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Hi guys!!! Just giving everyone a heads up that we were moving this week so sorry for all of the cluster and things that weren't posted! Good news though, we are starting to settle so next week we should be back to normal and everything released at its correct time!

That's all! Thanks for listening :)


Hi Scrappy, i love neopets a lot, hence my membership of 10 years. I am an adult player but still loving this place. Since playing, 2 of my neopets have their starting/given petpets attached, a ditsy and a frogler. However they were never acknowledged in the petpet rainbowpool or listed on the PPL. They do not appear anywhere on the site! It looks like they don't exist. But they do, for 10 years at least! Is there some way you can honour their presence in neopia? I would really like this! ~duomama
Wow, that is an absolute travesty!! They most definitely do exist and are loved little creatures! I will do my best to get them noticed by the PPL committee (although they're a tough group)!!

Hey Scrappy! Is the Holiday Dream Neopet Giveaway going to happen this year? ~jmo7692
I got a lottttt of questions about this!! We are most definitely doing the Dream Neopet Giveaway this year! In fact if you haven't seen it yet then head on over because it has officially began!! Enter your DREAM PET by Friday (yes it says Monday and that will be changed soon!), December 22nd to win! The winners will be announced December 25th on the lovely Day of Giving!! Good luck to you all!!

Are you guys planning to convert plot comics/videos into HTML5? I really love those and would hate to see them go. D:
We are leaving no pet, petpet, food, comic or Faerie behind! When we go, we're all going!! So don't worry about a thing!

Hi Scrappy! First, I LOVE the Bonus for the war booty packs! It's gorgeous and goes well with so many things. However, the Kaia wings currently don't remove wings that pets already have so it looks a little strange. I love them and they would be so much more versatile with the pet wings removed. Second, the wig is super pretty but looks a little strange on some pets like the draik and the techo. I would love to wear it more! Thank you, keep up the great work :)
I don't normally post questions like this buttttt I wanted to say we fixed that so your wings will no longer show! Although, I think 2 sets of wings is awesome butttt fair enough! Those changes should be reflected soon :)

Hi Scrappy! *offers plate of freshly baked cookies* I am wondering if we will ever get the option to remove paint brush clothes from our closets? Closets have limited space as it is, and for those of us who zap pets that space can be quickly taken up by extra paint brush clothes. Even some basic pets come with clothes - I have 50 aisha collars! I don't need them and would like to be able to move them to my SDB so I don't have to scroll for miles past aisha collars to see my other wearables. Would this be possible to implement?
In simple terms, YES! It is one of my main goals to fix! As soon as we get just a littleeee more time (maybe once these feisty wraiths are defeated) then I will definitely get a team to look into it!!

Hello hello! I hope you've had a good week, with everything going on at HQ! I guess I'll just go straight to the point- are there certain requirements (besides those listed on the page of course) for submitting thumbnails for things in the NT? I've had comics in the NT a few times myself, but I've noticed that the thumbnails I submit never get used. It is fun to see what kind of thumbnails they get, but I was wondering about that, since I've seen some comics have submitted thumbnails. ~a_cockatiel_a
Nope I don't think so! We LOVEEE when you guys submit thumbnails too! A few things to know when doing it:
1. Post the image URL in the notes section!
2. Don't submit it in HTML format because it won't come through to me if it's in HTML.
Other than that you should be good! Usually we post any that are sent to us!!

Hi. Since always, the Shockwave plugin has been a problem for many users, and today it's just getting worse. The games that require this plugin has under 100 users at high scores now, because it's almost impossible to make the plugin work. Is there any plan to correct this situation?
Yes, we want to make all of our games easier to play and more compatible with different browsers! Unfortunately, it is not the easiest task and we have A LOTTTT of games so it just takes some time. We are working on it though!

Heya Scrappy! *offers plate of snowflake-shaped cookies* How's the weather over there in the TNT office? The weather here has been great! You know where the weather hasn't been so great...over the neopian sea, there always seems to have some big tropical storms. My Lutari actually tells me legends of a mysterious island hiding in there but he's probably making them up right? Have you heard anything about it? 0;-) ~bearbearpaw

Yummyyy cookiess!!!! Oh the weather here is lovelyy!! Thanks for asking :) It's nice and sunny, 75 degrees and nice breeze! So sorry to hear about those nasty storms though!! You know, I think I've heard that legend before...maybe we should venture over there sometime to see if it has any truth to it...

Hi there Scrappy! So in previous plots there's always been some permanent place we could go to review what happened - the oldest ones were animated videos while newer ones were in the format of comics. Would it be possible to do something like this for the current plot? ~kaioti
YES, most definitely!! We will have the story (in some format) on the site to go over for many years to come! How else will the young Neopians down the road believe our tales of battle and triumph (I'm assuming we win, I have faith in you guys)?


Hi TNT, I've been playing neopets since I was in college, I'm 34 now and still enjoy neopets. I see so many people complaining, saying about the plot or any site event, that it's boring etc, but I know how much work you must of done and are still doing not only to put the site back to it's near enough former glory but also doing this plot, which I have enjoyed as it's not too difficult but just challenging enough, the same was for the Gaming challenge we recently had, I could actually get the scores for most of those games, which made it enjoyable. so I just wanted to say a BIG thank you, I hope you don't get too disheartened by the negative comments but believe me for every negative there is 20 positives coming back your way :) *throws balls of yarn at the Aisha behind you* so Just THANK YOU :) ~ munchkin882

Hey! You are all doing an awesome job with Neopets lately. Thank you for what you are putting into it. As a user, I appreciate what you are doing now. :)

I regularly disappear and go on hiatuses from websites, but I've been on Neopets since I was six and (as of November) I'm 21 now. I come back every time. I've returned just now (one day late for the advent calendar, darnit! :() after over six months away (I know because it asked for my birthday x3) and seeing all the changes... you've been working hard, and Neopets is finally getting better after so long struggling. It's amazing to see the sudden positivity in boards, even if there's still complaining and ticket issues (but the complaining - what's new there?). I'm just super happy we have an interactive staff who cares and participates and is involved. Thanks for all your hard work, guys. Much love. Also, Best Surprise Ever: one more pet for every account!!! Time to adopt all the pets.

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