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Sartorial Shoyrus: A guide to Shoyru-specific Wearables

A run down on the dashing threads you can treat your Shoyru to this year.

by lotusbutterfly
Moustache Protection- Seven Things you Must Avoid

For many pets it is a mere fantasy, but all long to achieve it. Dynasties have fallen due to the lack of one, and those who are blessed with it, flaunt it proudly to anybody they meet.

by macana
The Hairy Tash: A MANIFESTO


by larkspurlane
A Mutant Easter

I understand it can be daunting to select gifts for mutant friends, so with Easter approaching, I thought I would share a list of appropriate items.

by mamasimios
Sympathy for Balthazar

We all know him. Faeries fear him. Sometimes just uttering his name sends chills down one's spine: Balthazar.

by snodin
Key Quest and Heresy: A Second Look

Thought for the day: A logical argument must be dismissed with absolute conviction!

by thatsextraheretical
The Complete Beginner's Guide to NC Trading

Did your neopet recently see an NC item they just had to have, but then you couldn't find it in the mall? Or are your pets' closets full of old items they just don't want to wear anymore?

by horsecrazyirishgirl
Surviving Restocking

That awesome item...

by yayzz_1245
How to Throw the Best Easter Party in Neopia

Let the planning begin!

by rainbow1614
Surviving April Fools Day - Tricks of the Trade

Oh, April Fool's Day — the classic time of the year where mischief is in the air. Have you ever been pranked by one of your friends?

by rtt53
Scaredy-cat's Guide to Surviving the Fool's Day

The 1st of April is here, and all of the Neopians prepare for it in their own special way.

by chilly888
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"Adventures in Facial Hair" by herdygerdy
The yellow Cybunny struggled, her delicate arms far too weak to break the bonds holding her in place. She could already feel the vibration in the ground as the stagecoach rattled closer. "Someone, please save me!" she screamed, still thrashing. Of course, she knew it was futile. There was only one person around for miles, and saving her was the last thing on his mind...

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The Tashies
"With my gorgeous looks and beautiful, flowing moustache, it'll be easy."

by jayo289


"Well, um, I was wondering, if going to Neopia was in your plans at all for your next nefarious scheme?"

by ginny_invisible


The Winds of Change: Part Three
Flight sipped her smoothie before speaking. "Did you read the letter Ivy left for you?" Flight asked.

by icedragon_14_1


Jhudora's Revenge: Part One
Jhudora doesn't make a vow lightly.

by ewagon


Defenders of a Feather 2/4
"Evil Genius" and "Creative Genius" are two very different things...

by charybdis7


Who's the Boss?

by mhchristine

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