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Choosing the Right College for Your Neopet

A college education can provide your Neopet with major advantages in their future. But which college should they attend?

by alli_draggy
Vegan on a Budget: Gourmet Vegan

Yes, vegan food can be decadent enough for even the most refined palate. And for those with a gourmet food budget, it is possible!

in collaboration with purest_pink

by _ahre_

Which famous faerie matches your personality?

Have you ever wondered which of these famous Neopian faeries you’re most similar to? Well, wonder no longer!

by pizzanoodles2
The Unexpectedly Educational Features of Neopets

Would you ever have imagined that designing and decorating a virtual house in a game could introduce you to interior design?

by jaylahcat
Surviving the Lost Desert: Flora!

Today we’re going to talk about 4 fruits that naturally grow in these conditions, and how they might make or break you trip!

by _kyndle
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"Don't Judge a Book by its Cover " by kiaxxl
A re you sure about this, Cornelia?” Shara sighed, looking across at her sister as they walked down the dark, damp corridor. “I’m sure! I’ve got a good feeling about today, I know it!” Cornelia said with determination, eyes focused on the door ahead of them. The dingy, slightly wet corridor they were walking down lead to the infamous Secret Laboratory, run by a dubious scientist who could change the attributes of any pet. Shara had finally saved up enough money to buy a secret map to the location of the lab and all of her siblings had volunteered to go under the strange effects of the ray. After watching her older sister Shara transform into a lovely Faerie Wocky, Cornelia begged to visit the lab every day to change her plain green coat into something more spectacular. Today however was perhaps not the best day to visit. “I already told you, what if you get zapped into something you don’t like for the first day of your new school tomorrow? We won’t be able to visit the laboratory until you return home” Shara reminded her, worried. “That’s why I need to visit today! I don’t want to be just another Green Uni that blends into the crowd, the new girl that everyone forgets. I want to be something exciting for a good first impression!” Cornelia exclaimed, looking at her sisters beautiful pink coat and yellow wings in admiration. “Well, if you’re sure… but don’t blame me if anything goes wrong” Shara sighed, pushing open the rusty old door to the laboratory room. “Trust me sis, nothing will go wrong.” ------- “I CAN’T GO TO SCHOOL LIKE THIIIISS!” “…I did warn you.”

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But I'm Just a Grape
I’m sharing this story because I think that there are probably plenty of Neopets out there, or even their owners, who experience something similar.

by amsurito


Faerie Fables - The Soup Faerie
As time went on, the Neopets became less wary of the young girl that entered the forest.

collab with Tarons

by devotedly


Harker's Story
So. You want to know how this story began. Of course you do. I’d want to know too, if I were sitting on your side of the table.

by tanikagillam


Avatar Goldmine
Congratulations! Meggily now has increased Level! Rysony rolled his eyes. How many more times in his life would he have to hear the Techo Master repeat this chant?

Edited by rabbits_forever and lil_red_raider

by wizzkid_


The Purrfect Cookie Household
Who is the scariest Neopian?

by purrfect_cookie


The Pant Devil Attacks
Crime doesn't pay

collab with sessduh

by kieselcamper

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