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I really enjoy playing Word Pyramid but is it possible to add a pause button. The game can be long. Please talk to the programmer to see if one can be added. Thank you. ~ tiggerbbca
After some deliberation, it was decided that this makes it far to easy to cheat in the game, and therefore, sadly, should not be implemented. We suggest you take your potty breaks before starting the game. :X

*sigh* I guess I'll just have to take the trash out later...

I was wondering if there is a way to turn your painted petpet back into its original color? Like if you have a pink miamouse, could you paint it with a green PPPB to turn it back into a regular colored (green) miamouse? If there isn't a way to "erase" a petpet's color, do you think you could come out with a petpet PB or some sort of option to do that? ~ collectingmlp
Hehe, you already managed to answer your own question, but we will confirm it for you. If you would like your Petpet to return to its standard colour, simply paint it the colour that most closely resembles what the original colour looked like.

I have to admit I'm baffled. The picture that links to "your items" on the toolbar (next to "your shop", "guilds", etc.): what is it? I've stared at that thing way too long and can't figure out what the picture is supposed to be.
That is a scaled down image of a plushie Buzz morphing potion :)

Don't my fans recognise me?! *sob*

How do you enter a comic in The Neopian Times, and do they count for the NT Star avatar? ~ green_day_rox_72
You can enter you comic to the NT here, and yes, getting your comic into the NT has the same rewards as getting an article in. Your account will be credited a trophy, and it will go towards the total needed for the NT star avy :)

i think that when your petpet is zapped and changes into a different petpet, it shouldn't be reverted back to normal but should be the origanal color of the new petpet. any chance of that happening? ~ misterpopo619
Yes... we bet a lot of people would like that. ;) Sorry, no chance whatsoever! It certainly wouldn't be nice to wreak havoc on the economy by allowing people to zap their Spyders into Moltenore and sell them for millions. Doglefoxes and Kadoaties living together. Mass hysteria!

I am distraught! I left my empty pillow case out on the 24th and nothing happened! i tryed it two months in a row so i dont think i missed it. Can you tell me if i am waisting my time or will it pay off? ~ running_tiger
Actually, the 24th that it is referring to was actually the 24th day of the Month of Celebrating, Y3. And even then, it still didn't do anything. ;)

what's the point of the beach on mystery island? ~ bitsy_bites5
That spot was once used to give out clues during the Mystery Island Volcano Mystery plot that went on during the Month of Collecting, Y5. Now your pets can just go have a relaxing day tanning themselves, surfing, and getting sand in all sorts of places.

Hey, I just wanted to ask two questions, firstly, if you have a Petpetpet such as a Mootix attatched to your petpet and then Turmaculus eats your petpet, does he eat the Mootix too, or does it go back to your inventory? Secondly, with petpetpets, if you have one attatched to your petpet, and you unattatch the actual petpet from your pet, does the petpetpet go back to your inventory or stay with the unused petpet? Please answer me, I have been curious about this for ages! Thanks, ~ angeleyesnumber1
Alas, if anything happens to your Petpet, such as you removing it, it being eaten, or even zapped into thin air by a lab ray, your petpetpet will simply disappear, never to return. *sniffles*

OH NO!!!! THE ALIEN VENDING MACHINE IS MISSING!!!HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO GET THE ALIEN AISHA AVATAR!!!!*calms down*Ok, I feel better now. Does that make the Alien Aisha avvie retired? ~ munsterfan
Due to the overwhelming volume of panicked questions and pleas we've received about this, we'd like to say: Don't panic. The Alien Aisha Vending machine was simply moved about 2 cm below its previous location. Deep breaths everyone. Nice deep breaths. :D

It was quite a lot of work moving that heavy vending machine!

Hi there, I am a bit miffed as to the answer for the LC round 138 The question was How many users successfully removed at least one block from the Scroll Repository pyramid? Please round down to the nearest hundred. The answer was 6800, that is the bit I don't get. When the Scroll Repository pyramid was finished, it was announced that 4,330 blocks were removed, so how can 6800 users have sucessfully removed at least one block? Is it just me, did I miss something, can you please explain. Thanks zoe820
Ahh, that's exactly the trick to that question. ;) It took a total of 5 Neopets working together to move a single block, so that answer does compute. Our resident Lenny C writer likes to throw people for a loop sometimes to feel smart. Then he walks around all smug-like. We will soon have our revenge. *shakes fist*

Is it possible to win the Test Your Strength jackpot? ~ ewanejc
Probable? No. Possible? Yes. It was won once before. However, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting to win, I don't think Arnold likes to share his Neopoints. ;)

If you play Whack-a-staff-member, and when you complete a level, there is only "Next level and "Send score" Why can't there be quit? ~ _lili_99
Wow, we'd thought everyone would just want to hit us over the head forever and ever and ever! But the little "X" in the upper right corner of your browser window should suffice if you'd like to stop. :)

For the Top Gamer Avatar you need to have achieved 250 game scores. This isn't fair to new accounts, as there are not even 250 games available to play. Could you also make it that you can get the avatar by obtaining a certain amount of grand master scores? This also shows that you are a top gamer.^^ ~ mattyness
Alas, some avatars are just harder to get and require more patience than others. Much like many of the Petpet avatars, I'm afraid everyone will just have to wait and keep playing new games as they come out to one day earn that elusive avatar :)

I was looking at a shop that was selling Blandfish, and it said if you feed your neopet a lot of them, they will turn Fish, and there is not a paintbrush for it. They also said things about Butterfish and Rockfish making your pet Rock or Butter. Is this really true? If so, wouldn't the fish be expensive? ~ pacificcoastgrrl
Eep, no! That is actually quite far from the truth. In fact, it's not even on the same planet as truth, that's how untrue it is. This person is quite the liar and is trying to scam people into buying their items! If you know this person's username, please report them right away!

Whenever there's a pet day (like the recent korbat day), it always says that you can get some free training at the acedemy on Krawk Island. But whenever I go there on the day it always asks for the payment and it doesn't go away even if I click pay. Am I doing something wrong because otherwise I think I might give up:( ~ gali25205
Cap'n Threelegs only provides free training for the species whose special day it is. So, if you have a Korbat on Korbat Day, you will not be charged for training. :) Every species has their own special day and each species receives free training on that day, so make sure to check the Calendar to see when your pet's species will be celebrated!

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