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You Creative Neopians!

Wondering what other ingenious user-made events exist on this website, I decided to canvass the Neoboards and ask the users themselves!

by indulgences
Five Easy to Feed Neopets

These pets' eating habits really make them stand out!

by doomdesire5
Petpets for Busy Owners

But some petpets need more attention than others, and some need almost none at all!

Also by iluvmeezerkatz

by _white_spirit_

Top 8 Best Vacation Spots in Neopia

We have taken the liberty of compiling a list of the best vacation spots Neopia has to offer!

Also by drobit

by bha288

10 Tips For Being Nicer

1. Help the Soup Kitchen by donating at the Money Tree.

by kitstar1
Soup for a Grey Day

Put on your "I Heart Soup Apron" on this grey day to keep the grey at bay...

by marzipan
Putting on Your Grey Face

For Grey Day we must aim for a bit of the miserable, some pessimism, and a little despondency.

Also by larkspurlane

by _razcalz_

Ways to Keep Your Spirits Up On Grey Day

Wanting to perk your Neopet up on Grey Day? Try some of these suggestions to keep their spirits up high...

Co-written by venused

by laulaukins

Random Events Machine - Surprise Community Challenge

The random events machine building project caused previously worthless daily junk items to suddenly skyrocket in price...

by emokidd0
Top Thirteen Grey Items

Aww, feeling blue, my friend? Well, then you're doing it wrong, today is all about being grey!

by happytimewithmilk
The Day Junk Became Worth More Than Gold

To put this into perspective, the Gelert in the Box went up to 150,000 neopoints from 1 neopoint, a 15,000,000% increase in little under two days...

by rider_galbatorix
Is This All Just a Coincidence?

Just being given something isn't earning it!

by ukbasketball
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Keep Spirits Up On Grey Day

Every pet has a favourite toy stowed away deep within the depths of their owner's safety deposit box. Bringing out your pet's beloved toys is certain to boost their mood on even the most grey of days. If your pet is toyless, stop by the Toy Shop in Neopia Central to stock up! An outing to the store to pick up something new is...

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Two Neopets, slowly moving towards a ruin.

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