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Continued Series

Rasputin's Revenge:Part Three

The darkness that had threatened the shining kingdom of Altador had only gotten closer as the hours passed. Rasputin now seemed to have set his sights on taking over the grand city.

by trishabeakens
TWELVE Tips to Help You Succeed in Life:Part Ten


by downrightdude
The Shadow of Takeryuu:Part Four

Eunji had never seen anything like Muyang Brook Fortress. Its rammed-earth walls were thicker than she was tall, and instead of the bright reds and greens of her temple home, the materials that made up the fortress were more subdued and sombre in colour.

by cosmicfire918
The Found CIty:Part Two

“Would you like something to drink?” Jake asked.

by unfogging
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"The Witch's Cookbook" by brilliantgrey
The swamps of the Haunted Woods glow a fantastic golden green when the afternoon sun penetrates the canopy. Instead of the menace the fogs take on at other times of the day, in the afternoons all burn away, and the surface of the water takes on an emerald gleam. Draphlies skate across the surface of the glossy bogs, herds of Tralbaks creep from their hidden bushes to drink, and strange, feral vines unfold their leaves to drink in the light. At the heart lies a tiny building that appears to have grown from the earth itself, nestled in the roots of a gargantuan swamp tree. The untended, rickety bridge over the swamp is littered with warning signs varying between the threatening and absurd. "GO NO FURTHER." "NO TRESPASSING." "A GREAT BEAST AWAITS YOUR DELICIOUS AND FOOLISH ARRIVAL." The little speckled Aisha bounces up the steps, arms full of ingredients. A strip of bottled spices belted to her waist clank hard against her hip, but in her excitement she ignores the small bruise starting to form. She reaches the door at the top of the (considerable) staircase and begins loudly banging on it. "Hello, I'm here!" she shouts at the door.

Other Stories


Fyora's Regrets
Queen Fyora knew that it was a bad idea to bring Kaia to Faerieland.

Practically everybody in Faerieland was wary about Kaia from the start.

by chasing_stars44


Mynci Beach Volleyball Avatar Guide
You don’t see this avatar much around Neopia, do you? This cute little green avatar is believed to be difficult to obtain, but I am here to tell you it is NOT! That’s right, it’s easy!

Well… Fairly easy.

by cordeliaviolet


10 Games You Can Play One Handed
I have a wonderful pet. She is a very sweet little Warf who follows me where ever I go, often to the point of tripping me up if I turn around too quickly. I have stepped on her paw more than once as a consequence, but this has not deterred her from sticking to me like a furry little ball of glue...

Co-authored by Firefoxtails

by geneames1


...the best sales method...

by ssjelitegirl


A freshly-painted Kiko

Also by 01_batatinha_01

by lukinhas2007

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