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This morning when the clock turned 00:00:00 nst I was very surprised to find Trudy's Slot Machine wasn't waiting on my account. I refreshed a couple times, but no slot machine. According to the FAQs it's s'posed to reset then. Has something changed? Is it now only available 24 hours later than when I last played? Thanks for clearing this up. ~ mistyraider
Hi! Trudy's Surprise is in fact intended to be every 24 hours, not necessarily at midnight! Sorry for the confusion, we'll be updating the FAQ's to make this clear!

Dear Country Queen, Why can't male Shoryus be painted Elderly? ~ kaioti
What came first, the Pteri or the egg? Which is better, country or hip hop? Ah, life's great unanswerable questions… Just kidding. Country is obviously better and paper airplanes can be sent to get to the bottom of such mysteries. Let me send some around the office and see what I can do!

*Offers cupcakes* Will we be getting new secret avatars anytime soon? ~ bakura_chick2
If I told you that, they wouldn't be very secret now would they?

Hi TNT! I have a question or two about the Poetry Contest. Lately, the news has a link to featured poems that were previously published, but the link isn't a direct one. So I wonder: 1) Will the Poetry Contest be returning with new content? And 2) Will previous winners ever receive their trophy upgrades and prizes? Thanks in advance! ~ binky1260
Ask and you shall receive! Unawarded Poetry and Caption Contest trophies will be given out starting today (but please be patient with me if they aren't all given today, it's a long list!). I also have a feeling the Poetry Contest will be back in action soon!

Just look at all these shiny trophies!

The NC items Butterfly Shower and Pretty Tropical Lagoon Background can't be worn at the same time! Is this a glitch or is it on purpose? They would look really lovely together, so it would be great if you could fix that. Thanks, and please leave out my username if this gets published! :)
I like your style, as they would be a lovely match! However, part of the background actually occupies the foreground space to give your Neopet that lovely look of actually being in a lagoon! This interferes with the Butterfly Shower, which is why they can't be worn together. I'm sure you'll be able to find better matches in no time though!

Hey there! So, since you corrected the Plushie Pteri's eyes last week, I was hoping you could give your attention to another pet facing a major glitch! Transparent Aishas are not supposed to have the same mouths as regular colors of Aisha, however they often glitch and the regular Aisha mouth appears (which looks rather silly on them). Is there any chance we could get rid of this darn glitch once and for all? ~ annsunshinex3
Well that is rather silly isn't in! And you can't leave your pet looking silly, the other pets might make fun of them! Never fear, your transparent Aisha's will soon be able to avoid this embarrassing fate.

I'm very interested in being in the milestone NT coming up for the adorable avatar. I have a few articles currently being held over (which is very exciting btw, thank you!) and was wondering if there was something specifically I could do to make sure I get into the milestone NT coming up. Should I write a specific kind of article or comic or is it all just luck? Please remove my username! ~ username removed
Since we get so many entries for milestone issues like this (130 across all categories so far, and counting… Dedication? Madness? One and the same?), it takes a fair amount of creativity and a little bit of luck to make it in. The best advice I can give is to make sure your entry is well thought out, original and fitting for the special 700!
PS. Just some logistics, make sure to label the entry as for issue 700 and that you get it in at least a week before!

May the odds be ever in your favor


throws cupcakes and sparkles into the air* Every time I get Alice W. assigned to my tickets I celebrate! She always gives me such quick and helpful responses that I can rest at ease at last with her help! A lot of the members of the new Neopets staff go unrecognized and I just wanted to give Alice W. some recognition for all of the help and patience she has shown over the years while answering my tickets!! You are awesome Alice W.! *hugs* (please remove my username ;w; )

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Sparkle spoke. "I'm sorry I didn't believe you."

Lizzy responded saying, "It's ok, I'm just glad it's over."

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Is The SUAP Really That Super?
Ha ha, not today!

by mustikeuh121


A Stranger Tale of Goldrun: Part One
The Halloween Bori sprinkled a few herbs into the camp fire that made it flare and change colour to an acid green that illuminated the bright face paints smeared across the creature's skull. The Bori stood up, grasping a gnarled staff in his hands, and began to chant as he slowly danced around the fire. Local Petpets stopped in their nocturnal business to watch and listen, and above them even the desert stars seemed to be waiting, as if the Bori's actions were important.

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Destiny: Part Three
The wailing alarm made Elmist’s heart beat faster, if that was even possible. He thought his ribcage would break any time. Zaldron was so weak that she needed Drake to support her as they rushed down the stairs of the Brightvale castle. “Easy,” he soothed from the bottom of his heart. “I know you can do it.”

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Meridell or Brightvale?
I’ve decided to teach Clopina and everyone reading at home about Brightvale and Meridell. Hopefully by the end, anyone considering moving to either land can gain knowledge before making any decisions.

by sassyxsandra

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