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Continued Series

Clouds Over Cogham: Part Eight

Sunlight. Actual sunlight. It’s barely been an hour since Tor and Roberta last felt the sun shining down upon them — since they’d been in the thankfully still-freed city of Brightvale — but the clouds’ smothering pressure had already convinced them that they’d never feel warm again.

by theschizophrenicpunk
Tribulations of a Quest Sceptic: Part Four

The coiling, curling wisps of emerald smoke that drifted from the windows of the silent, stone tower seemed to cast the structure in an eerie, green glow. Each slowly spiraled into the air, lazy and slow, before drifting like cloud, forming into the most horrible, nightmarish shapes, toying with the imagination as clouds observed on a summer’s day might.

by anjie
Desert Requiem: Part Five

Jazan, Nabile, Farisem, Sayidah, and Tomos filed into Jazan's study upon the premature end of the royal ball. Khalid made his appearance there shortly after them. He sat down in a corner of the room and did not meet anyone's gaze.

by kalnya
Orlitz and the Search for the Emerald Crown: Part Two

A warm ray of light streamed through the small slit between the curtain covering the large cut-up windows. The gentle light awoke Orlitz who hid under the quilts of an enormous bed. A clock on her bedside table notified the Cybunny that it was time for breakfast at the lodge.

by josephinefarine
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"Usuki Singing Stars #34: At the Money Tree" by downrightdude
"Isn’t early-summer cleaning fun, girls??” Sparkles asked enthusiastically. The pink Bruce was sorting through a pile of sweaters, separating them into two categories: sweaters to keep and sweaters to donate. “How are you guys doing?” Patricia sighed as she sorted Sparkles’ shoes. “Why did you ask me to help you clean?” asked the faerie Shoyru. “And how am I supposed to know which shoes are for donation and which ones aren’t?” Scary sat down on a beanbag chair. “Well I’m not going to waste my afternoon sorting through someone else’s junk,” sneered the purple Bruce. “Especially if I don’t get paid for my services.” Narrowing her eyes at Sparkles, Scary began to file her nails. “This file you have is almost dull.” “Then throw it away after you’re done with it,” Sparkles instructed. “Patricia, you can just organize my shoes by colour and line them up near my closet. I’ll go through them later.” As the girls, minus Scary, continued to work, Snaw barged into the room and began jumping on Sparkles’ bed. “I can fly like a Bruce in water!” Snaw cried, jumping higher. “Snaw, have you finished sorting through your room yet?” asked Sparkles, folding a sweater. “I will never bow down to the evils of cleaning!” Snaw exclaimed. “That makes two of us,” Scary mumbled. “So have you sorted through your stuff, Scare?” asked Sparkles. Scary shook her head.

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A Rambunctious Kacheek's Culinary Plight
The alluring elegance of the establishment emitted the feeling of bliss. The restaurant, simply named "Kelp", was rumored to be one of Neopia's finest eateries. On the basis of its eclectic appearance, it certainly lived up to its reputation.

by _brainchild_


Usuki Singing Stars #34: At the Money Tree
“Isn’t early-summer cleaning fun, girls??” Sparkles asked enthusiastically. The pink Bruce was sorting through a pile of sweaters, separating them into two categories: sweaters to keep and sweaters to donate. “How are you guys doing?”

by downrightdude


5 Tips for Getting Difficult Game Avatars
We avatar collectors all have similar aspirations: show off the Big Three on the AC, finally achieve the elusive Avatar Collector av, and to wipe that single tear off of our cheeks when we get the ‘Something Has Happened!’ after sending the perfect score to win a game avatar. If you’re an avatar collector on the rise--especially if you were recently introduced to Neopets or started fresh with a shiny new account--game avatars are key to achieving your goals.

by krazypinkgurl


Grooming: An In-Depth and Creative Guide
When it comes to grooming your Neopets, there can be much more to it than buying a 5NP comb and calling it a day. For some Neopians, grooming is an art form. We are passionate about caring for our pets, and we want you to be passionate, too! This guide to responsible, expert Neopet grooming will get you thinking like a true NeoCosmetologist.

by invader33


Poor Weewoos
Does this look like a good time to you?

by gleenut


Just Jelni: Overly Obsessed
Who can a Cybunny trust?

by angul888

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