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Stone-Age Getaway: How to Celebrate Tyrannian Day

by jellikescherrypie


      Located far under the surface of Neopia and nestled between Terror Mountain lies a place trapped in the past: Tyrannia. This stone-age location is well known to Neopians, but is hardly regarded as hot spot in terms of vacation locations. While most Neopians splurge on fancy dinners in Maraqua or search for a mythical world composed of jelly, Tyrannia has faced a decline in visitors over the last few years. The lack of tourism has caused citizens to make cut-backs in regards to some of Tyrannia’s famous features.

      We spoke to an employee at the Ticket Booth outside Tyrannia’s concert hall to get an inside scoop about how these cut-backs can affect touring bands.

      "Ugg, ugga ug… UGGA! Ugga ug."

      (Translator’s note: "The concert hall had to reevaluate our game plan after we realized that tourism in Tyrannia was declining… as of right now, we had to let go of quite a lot of staff and our set-list has shrunk immensely! Rumor has it that the Giant Omelette will be removed next in order to save funds.")

      NO, NOT THE OMELETTE, I LOVE FREE FOOD--- I mean, ahem, Tyrannia’s concert hall is not the only place facing hardships, after speaking to other shop owners, it became quite clear that the situation was becoming quite dim.

      "UGGA! Ug, ugga ug… Ugggg."

      (Translator’s note: "Finding buyers is quite difficult these days, so I’ve had to cut down on inventory. Instead of restocking every eight minutes or so, I only restock once an hour… I hope no one has noticed.")

      We caught Grand Elder, Kyruggi, outside town hall and we were able to speak to her briefly to ask her what her plan was in order to restore Tyrannia’s lost tourism.


      (Translator’s note: "Uh…bigger omelettes?")

      OH THANK FYORA, THE OMELETTE IS HERE TO STAY---Sorry. I mean, it is not too late; Tyrannia’s fate is in the hands of Neopians. Tyrannian Town Hall’s council of elders discussed an alternate plan that didn’t include a bigger helpings of omelettes (drat!). They concluded that if enough people visit Tyrannia on Tyrannian Day—which is this weekend—revenue and tourism should increase dramatically and most of Tyrannia should be able to benefit tremendously!

      As a result, I was paid (in omelettes, yummy!) by the council of elders to construct a guide highlighting some of Tyrannia’s best attractions so that you and all of Neopia can celebrate Tyrannian Day in the best way possible!

      The Wheel of Monotony: Round and round it goes, when it stops? Nobody knows. Costing only 150 NP a spin, The Wheel of Monotony is a great place to spend some time… lots of time. Granted, you’ll be waiting for quite a while to redeem your prize, but it is an amazing place to take a break in the shade and rest your feet, paws, wings, or claws!

      Concert Hall: Looking to amp up the fun? (Get it? Amp? It’s a pun! Oh.. nevermind.) Make your way to the concert hall! There’s a new band every day, some of them are extremely popular, so be sure to purchase your tickets in advance! Popular bands include the Blue Kacheek Group, Wock Til You Drop, Chomby and the Fungus Balls, Jazzmosis, and Yes Boy Ice-Cream!

      (Note: ice cream will not be served during a Yes Boy Ice-Cream concert… bummer.)

      Tyrannian Arena: Looking for a battle? This is the place to be! Defend your Neopets and get ready to face a challenger. In fact, you can even battle Tyrannian Battle Master, Grarrg, here! Looking for more? In the middle of a dusty plain in Tyrannia, the Battleground of the Obelisk can be found. Before you head into battle, grab some weapons from the Tyrannian Weaponry!

      Shops: Find some of the most beautiful foreground objects at Ugga Shinies for reasonable prices! You can grab a foreground object that will suit every Neopet’s customization here! Tyrannian Petpets specializes in ancient Petpets that will make your Neopet beam with happiness! What are you waiting for? Pick up a new best friend for your Neopet today! Looking to bring a little bit of Tyrannia to your Neohome? Check out Tyrannian Furniture! If the shopkeeper ever wakes up from his nap, you can bring home exciting furniture such as a dung toilet, yay! (I actually mean "ew"). Looking for a bite to eat? The Tyrannian Foods shop has some…um…unique treats for Neopets big and small!

      The Wheel of Mediocrity: Sure, it’s not the Wheel of Excitement… in fact, it’s not even close! But for just 100 NP a spin, you could win something incredible… but probably not. Maybe you won’t win anything at all, maybe a random Grarrl will show up to roar at your Neopets (Wait… what? That actually happens? That’s a prize?) You know what, skip this one. Meh.

      Tyrammet Village: Tyrammet Village is one of the oldest parts of Tyrannia. Home to roughly 500 Tyrannian Neopets, the Tyrammet Village features 130 grass huts circled around a fire pit. Maybe if you’re nice to the locals (and you brush up on the ancient language) they’ll share a bit of the Gargaraptor roasting on the spit. (10 out of 10 would not recommend, but hey, give it a shot).

      Tyrannian War Memorial: If you want to brush up on Tyrannia’s history—or maybe you’re just trying to escape the harsh sun—visit the Tyrannian War Memorial. Here, you can learn all about Tyrannia's discovery and hear the tales of Tyrannia's invasion! If you’re lucky, you might be able to grab a tour guide to show you around!

      Giant Omelette: Looking to grab a bite but running low on Neopoints? Don’t fret! Just check out the Giant Omelette for a helping of omelette for both you and your Neopets. Each omelette feeds three Neopets and there’s a wide variety of flavors! Where did this come from? Legend has it that a giant dinosaur laid an egg on the Plateau which later baked in the sun in order to form the Giant Omelette. Yay free food!

      Hope this guide was helpful, and be sure to stop by Tyrannia this Tyrannia Day, even if it’s just for a quick bite at the Giant Omelette!

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