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Ready! Aim! Fire!!!

by armin8151991382


Ultimate Bullseye - Quite possibly the most wanted and admired game avatar around. Whether it's that cool turtum, or just showing off that you got 230+ points in the game makes this avatar a really nice on to add to your collection. In fact, it is my personal favorite. The game is quite simple, you control a Turtum, and try to get the highest score you can by aiming for the bullseye. Easier said than done? Not really, in this guide I will give you tips to better your score, and possibly get the avvie or even a trophy in Ultimate Bullseye.

Well, why play? Simple. 3 words: Neopoints, avatar, trophy.

Section 1: The Basics

The Controls- Nothing complex here. Simply use the up and down arrows to control the angle of the shot, and the space bar to determine the power of the arrow. Though it's a bit more complicated than that, but I will go over the specifics later. Moving on :)

Scoring- Obviously, you want to get the bullseye, but that doesn't always happen. The bullseye itself is worth 10 points. The next ring is worth 5 points, and the next is worth 3, after that it goes to 2, and the last ring is worth a whopping 1 point. Everything else, unless it is a very special circumstance, is worth zero.

Bonuses- In Ultimate Bullseye, whenever you get a perfect shot, or bullseye, you get a special bonus. If you get a bullseye on your tenth shot, you get a bonus and another shot! The game won't stop shooting until you miss the bullseye, or get less than 10 points on a shot. There are four known bonuses, and it is completely random which one you will get. If you wish, you can combine bonuses, to get up to 40 points for a shot, or if you like, just make it extremely easy to get a bullseye on your next shot. The next section goes into them a bit more in detail.

B (Bouncing Bull): Makes the Bullseye swell to a larger size. Be careful though, the bullseye will not stay large, it will continuously become large, then become isn't normal size. It takes a little bit of practice to get the timing down, but eventually, getting a bullseye with this becomes a piece of cake.

C (Closer Target): Simply brings the target closer to you. In my opinion it's the worst of the bonuses, since most of the time the target is so close that, it in fact makes it harder to get a bullseye. The only time this is worth getting excited about is when you combine it with the Bouncing Bull bonus, and then it becomes almost hard not to get a bullseye. Next!

F (Fire Hoop): As soon as you activate this bonus, a ring of fire will appear anywhere in front of the target. The objective is to get the arrow through the ring and to hit the target. If you are successful enough to have that happen, the normal points of your shot will be doubled. So there is a chance for a score of 20 points on one shot! Also, if you hit the second ring, your score of 5 will be doubled to 10, and you will get another bonus, and another shot. This bonus is a bit unpredictable, there is no telling where the fiery ring will be, so it might be impossible to get a shot that goes through the ring, and hits the target. It's your gamble.

P (Punch Bob)(!!!): This is without question the most unique of the 4 bonuses. In this bonus, the normal target is replaced with Punchbag Bob, sitting on a pedestal (randomly positioned) with an apple on his head! The objective of this bonus is to hit the apple for double the points (20). There is a bit more to this however, if you miss the apple, you get zero points. That is not much to worry about though, even if you are not an expert at Ultimate Bullseye, the shot is quite easy, and shouldn't be much of a hassle. In my opinion it is the best of the bonuses since it's the easiest 20 points you will get in the game. Also, it is a killer when you combine it with Fire Hoop for a possible 40 points to your score!

This was quite basic, if you have played Ultimate Bullseye a few times, you probably already know most of this. Now it is time for the things you didn't know.

Section 2: The Not-So Basics

The most important thing in Ultimate Bullseye isn't getting Punchbag Bob Bonuses, or getting bullseyes the whole time. The most important thing is learning how to shoot the arrow efficiently and consistently.

Tips on shooting your arrow- This is the part that will take the most practice. There are two parts to shooting your arrow: the angle of the arrow, and the strength of the arrow. If you haven't taken in much of what I said before, you adjust the angle by using the up and down keys, and charge up the strength by pressing down on the space key. Now, after you have got that down, it is important to know how to measure the angle of your arrow.

How to get a good angle- The first tip to adjusting your arrow is, NEVER AIM STRAIGHT AT THE BULLSEYE, I repeat, NEVER AIM STRAIGHT AT THE BULLSEYE. Unless you have some sort of magical power in you that can control the path of the arrow in flight, you won't get a bullseye this way. I don't even think you need to be reading this guide if you can do that. Anyway, it is best if you aim your arrow a little above, or a little below the bullseye. You may ask, "Should I aim above or below the bullseye? It certainly should make a difference," The answer to that is, yes, it certainly does make a difference, but it depends on the person preference of the player. I prefer to aim a bit below the bullseye. Overall, it depends on the average power level a person uses. Which brings me to my next set of tips.

How to get the right amount of power into your shot- Getting the right amount of power into your shot is just as important as the angle of your shot. After many hours of practice, getting the right amount of power has almost become automatic to me, but to those newer players, I will explain it a little better. The power gauge is located right under the turtum. It is divided into 7 parts, each one putting more power into the shot than the one before. After you adjust your angle, it is time to adjust the power. As soon as you press the space key, the gauge will start to fill up. The arrow will release when you lift your finger from the space key. Though the precise amount you will fill up is determined by how far away the target is, I have found that the average amount to shoot a successful shot is between the 3rd line, and the 5th line. Be careful though, even if your aim is okay, when you power up the gauge past the 6th line, most of the time it will go too fast to even hit the target.

Now for the tips that will really help you increase your score!

Section 3: Additional Tips

Here are some extra tips that I found helpful when I played Ultimate Bullseye.

1. Try to save most of your power-ups until you get to the tenth shot. You can use one or two along the way, but if you have easy ones such as Punchbag Bob, or Bigger, definitely save them until the end. I tend to use ones like Closer along the way, so they won't trouble me, when I am pressured to make every shot a bullseye or it's Game Over. Again, personal preference.

2. Keep your cool. There is no time limit in Ultimate Bullseye. If you need to take a break and get a sip of water you can. Nothing is stopping you (hopefully).

3. Keep Focus! If you really are serious about getting a good score, you should be fully concentrated at all times. That means no loud music or TV while you are playing.

4. Practice makes perfect. Do not expect to get the avatar in a day or two, but don't get discouraged either, just keep playing every day until you get it!

5. Experiment with different screen sizes and qualities. My personal favorite is full screen, low quality. Yet again, personal preference.

6. NEVER hold the gauge until it goes to full power, no matter how far away the target is, the arrow will just soar right over it.

7. Finally, at least TRY to have fun. I never have found you go very far in any game if you don't pretend to like it. If you absolutely despise this game, try to persuade yourself by imagining the look on your friend's faces when they see you with that avatar.

I really hope you found this guide helpful. Hope to see you on the Avatar Chat Board with your new Turtum Avvie!

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