate as you'd like!

9. Does my Neopet need to wear any NC items in order to qualify for entering a theme?

Nope. You don't have to dress your Neopet in NC items to enter a theme or compete. NC is entirely optional, so don't worry if your Neopet is only wearing NP items when you submit them for a theme -- your creativity is the most important part of having a great entry! As long as your Neopet is wearing a minimum of three items, they're ready for action. More importantly, NC items in no way influence the judges' decisions.

10. One of my Neopets has already been a semi-finalist in a theme contest; is it OK to enter the same Neopet in another theme contest?

Yes, even if your Neopet has been chosen as a semi-finalist for one theme contest, it is still eligible for entry in other theme contests as long as it's dressed to match the theme of those contests.

11. One of my Neopets was chosen as a semi-finalist for a theme contest; is it OK to enter a different Neopet from the same account into another theme contest?

Yes, you may enter a different Neopet from the same account, even if you've already been a semi-finalist in a theme contest.

12. Can I enter the same theme contest with one Neopet from my main account and another Neopet from my side account?

Nope. You aren't allowed to enter the same theme twice. However, you can enter one Neopet from your main account in one theme contest and one from your side account in the next contest, if you choose to do so.

13. I was awarded Neocash, but it's not showing up for me to spend. What's wrong?

Your Neocash will be available to spend in the NC Mall 24 - 48 hours after you've been awarded it.