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Myncis to go Bananas over!

by k3l26


     Myncis are one of the smartest, most outgoing species in all of Neopia. Originating from Mystery Island, Myncis are known for their large ears and extremely curly tails. They are very adept with using their arms and tails to climb trees and swing from limb to limb. Myncis are quite social Neopets, preferring the company of others. They enjoy eating fresh fruits, especially Bananas, Banans, and Banangos.

     In celebration of Mynci Day, let’s take a look at the most notable Myncis throughout Neopia. Some are good, some are bad, and some are just extremely friendly!


     Located in the Neopian Bazaar, Hubert’s Hot Dogs is run by one of Neopia’s favorite Myncis, Hubert! This hard-working purple Mynci can always be found at his hot dog stand yelling out “Get em while they’re hot!!!” He has been providing Neopia with quality hot dogs from the beginning of time, offering everything you can imagine. He serves up the classics like hot dogs with ketchup and mustard, corn dogs, and veggie dogs. But he also offers unique creations like the Flaming Hot Hot Dog, Grape Jam Hot Dog, and Glowing Green Hot Dog if you’re feeling daring.

          Master Vex

     One of the dungeons in Darigan Citadel is the stomping grounds for prison warden Master Vex. He is best known as the reigning champion and creator of his own game Cellblock. He has the smarts of a Mynci, but he may be using his brains for the wrong things! Master Vex makes all of his prisoners play Cellblock against him and none have yet to win. Do you think you have what it takes to beat this Mynci at his own game? But alas, Master Vex is not all bad, as he was not a supporter of Lord Kass during the Battle for Meridell.


     By now everyone’s heard of the all Mynci boy band M*YNCI and if you haven’t, you need to head over the Tyrannian Concert Hall now! Okay, not right now, since they only play on the 4th, 11th, and 18th. M*YNCI is a group of five Myncis that have rad hairdos, catchy songs, and the craziest fans. They capture what it is like to be a Mynci, wanting to get everyone together and spread happiness. Make sure to grab your free band merchandise after the show, they offer caps, CDs, jackets, posters, and shirts.


     Ever wondered how strong you are? Well, you won’t be able to find out at Arnold’s Test of Strength game, as it is infamously rigged. Arnold, a well-dressed Mynci, runs the carnival game in the Deserted Fairground for only 100 Neopoints per whack. However, no matter how hard you hit the red button and no matter how many times Arnold claims “I assure you, this game is not rigged,” the game is, in fact, rigged. Hardly anyone reports winning any worthwhile item! Arnold definitely uses his Mynci charm to continue getting Neopians to pay to play.


     Known as Valin the Quick, this thief is swift and cunning, abusing his strengths as a Mynci. He was able to steal Taelia’s wand off the Snow Faerie herself and use her ice abilities against her. A long-term member of the Thieves Guild, Valin has worked under both Galem Darkhand and now under Kanrik. He is still causing trouble and was last spotted attacking Lulu in Terror Mountain.


     Loyal supporters of Team Mystery Island during the Altador Cup will recognize their team captain Volgoth as one of the most notable Myncis! As one of the bulkiest forwards, Volgoth offers a strong defense for his team, although where he excels in strength he lacks in smarts. He is known for sometimes getting distracted on the field, although his large size can usually make up for it. For the first year of his play, he was nominated for the all-star forward and for the best scorer (although he did not win either category). His team won the eleventh Altador Cup in year 18.


     In the depths of Moltara, Tangor runs a workshop that is open to all. If you find any materials around Moltara, you should consider bringing it to him to examine. Being a Mynci, Tangor is good at using tools to create something new. By bringing him the right materials, he can create exclusive Moltaran petpets. You can bring him a combination of Shiny Obsidian, Miscellaneous Gears, Scrap Metal and Stone, and Red Moltite. He is even capable of combining petpets to create new ones! He also is the main character in the game S.M.E.L.T., where you can learn how he makes some of his quality machinery.


     Myncha the Mynci is the perfect example of balancing work and play! He is one of the members of the Council of Elders in Tyrannia that rescued the prehistoric land from the Monoceraptor. Shortly after, though, he devoted his time to introducing the card game Go! Go! Go! to all of Neopia. A great representative for the Mynci species, he was able to advert a major crisis and also commit time to spreading fun. Playing Go! Go! Go! can award you with trophies, so why not try your hand at this game Myncha brought to Neopia?


     Half of the pair that runs Prigpants & Swolthy, Swolthy is a very dapper Mynci that tailors clothing at the Neovian clothing store. The two specialize in three piece suits (vests are a must here!), long gowns, and polished boots. Swolthy claims that they sell “only the finest garments here at Prigpants & Swolthy. Dinner party? Charity function? Funeral? You’ll look so dashing, even the dead will take notice.” It’s a big claim, but he undoubtedly stocks the most debonair clothing items. Top sellers include: Smarmy Monocle, Neovian Cybunny Gentleman Cape, Flowery Pink Parasol, and Long Gothic Dress.

          The Myncis around Neopia all have different personalities, but at the core they are all Myncis, which means they all have the same underlying passion for what they do. Whether it is for good, bad, or just quality hot dogs and clothing, these Myncis are the best at what they do.

     Happy Mynci Day!

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