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Madame AG Tells All

by yoyogirl993


So you have been wondering what your future holds for you? Want to know if your guild will get more members? Win the lottery? Win an auction? Well I am American_girl87, also known as AG. Why am I important? ‘Cause I can tell the future! …You don’t believe me? Well, then I guess I shouldn’t tell you…you know the piano about to fall on your head? Oh, so now you believe me? Good, because uh…I’ll tell you later…right now I have to tell your future! So, without making you even more annoyed, here is the future!

Days You/Pets Were Born (Some Lucky Numbers Repeat)

For those who don’t exactly understand how to read your prediction, just find the day you/your Neopet were born and read your prediction. Want to find out more about your future? Neomail yoyogirl993 with your question about the future! Some questions will appear in later articles.

The 1st- You will have good luck when you are playing Meerca Chase II on the second try of the day. Don’t hit the red Neggs, though! Lucky numbers- 12, 43, 22, 98

The 2nd- You will get 10 referrals from a fan of yours, earning yourself a paint brush! Be sure to thank the fan. Lucky numbers- 82, 104, 6, 35

The 3rd- The avatar you’ve been trying to get for the past weeks will be received within hours after reading this fortune. Lucky numbers- 54, 62, 88, 01

The 4th- The guild that you are in will elect you to be Member of the Month! Good job at being a great member. =) Lucky numbers- 85, 41, 37, 13

The 5th- You will have a sudden urge to start feeding Kadoaties. You’ll succeed in feeding in the near future (unlike my mom). Lucky numbers- 10, 19, 66, 2

The 6th- You will join Sloth’s minions and help rule the world! Dr. Sloth will reward you with all of his potions! Lucky numbers- 29, 64, 8, 7

The 7th- Your stocks will sky rocket, and you’ll become a Neomillionaire! Donate a few NP to the Money Tree; it’s only nice to those who don’t have enough NP. Lucky numbers- 34, 14, 84, 5

The 8th- You will have a sudden feeling in your fingers to write a story for the Neopian Times. Good luck! Heh, knowing that Mom is letting me write articles these days, you’ll need it…*evil grin* Lucky numbers- 50, 26, 9, 12

The 9th- You will become Neofriends with the person you look up to (no, not yoyogirl993! Why would you look up to her when you could look up to ME?). Lucky numbers-87, 97, 11, 17

The 10th- Your greatest passion will help someone. Unless it’s something like eating Pteris that can tell the future…like me for instance! Lucky numbers- 60, 89, 20, 75

The 11th- Your biggest fear will become your best friend! And if it’s the Pant Devil, tell your buddy to stop stealing from Yoyogirl993! Lucky numbers- 48, 23, 53, 94

The 12th- OH NO! THE PANT DEVIL WILL STEAL THIS FORTUNE! Too late for that one….let’s get on with the lucky numbers before he steals that too! Lucky numbers- 44, 33, 1,654,136, 56

The 13th- Let’s hope you weren’t born on a Friday, because that’d tell me you’re going to have bad luck in the near future! I’m guessing my sister __DeeJay__ is up to no good…like that Coconut Chair she’s about to swap in a few minutes with your chair, don’t sit in it! Lucky numbers- 37, 19, 66, 92

The 14th- Was my mind right, or was it right? Of course, I’m Madame AG, and I am right! That high score in the game you’ve been trying to get lately? The new score is coming your way! Close or not, I can sense it…Lucky numbers- 18, 99, 35, 62

The 15th- Before you read this prediction (may I say fact, I know my predictions come true!), be warned that your owner may get mad at you for reading this! Anyway, I see you finding early birthday presents, from friends! Looks like some cheap ones too…better get new friends! *Yoyogirl993 comes in*

Yoyo: AG! I told you NO predictions that have to do with getting new friends! Be nice!

AG: Fine, fine. As I was saying, your lucky numbers are- 13, 2, 47, 23

The 16th- Like I said before, watch out, don’t sit down! And Deej, GO AWAY! Mom said next week you can make your article (as if she knows how to!), so stop bugging me! Anyway, you’re going to soon start an obsession with smiley faces. Just don’t spam with them! It can get annoying. =P Lucky numbers- 84, 6, 17, 56

The 17th- Watch out, book readers! There is a new reader on the block! And if I am wrong (which I can’t be!), then YOU are that new reader! Lucky numbers-87, 59, 61, 10

The 18th- Yum! It seems like you’ll be bloated soon, because you’re going to end up winning a gourmet trophy. Save some food for me! Lucky numbers- 41, 70, 28, 90

The 19th- I guess your funny bone was hit, because you’re about to have an urge to enter the Caption Contest! Hey wait! Don’t leave! Wait until AFTER I am done predicting (or stating the obvious!). Lucky numbers- 81, 99, 100, 5

The 20th- Wow! Think before you post that message, because I see some angry Neopians heading your way! Think before you post, and if you forget…then RUN! Lucky numbers- 3, 94, 24, 39

The 21st- Time to rake in the neopoints, because I see you getting a great restock at the magic shop! Yes…I see…a potion…it has different colors….must be a morphing potion! Lucky you! Lucky numbers- 68, 95, 11, 7

The 22nd- Stay in the guild you're in! Why? Why question Madame AG? Ahem, anyway, the guild you are in will go private, and give you a paint brush for being a good member ^_^ Okay, I made up the last part, but it is going private soon. And it will have cool stuff for its members ^_^ Nothing in it will be against the rules though…Lucky numbers- 34, 6, 83, 54

The 23rd- Clear your inventory, because a very nice Neofriend of yours will be sending you some awesome presents! Thank them, and then you can resell them for a nice profit ;-) Or you can be a nice friend and make a gallery with all the items. Lucky numbers- 70, 23, 19, 58

The 24th- Don’t listen to the next neomail about a secret place. They will ask for an expensive item to tell you the secret. This is a scam! You will just give away precious items for a fake place! Report them, and you will be alright. Lucky numbers- 2, 56, 18, 45

The 25th- Be careful next time you go bet on a Poogle in the Poogle Races. I see you stomping on the ground in frustration because you lost a lot of neopoints from betting. Beware! Lucky numbers-73, 42, 91, 40

The 26th- Woo hoo! Get ready for a laugh, King Skarl! Because this reader is about to make you laugh so hard, everyone will get the avatar because of this person’s joke! Yay! You’re a hero. ^_^ Lucky numbers- 63, 39, 28, 81

The 27th- Wow, that’s a lot of page views! Your petpage is going to get views in the thousands! More than _Kougree_ ever gets. Congrats! Lucky numbers- 38, 29, 3, 53

The 28th- LEIK ONG GIT THE N00B SPRAY!111 Obsessive fans who can’t spell very well are about to start neomailing you with “OMG U R LIKE SOOOOO KEWL!” kind of fan mails. Beware, maybe you should block neomail for a bit. Lucky numbers- 60, 12, 76, 96

The 29th- Don’t you just love random events? If you don’t, you will soon! According to my prediction (which are always right), you will see a rich Neopian drop a paint brush. Of course since you are greedy, you will pick it up and run off with it. Lucky numbers- 46, 85, 48, 79

The 30th- Get your pencil out, because I see your fabulous art in the Art Gallery! A tip is to try and stay in the lines…congratulations on your art! Lucky numbers- 59, 93, 72, 98

The 31st- You will have a sudden feeling to start a Screenie/Pixel Page. Tell me to check it out, pixels and screenies rock! Good luck with it, and remember not to steal any one’s pixels or screenies. Have fun with your page! Lucky numbers- 100, 22, 50, 25

I hope you enjoyed my predictions as much as I did telling you them. You should have seen your face when I told you that a piano was about to fall on your head! Hee hee! Anyway-*AG pushes you out of the spot you were in, and a piano crashes down where you were standing*-as I was saying, time for my thank yous. Thank you roxycaligirl101 for allowing me to let users submit stuff to me for my future articles, Snowflake for accepting this article, you for reading this, and yoyogirl993 (my mom), for letting me, her purple Pteri write an article instead of her. Thanks everyone! Comments or feedback is greatly appreciated! NOTE: Most of this stuff will most likely not happen. This article was made for fun. If any of the predictions do happen to happen, neomail me at yoyogirl993! We would love to hear from you!

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