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Sleepy Head

by abinorm05


     The land of Neopia has many worlds with exotic foods, different stories and adventures to tell, but there is only one world where you can make your own story for a short period of time. Of course, you can only do it, if you manage to find it. This place is known by many, it is the dream world. It is that place that you can only reach through your dreams. All Neopians have dreams, obviously this only happens while sleeping. Many of them simply dream the first thing that comes to mind, but a few neopets have discovered that if they fall into a deep sleep they can develop the ability to control those dreams. Of course, if this power falls into the wrong hands, many misfortunes could happen to Neopia.

     Every hundred years the nature of the dream world selects a neopet to keep the balance of dreams. There should not be too many nightmares, but not too many happy dreams either. The Neopet in charge must keep the dreams of all Neopia, this Neopet will spend most of the time sleeping in the physical world, but awake in the dream world.

     One day a white Poogle named Pulette was chosen to be the next guardian of dreams. At first everything seemed to go very well, the Poogle was kind to everyone and loved by many. For some strange reason one day the Poogle became corrupted and began to allow horrible nightmares in the dreams of the Neopians, little by little the dream world was losing its balance and along with it Neopians began to lose their heads. Many no longer slept well, they stayed awake all day fearing the horrendous nightmares that could attack them while sleeping. Even creatures like the snowager and the turmaculus were no longer sleeping. Then neopets began to be absent at their jobs, others simply could not stop drinking coffee to stay awake. Neopia was paralyzed, there were dark times for everyone. Even the dark faeries were afraid of what might happen.

     However there was still hope for Neopia, there was a prophecy that had not yet been fulfilled. The prophecy said that the evil that had corrupted Pulette would be destroyed by a baby Neopet in pajamas. Of course Pulette knew about this and was not willing to let it happen. Pulette gave the order to his subjects (other neopets of all kinds) to find all the neopets babies in their pajamas and eliminate them from Neopia. There was a family of Skeiths washing clothes by a river in Tyrannia when suddenly armed neopets arrived and eliminated them. The baby Skeith managed to escape in a cradle through the currents of the river, the neopets who took his family could not follow him. The baby Skeith was named Rocnorm. He was alone and scared on the seashore, because the river had reached its end.

     There on Tyrannia beach there was a Tyrannian Shoyru playing with his adoptive father. Both looked very happy so the little Rocnorm decided to approach them. The father, whom the Tyrannian Shoyru called Abinorm, asked the baby Skeith if he was alone. The Skeith responded in a caveman's language and Abinorm could not understand it. "Let's see, abi23 translate what the little Skeith is saying" Abinorm said to his Tyrannian shoyru. Abi23 translated to Abinorm what the little Skeith wanted to say. The Skeith was saying that he had lost his family and that he was hungry.

     Abinorm took pity on him and decided to take him home. Abinorm took over the baby Skeith, in little time he had already become part of the family. Meanwhile, the months continued to pass and the situation in Neopia continued to worsen. While everyone continued with their insomnia problems, there was only one who still slept more than everyone else and that was Rocnorm. In time he adquired the nickname of “Sleepy Head” because he spent most of his time sleeping. One day Abi23 and Abinorm stayed watching him while he slept. "Apparently he is the only one who can sleep at ease in this house," said Abi23. "It's true, he only wakes up at 0:00 nst to drink some milk" replied Abinorm. "I wonder how he manages it?" the Tyrannian shoyru asked. Then both went to try and sleep and although they did, they began to have nightmares. It was Rocnorm's time to get up and, as usual, he went to the kitchen and drank his coupe of milk. Then he went back to Abinorm's room where his crib was. Rocnorm saw how abi23 and his owner could not sleep well, both were having nightmares. Rocnorm flew over them softly and threw a warm and pleasant electricity over them. In a moment abi23 and Abinorm stopped having nightmares. Then Rocnorm went back to sleep. For the first time in months abi23 and his papa could sleep at ease. Because the dreamworld was being heavily monitored by the forces of Pulette, he realized who had stopped the nightmares of Abinorm and Abi23. After that night it seemed that Pulette had finally hit the target. Of course he knew who had stopped the nightmare. It was then that the next morning he gave orders to his subjects to eliminate Rocnorm in the physical world, since in the dream world no one could pass away. In addition, Rocnorm would be more vulnerable since he spent most of his time sleeping.

     The subjects broke into the house of Abinorm in search of the baby Skeith, but by the time that happened Abinorm had already fled along with Rocnorm to a distant region of Neopia. Last night Rocnorm had already told Abinorm through dreams that Pulette would come for him, so they were able to escape just in time. Meanwhile in the dream world Pulette went to a region that was surrounded by black clouds with rays everywhere, after crossing the clouds the Poogle entered a dark castle and a voice told him. "Have you managed to eliminate the baby?"

     Pulette: No, the baby escaped again, but I assure you ... * The voice interrupted Pulette * "Ugh, it seems that I have to do everything by myself, get me up in the real world, I will take care of it myself. "she replied angrily. "But it's impossible ..." the Poogle replied a bit shakily. "It is possible if you do everything exactly as I tell you and for your own good it should go perfectly," the voice replied. The voice gave Pulette instructions on what he should do. Immediately the Poogle woke up from sleep and went to the Altador files. There was no one when he went there, not even Finneus was present. The nightmares had all the neopets out of orbit. Then in an old closet Pulette searched until he found what he was looking for. He had found a black wand that belonged to the darkest fairy. After that he left on his way to the land of the fairies, when he arrived he went to the home of Queen Fyora. Cautiously managing to enter without being noticed. Fyora had also been affected by nightmares and had stayed a few days in bed. Pulette continued his search and finally reached a hidden room. Inside this room the statue of the darkest fairy appeared. Pulette used the black wand and a black bolt came out of it. The statue had been destroyed and the darkest fairy also known as “the sleeper” had been released once more.

     "Aw, it feels good to be flesh again," said the scary fairy as she yawned and stretched her wings. Pulette felt intimidated by the traitor's presence. "You have done a good job, I assure you that you will be rewarded," exclaimed the fairy. Turning the dark fairy into stone had managed to stop her in the physical world, but in the dream world it was another story. After years of trying to destroy the statue in the real world, the traitor finally gave up and began to sleep in her prison. While sleeping, she discovered that she could travel to the dream world. After several trips she had already discovered how things worked. She took advantage of this and got into Pulette's mind until she corrupted him and made him do everything she wanted. The Poogle was so scared that he had no choice. Now the darkest fairy not only hoped to retake power over the land of Altador but in revenge to all, she decided that she would not rest until taking power over all of Neopia and what better way than by entering the minds of Neopians.

     The traitor, as many know her, was on her way to destroy Rocnorm and everyone who stood in her way. There were not many places to hide and already Rocnorm, Abinorm and Abi23 had been found by the traitor, they were on their way to the hall of heroes in search of the Altador King, but the fairy reached them before they could reach their destination. "Not so fast!" Cried the darkest fairy who was accompanied by Pulette the white Poogle. With no other choice, Abinorm and the two neopets stopped to face their opponents. "Everything can be fine, you just have to hand me over the baby Skeith” said the fairy trying to manipulate Abinorm. However, seeing that he refused to do so, the fairy became angry and produced a spell that put Abinorm into a deep sleep. Then Abi23 launched an attack at the fairy, but she dodged it and ordered Pulette to face him while she took care of Rocnorm. "Fate has a good sense of humor, a baby Skeith could never stop me" said the fairy. By that time Rocnorm had already learned to speak another language in addition to his cave-dwelling balbuses. "You took my parents away from me and you have tormented Neopia for months, but the time has come for you to pay for what you have done, I will fulfill the prophecy" answered Rocnorm. "We'll see about that!" replied the darkest fairy.

     The dark fairy threw a fireball at Rocnorm, but he threw it right back to her with a wave of his hand. She protected herself with her wings and the fire disappeared. "Not bad for a baby, but you'll need much more than that to beat me," said the fairy. Then she made another spell and gathered a group of black clouds above Rocnorm, the clouds began to throw lightning bolts and the Skeith was in trouble. Meanwhile Abi23 fought with Pulette, finally the shoyru managed to defeat the white Poogle by knocking him unconscious on the ground. Then he took the black wand and handed it to Rocnorm. "No. What are you doing?" exclaimed the darkest fairy. Upset, she threw a fireball over abi23, but Rocnorm used the wand and disintegrated the ball before it could touch abi23, he waved the wand again and the clouds that the traitor had created disappeared as well. The dark fairy attacked both again and the two neopets fell to the ground. "This is the end for you" said the fairy as she approached to finish the job. In that moment, Rocnorm quickly concentrated and produced a powerful beam of light forcing the fairy to back away, then Rocnorm used the wand against her and finally turned her into stone again. The prophecy had been fulfilled, the evil that had corrupted Pulette had been stopped. That evil was the dark fairy. Rocnorm was chosen as the next guardian of the dream world, after his feat to save neopia, he was recognized as a hero. King Altador and Fyora thanked him for his courage and commitment to Neopia. This time Fyora made sure that the darkest fairy did not have access to the dream world, between her magic and Rocnorm’s abilities they created a strong protective barrier that blocked the darkest faerie from ever falling sleep again, thus making it impossible for her to enter the dreamworld ever again. Pulette was sanctioned for his actions and now complies with a sentence of community service in the happy valley. His job is to pick up the garbage of others, while still being watched with great caution, a villain like that could always try to get revenge. And that's how the prophecy was fulfilled, once again good had triumphed over evil and Neopians could sleep peacefully again ...

     The End

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