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Howdy! This week we have updated the creative contest prize pool, we swapped some old prizes and added some new ones, hope you enjoy. We've also fixed the hue brew potion packs, and because of that we have extended the sale dates until the 21st so dye away!

Can we get a fix for the Halloween Mynci avatar please? It's been several years and some of us really want this broken clickable avatar.~~bandiito
Done & done!

Hi I'm just wondering if the rubbish dump has certain restock times/days or is it just completely random and a matter of good luck?~~h3n
It's completely random.

Can you please make it so the entire top 100 gets the Kiss the Mortog avatar? Scores are almost always identical for it so #10 often has the same score as #100. I submitted a score, I believe pretty early, but since they are reviewed alphabetically I'm #67. I don't believe this is a fair system.~~sixlets1
We'll review the system and see what we can come up with.

Hi! I've already completed the Altador plot and had so much fun doing it. I'd love to know if any more plots are in the works? Thanks!~~pearlfrisby
Do mini-plots count?

Hi TNT. I come on here every now and then, think of me on a semi haitus. Recently I saw a post about how, especially the programmers were working really hard on the site, please let them, especially the programmers and the senior programmer that I, and the rest of us, say thank you. We appreciate all your hard work from the bottom of our hearts.~~sportsandmusic69
So heartwarming ;(. I'm not crying you are...hmpph anywho I will let them know and I told the lead dev and he says many thanks!

Dear Scrappy and Jade, Why are the two new Darigan items set to restock in the regular Toy Shop? That Darigan Ball just screams Darigan Toys (a shop in Darigan Citadel). Also, if the new plushie isn't sold there too, shouldn't it be in the Plushie Palace? Also, some newer plushies (like the angry Royal ones) are also oddly stocking in the Toy Shop instead of the Plushie Palace. Could this please be looked into?~~jaylahcat
You know what you're so right! I'll get that changed right up for you. Thanks for the suggestion. As for the angry royal both the Angry Royal Girl Zafara Plushie & Angry Royal Boy Aisha Plushie seem to be in Plushie palace already so not sure on this note.

Donny's Corner:
Fixed the 'Mynci - Halloween' avatar & Spring Tulip Wreath. That's all for now folks ;)

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