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Neopet Version 2

NPv2 was a competition we ran in November 2001. It has been completed, but feel free to check out the plot and watch the animations :)

Day One : Part One | Part Two
Day Three : Part Three | Part Four | Part Five
Day Four : Part Six | Part Seven
Day Five : Part Eight | Part Nine

7th Storing, 5:45pm, Neopian Central

The first thing the citizens of Neopia did after they heard the news was to compose a letter to the bane of their existence, and creator of the Virtupets Space Station, Dr. Sloth. Minutes ago a Grundo delivery boy ran into Kauvaras Potion Shop clutching a reply.

Kauvara begins to read the letter...

Citizens of Neopia, I received your pathetic plea for help only this afternoon, and I must admit it has really brightened up my day! I find it most amusing, and indeed very ironic that you come to me, Dr. Frank Sloth, begging for help. Neopet v2 was a program that I created a couple of years back, it was meant to be a replacement for you wretched Neopets, however after you defeated me in the Space Station the project was shelved. The program's artificial intelligence was a little too paranoid for my liking anyway... Now it seems that my creation has come back to life and has kidnapped four of your precious children, what a beautiful twist of fate. I could help you, I could deactivate the program, but considering the pain you have put me through, I simply do not think that would be fair. The deactivation code can be entered from a secret terminal somewhere within the station. There are ten numerical codes to be found, and these must be entered in a certain order. Each of the four programmers who worked on the original Neopet v2 program know two of the codes each, and the other two codes are built into the program itself. If you succeed in turning off the program then the children will live. You have till midnight on Sunday to find the codes, or those poor children will run out of air and perish. I hope this has helped, good luck in your quest, I will be watching you every step of the way... Yours Sincerely, Dr. Frank Sloth PS. Heh heh heh... ok here's a clue... you won't be able to get any information from the first programmer, his mouth will be full of that vile purple vegetable that he craves so much.