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Hi all, Happiest of Happy Fridays! The Brightvale event is coming next week, apologies for all the build up we wanted to ensure testing was all complete. There seems to be some trouble obtaining the newest avie so we will release some new clues next week on how to grab it for yourself. It's a short one this week but just wanted to say once again we appreciate all of you Neopians filling this community with laughter and plain epicness. We couldn't do this without you and we are constantly trying to find new ways to improve, so thanks for staying on this ride with us.

*hands a tin foil hat*, we all know there are alien aishas, but how do we not know other aliens exist? Who knows...they may already be among us! What do you think?~~xprussia

Thanks for the hat! I'll wear it proudly. Personally I think there could be...I mean who's to say we are the only ones you know. We've already found one species, who's to say there aren't others. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Who really knows? But I love this question, keep conspiring my friend!

Hello TNT!! * hands you chia treats at my lupes request* I have been on neopets for 14+ years, and I wanted to personally thank you for getting me through some hardest times of my life! And because of you and giving me a site that is safe, I can type 200 per minute when writing. I also want to thank you for my html skills because this is where it started!!! Me and the pack howl our greatest thanks!~~baby_bear1924
This is AWESOME! Stories like this really bring a tear to my eye. It's awesome to know that Neopia could help you through tough times and also help with practical skills. Keep on keepin on!

When will Marble (the color) came back from the war??? :( Is one of my favorite colors on neo and it's been missing for a while! Please TNT editor, pass to your artist coworkers that we want to see more pretty marble pets! ~~qwerth_1

You're in luck, you should definitely check the new features for a fun surprise ;)

The recent social media contests were a fun idea, but I wanted to put forward a request on behalf of all the players who live in timezones that don't match NST - in future could you please give a full 24 hour period before the entry deadline? e.g. if you announce the contest at 10am NST, could the deadline please be the next day at 9:59am NST? This would mean every player would have the chance to enter, regardless of their timezone or their work/school/sleep schedule. I would have loved to enter the recent contests but it was impossible as the contests only ran from 10am-midnight NST, and most of my free time is outside of those hours. Thanks in advance.~~sweep_the_doghouse

Sorry about that, I've informed our social team and they said that they realized this after doing the contest and have plans to make adjustments to the time frame for future contests.

Its almost Halloween season. Is there a possibility of more clown-themed customization? I know I'm not the only one who wants my very own clown Chia :o)~~ kendrab7
This is a great idea, I'll be sure to tell Scrappy about this for sure. Even though I'm a little uneasy around Clowns I know some enjoy them.

Donny's Corner: This week it seems Donny and his helpers have fixed and polished some Daily Dare items, five to be exact. Short and sweet this week but at least the workers are out and talking again.

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