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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Zul and Egy
Owner: _paniic
Pet Name: Zibs
Breed: Mutant Epuni

About Zul and Egy:
The crunch of the gravel under her feet was the only thing Zibs could hear on her way to her sister's place. She walked quickly, her head down. Even being here in the daytime was a little creepy. It was a strange sensation, she mused to herself, as this was probably one of the only places in Neopia she'd fit in. No one would be staring at her translucent skin or her coal black eyes. What better place than the Haunted Woods?

Quickly ducking through the nearby Gypsy Camp, she had arrived at her sister's place. The building was old and decrepit. If you didn't know about it, you wouldn't even know anyone was inside. She wiped a stray cobweb from her hair as her soft footsteps creaked the aged floorboards.

"Sis?" Zibs called out, squinting. It was pretty dark in the attic.

There was a silvery blur as her sister whizzed out from somewhere in the darkness, knocking over a haphazardly stacked pile of mismatched teacups as she did so.

"Hey!" the ghost Aisha said enthusiastically. "I thought I heard you come in! I'm so excited! I found something I think you'll love!"

Before Zibs could even get a word in, her sister was off again.

"I'm sure it's here somewhere. I saw it just a minute ago..." Her voice sounded further away. Zibs had forgotten how big this place really was. She decided she'd better go and find her, even if it was just to make sure the piles upon piles of junk hadn't eaten her up.

She found her among a pile of dusty books, hovering slightly above the floor.

"I'm sorry, sis, I can't find it. I really thought you'd like it, too..." Her shoulders slumped dejectedly.

Zibs didn't mind. She was too busy eyeing the books on the floor. Some of them looked unfamiliar to her. She loved to read, so she was keen to get her hands on them.

"That's okay! I can't be disappointed if I never knew what it was, right?"

Her sister looked up at her.

"I guess you're right."

Zibs saw her face suddenly brighten. "Since you're here to help me sort this stuff out... do you want to help me with these books? You know, maybe dust them off a little so I can have a go at selling them?"

"Of course!" Zibs said happily, scooping up a few of the books in a flurry of dust. "I'll get started right away!"

Her sister gave a knowing smile. Zibs loved to read. There was no way those books were getting sorted with her on the case.

Zibs had sorted a few of the old books (not without flicking through them and reminding herself to go back and read them later) when a green blur jumped out from the bookcase, landing on her head. Aside from the obvious bump, could she feel... burning?!? Shrieking, she swiped at the top of her head. What in Neopia? Was this thing on fire?!? What did her sister KEEP in here?!? The green blur landed on the table with a thump. As it turns out, it WAS on fire. Well, its ears and tail had tufts of flame, anyway... still rolled in a ball from its unceremonious departure from Zibs's head, two beady eyes looked up at her as it unfurled itself. Its less than graceful exit didn't seem to worry it, though, as it gave a happy chirp while smiling up at her... and drooling.

Zibs looked right back, perplexed as ever while rubbing her now-singed ear. What was that thing? At least it looked... friendly?

Suddenly brave, Zibs held out a hand for the creature to inspect. It moved toward her cautiously, and she began thinking what a terrible idea this was. What if it bit her or something? It DID have fangs... instead, the creature gave Zibs a sniff before hopping up her arm to her shoulder, where it perched quite happily, giving another satisfied chirp. She exhaled visibly. Maybe they could be friends?

Zibs read away the hours with the creature on her shoulder, only having to remind it a couple of times to keep the flames in check or wipe some drool off a page. Even so, she was growing quite fond of the little thing. Maybe her sister would let her keep it? It must be a Petpet, and she felt more than responsible enough to own one. At the very least, it would make the walks back and forth from here more tolerable, and it would give others even more reasons to stare, she thought to herself with a smile.

Almost as if her sister had read her mind, she breezed into the room.

"Hey sis, so I was think-- HEY, YOU FOUND HIM!" she cried, startling Zibs out of her daydreams. The creature also gave a chirp of surprise.

"THIS is what you thought I would like?" Zibs said, incredulous.

"I... well, yeah. I thought you would. I'm sorry if it's not--"

Zibs cut her off. "You're exactly right. I love it. You know me better than I know myself sometimes." She smiled.

Her sister looked relieved. "Awesome! I knew you guys would fit together perfectly."

"Zuuuuuuuuul!" the creature said happily, startling both Zibs and her sister.

"Well," Zibs said, "I guess you just named yourself, too. It works for me!"

Her sister looked at one of the many old clocks adorning the walls. Zibs appreciated the fact she'd made them all read the correct time. "Sis, it's getting late. You should probably be getting home because it's starting to get dark. We all know how scary the Haunted Woods can get at night."

"You're right," Zibs replied. "This will be the first time I'm not afraid, though. I have my little torch with me now! Come on, Zul. Let's go home!"

Zul raced up her shoulder with a chirp and, after bidding farewell to her sister, the two went off into the night. The gravel underfoot once again was the only sound to be heard, but Zibs walked with purpose this time. Head up, walking slowly, her little torch helping lead her back home.

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