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Exquisite Prizes: Lyra and Aurrick’s Favorite Items

by _brainchild_


     ---Starring Chessangie the Royalgirl Draik, Chessella the Pastel Draik, Maldice the Stealthy Draik, and Walda the ever so bratty Baby Kacheek!---

          Me: Hello, one and all. Now that everyone has seen a sneak preview of the prize shop for the “Lyra and the Lost Heirloom Plot,” many of us are excited for the prizes that will be offered. Therefore, for the “Sidekicks and Partners” edition of the Neopian Times, we will review our favorite items offered, which are themed around the Lost Desert, as well as partners Lyra and Aurrick.

     Walda: I hope there is some chocolate---

     Angie, Ella, and Maldice together: NO!!!

     Me: Sorry, Walda, but you’ll be eating a “Dates and Figs Energy Bar” instead. This snack is perfect for long trips through the desert. Just don’t litter when you throw the wrapper away!

     Walda: BLEH!!! That’s not tasty at ALL! I wanted CHOCOLATE!

     Maldice: You don’t want to go to your room, don’t you? Well, that’s where you’re headed if you keep being a brat!

     Walda: *droops head and frowns*

     Me: Next up is the “Handsome Horus.” If you’ve been searching for a new Petpet---

     Walda: I like the one I have already.

     Maldice: *sigh* Neopia doesn’t revolve around YOU!!!

     Me: The Handsome Horus is more than just an ordinary bird. Why is it so attractive? It bears a shiny golden necklace which features a ruby in the center. How elegant!

     Angie: I’d like to take that necklace off and wear it myself.

     Walda: You already have a ruby necklace. I got you one for Christmas.

     Maldice: Angie, the Horus will peck you until you faint if you try to steal its necklace.

     Me: True. Even domesticated animals can behave badly sometimes.

     Angie: You can say that again! I was bitten by a Spyder once.

     Me: On to the next item, a book titled “10 Things to Do in Sakhmet---”

     Walda: *groan* There’s NOTHING to do in Sakhmet!

     Maldice: *sigh* Except running away from your guardians in a vicious sandstorm and encountering career criminals. (Neopian Times Issue 773—The Runaway Child Who Actually Helped Out)

     Walda: Hey! I caught the thieves!

     Maldice: BY ACCIDENT!

     Me: Enough squabbling, both of you! If you’re ever bored in Sakhmet, this book will point you in the right direction. The Fruit Machine is a good place to start.

     Ella: I never win anything from that game anyway.

     Angie: It doesn’t cost anything to play, though. Nothing beats free!

     Me: Onward. Walda, do you like plushies?

     Walda: I guess, though chocolate---

     Maldice: NO!!!

     Me: Walda, you’re not allowed to have chocolate, so you’ll have to make do with “Lyra Plushie” and “Aurrick Plushie.” Of course, there are two matching plushies to represent the two partners. The colors are bright, and the stitching is impeccable! Therefore, they’re not only toys but suitable collector’s items as well.

     Walda: I’d rather have---

     Maldice: NO!!!

     Walda: That’s not what I was going to say! The colors aren’t THAT bright! I’d rather have a Rainbow Uni Plushie instead.

     Ella: Add it to your birthday list.

     Maldice: Are you KIDDING ME?! That thing costs TWO MILLION NEOPOINTS, you spoiled child!

     Ella: *backs away slowly*

     Walda: I WANT---

     Maldice: NO TANTRUMS, or else you’re getting NOTHING!!!

     Me: *sigh* Onto the next item. “Sailing into the Sunset” is a beautiful background which portrays a lake during a sunset, of course. The golden sunlight perfectly accompanies the light blue water. There is also a ship in the background, as well as plenty of lovely yellow clouds.

     Angie: I hope I’m never lost at sea.

     Maldice: True, since Walda would eat all our rations behind our backs.

     Walda: Not unless they were chocolate!

     Maldice: Not true. I’ve seen your beastly appetite! Sometimes I think your stomach is a bottomless pit!

     Me: Hopefully, none of us are ever stranded. Onto the next item: “The Complete History of Qasala and Sahkmet---”


     Maldice: Quiet, you brat!

     Me: Walda may not be a history enthusiast, but if you are, you’ll love this book! It recounts the history of the two lands for as far back as we know. There are lots of interesting pictures, as well as plenty of text to whet your appetite---

     Walda: *grabs book and colors in it*

     Maldice: Walda! You BRAT! That’s not yours! *confiscates book and crayons*

     Walda: What? I thought the map needed a little color. *shrugs*

     Me: Up next is the “Aymas Xendrik Bobblehead.” If you’ve ever wanted a miniature likeness of this hardy Eyrie, now is your chance. Its details are truly reminiscent of the real deal, complete with the torn wing. The clothes are made of the finest silk, just like those worn by Aymas himself.

     Maldice: This little bobblehead will be able to tell Walda “no” to all her bratty demands while I’m not here. *smirks*

     Angie: Maldice, someone ALWAYS has to be here when there’s a small child in the house.

     Ella: Unfortunately, that’s true. I NEVER get a break! Do I look older than I did last week?

     Angie: One week older, to be precise---

     Maldice: Hold on. Where did Walda go?

     Angie: Ummm... look.

     Maldice: WALDA! Those aren’t yours!!!

     Ella: *sigh* Alright. Who’s going to help me peel exactly 200 stamps off of Walda’s clothes? *turns to Walda* Those are NOT stickers!

     Me: I don’t see any volunteers. Anyway, “The Ruins of Thanyros Stamp” is a gorgeous collectable which features the ruins beneath the blue sky. I wouldn’t want to get lost in the ruins like Lyra did, but I still adore this stamp! To me, it’s worth way more than face value---

     Maldice: The PRODUCTION COST is probably more than five Neopoints.

     Me: True, so I suppose it was made for collectors. *shrugs* Our final item is the legendary “Xendrik Scimitar.” Belonging to Aymas Xendrik himself, it can best even the fiercest opponents. However, care should be taken to ensure that it only falls into noble hands---

     Walda: That reminds me! I haven’t done my Battledome matches today! *grabs scimitar and runs out*

     Maldice: Ella, go follow her!

     Ella: Why me?!

     Maldice: Because I said so!

     Ella: Why am I always stuck with these jobs?!

     Angie: Fine. I’LL GO!

     Me: Regardless of whether you are a collector, reader, customizer or a Battledomer, or if you just want something to eat, the “Lyra and the Lost Heirloom” prize shop has something for everyone. Be sure to save up those points and buy the item of your dreams!

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