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Usukis Who Crave a Little More Love

Dig deep inside your toy box and give a little love to those Usuki Dolls that aren't on every little Usul's birthday list.

by sonny_iz_cute
How to Make Your Neopet a Princess

Need help making royalty? Here are some tips!

by seanman1224
NeoTeen Magazine Issue 1

In this issue: new make-up and nail tips from Usuki herself, advice, and an interview with cutie Garin about being a part of The Curse of Maraqua, Hannah and the Pirate Caves, and his personal life!

by rivercity_3601
Ink Frames and How to Style Them

The four ink frames and what they look best on, as well as alternative foregrounds. :3

by movie138music
Noble Gaming

What about those of us who don't play for a hundred pixels, but for a couple hundred thousand Neopoints?

by _abiz_
It's Not All It's Cracked Up to Be...

Being a baby Pteri is risky business.

by timmyythegreat405
A Neopian's Guide to Fostering

A foster pet is a pet that someone adopts from the pound with the goal of zapping or painting to change that pet to a new, better color in the hopes of finding them a new home.

by terabithian
King Kelpbeard: An Exclusive Interview

King Kelpbeard has agreed to answer questions from us surface dwellers on recent topics.

by pokebuddies
The Most Efficient Invasion of Meridell Strategy

Save the villages (to earn game points) and recover the Lost Items in each Mission (to increase your army's attack and defense strengths).

Also by knucklestheechidna52

by mythem

The Usul Suspect Game Guide

You've got these Usuls falling down. You're a Nimmo on an elevator thingamajig.

by nayana852
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"Floating is the First Step" by vortex_paula2
"You stop that right now or I'll drop you in the water," I threaten her as convincingly as I can, narrowing my turquoise eyes. This is enough for her to stop struggling, but she continues to blubber like a baby. "I- I- you can't- I want... Waaaah!!!" Nothing attracts more attention than a crying Neopet, and sure enough, strangers on the beach are quick to give us funny looks. "Fine," I sigh...

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Sophie's Cousin versus The Neopian Times
"Is it safe to write about Sophie? You know how dangerous her wrath can be."

by a_greenparrot


The Lotus Blooms Twice
What a peaceful day this was.

by kiki587695


They Think it's All Over: Part Five
"If you're not doing anything tomorrow, why not stop by my tower? We're having a little bit of a sporting get together that you might enjoy."

by herdygerdy


Visions: Journey to Shenkuu - Part Seven
Nil's eyes widened. "Friends? Friends? No, we're nowhere near being friends. You just had to come along with me to Shenkuu, didn't you? Well, go home now."

by yotoll


So Says the Slorg!
I'd almost feel sorry for him, if he wasn't evil.

by supercheezee


Pumpkin Patch
She is the odd one...

by _owlsong_

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