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Sorry for the delay guys! I didn't know when I'd be able to do this and didn't want NT to release late!

Hello Scrappy! I love love love the new extra pet slots; they're a dream come true for me. But I was wondering, with the new scrolling feature we have with our pets on our user lookups and when doing certain activities on the site, if it would be possible to one day allow us to have even more than the 5 maximum pet limit by default for accounts. I know that I and plenty others would adore it if that could be the case! ~lux_aeterna1234
Hm, I'm hoping that's the plan to implement one day! Obviously, there are some things we would like to do first but we definitely don't plan on stopping here. I just don't have a timeline for you guys yet!

Do you wish you would have made wigs and hats different wearable zones when you first implemented the customization feature?
Well, it wasn't me that created the zones in the first place butttt it is something I would LOVE to fix! I know there are just thousands of things I would love to do but this one would be rather difficult because the wigs/hat could look terrible when layered, you know? SO...yes it is something we are looking at but that's a pretty big process!

Hey Scrappy! Great to hear about the return of the Random Contest! Any chance there will be a new avatar for it? The previous one was available for 10 years and as a long time player it would be nice to have some new Avatars to work towards.. please? :)
Honestly, I would absolutely create a new avatar for it but when I suggested that for Caption Contest I got EXTREMELY mixed reactions! Sooo if everyone would be happy with it then absolutely!!

Hi Scrappy are there plans for the Wing It game to return to neopia? It was a fun new daily during the Faerie Festival, and I'm sure a Wing It avatar with Kaia would be AMAZING!!! Please???? *uses Angelpuss eyes*
You know I've been hearing this suggestion an awful lot so I would say there is a fairly good chance you will see Wing It again at some point in time!

Hey Scrappy! If there was a Writing Faerie, what do you think she'd be like? I can't imagine, except she'd be really awesome.
Oh my I bet she would be absolutely LOVELY! And insightful! And pretty! Ohhh we should talk to Fyora about apointing one!

Why do Premium Members get reCAPTCHAs when visiting User Lookups and Pet Lookups? Has it always been this way? I thought I vaguely remember a month I had Premium in which I never had to enter one. ~luvas
Hm, well I believe everyone has these! However, this is one of the many things we are looking to improve so hopefully they won't be around much longer!!

Hey, TNT! A long, long time ago, there was a costume contest on the site. Users dressed up as their favorite Neopian characters and submitted photos. Do you think you might ever do something like that again? With cosplay being so popular now, it would be cool to see what everyone would come up with.
WOW!! That would be so fun!!!! I doubt we could do it this year since it is so last minute but in future years that would be such a good time! I will definitely add it to my To-Do list for next year! I bet you guys would come up with some AMAZING costumes!


First off, for those wondering about the Haunted Black Makeup. Yes, we realize you guys liked it with no zone but it also was shown to go over wigs so if you had any other color wig except black it looked veryyyyy odd. So, we are exploring options to place it in a way that markings can still be worn with it!

Also, sadly just because TNT recognized the Random Contest Petition does not mean we will abide to all of them. The Random Contest was something we had considered bringing back and was fairly reasonable, however, we wanted to make sure users wanted to see it. However, some of the other issues (all important that we would LOVE to change) are not as easily done. So, we hear you and are considering everything but please don't expect every petition to lead to immediate action!


Just have to say that the new korbat colors are STUNNING. I have never wanted a korbat until today. Please send my compliments to the artists!!

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