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NC Mall's Top 20 Halloween/Spooky Items

by watergun1490


     One of the best parts about Neopets is the ability to customize our pets. The NC Mall has been around for 10 years now and it's still just as popular as the first day it opened. The NC Mall boards are constantly active with Neopians looking to trade for new or retired items. The best part about customizing is the ability to wear items from different seasons! As an avid customizer myself, I have created looks for my Neopets for nearly every season/holiday. I know that a lot of Neopians do the same as well.

      Knowing that most Neopians have multiple outfits for various seasons or holidays, I decided to do a survey to see which Halloween or spooky NC mall items are the most popular when creating their Halloween/spooky looks. I asked for voters to list their top 10 must-have spooky or Halloween items for their customizations. These can be things they have or do not have and are seeking.

      I created multiple boards throughout the past few weeks at various times of the day in hopes of getting feedback from various Neopians. In the end, there was a total of 257 votes and 116 NC items suggested! I now present to you the top 15 most popular NC Halloween/spooky items:

     1. Name: Gate to Deserted Fairgrounds Foreground

     Value: 8-10 caps. This item is very sought after despite is lower-end cap value. Very few people are willing to trade it away.

     Source: This item was awarded during the Masks of Dread questing event.

     2. Name: Spooky Sprouted Pumpkins

     Value:2-3 caps. This item was a close second to the number one item on our list. It is considered a foreground item.

     Source: This item was sold in the NC mall in 2013.

     3. Name: Designer Trick-or-Treat Bag

     Value: 2 caps. This item is a popular Closet or Hard-to-part-with (HTPW) item. It has a low cap value, but is genuinely hard to part with! It goes with many Halloween and/or Fall outfits.

     Source: This item was sold in the NC mall back in 2008.

     4. Name: Trick-or-Treat Doorstep Background (ToT)

     Value: 2-3 caps. It has a low cap value, but tends to be hard to find up for trade.

     Source: This item was sold in the NC mall back in 2008.

     5. Name: Glowing Handheld Candle

     Value: 4-5 caps

     Source: This item was for sale in the NC mall in 2009.

     6. Name: Darkness Attacks

     Value:5-6 caps

     Source: This item was awarded Day 3 of the Games Master NC Challenge in 2010.

     7. Name: Decorated Witch Hat and Wig

     Value:2-3 caps

     Source: This was given out during the Haunted Hijinks event in 2013.

     8. Name: Gathering of Conjurers Background

     Value:4-6 caps

     Source: This was given out during the Haunted Hijinks event in 2014.

     9. Name: Charming Halloween String Lights (CHSL)

     Value:25-30 caps

     Source: This item was obtainable when buying the Limited Edition Halloween Acara Key Quest Token.

     10. Name: Whimsical Pumpkin Hill Background

     Value: 4-5 caps. This item tends to go for a higher amount during the month of September and October because of the colors in the background. It can be used in both Fall and Halloween outfits.

     Source: This was given out during the Haunted Hijinks event in 2013.

     11. Name: Dyeworks Purple: Jewelled Pink Spyderweb Garland

     Value:10-12 caps. This item has the highest value out of the three dyeworks colors and the base item. The base garland is valued at 2 caps, orange recolor is valued at 4-6, and the green recolor is valued at 6-8.

     Source: Dyeworks in the NC Mall. Need a Dyeworks Potion and the Jewelled Pink Spyderweb to color.

     12. Name: Black Candle and Pumpkins Foreground

     Value: 3-5 caps

     Source:This item was sold in the NC mall.

     13. Name: Spyder Web Dress

     Value:4-6 caps

     Source: This item was sold as part of the Spyder Web Costume Pack. It was sold individually and with the pack back in 2008. The bonus item for this pack is the Spyder Web Staff which is valued at 225-250 caps.

     14. Name: Skeletal Face Paint (Skelly)

     Value:2-3 caps. This item once had a higher value but has since been rereleased during the Altador Cup VIII NC in 2013.

     Source: This item was obtainable when completing the Altador Cup IV Challenge in 2009.

     15. Name: Menacing Tendril Wings

     Value:1-2 caps. This item is a personal favorite of mine and is definitely underappreciated. It is one of the more spookier items floating around Neopets and goes with many Halloween and/or Spooky outfits. It looks great on almost any pet!

     Source: This item was one of three limited edition bonus items in the Living Nightmares Mystery Capsule.

     16. Name: Appetizing Caramel Apple (Apple)

     Value: 2-3 caps. This item also has three dyework colors: green, black, and pink. All the recolors along with the original got many votes, but the most popular one is the black recolor.

     Source: This item was once a limited edition item that was obtainable through the Halloween Mystery Capsule.

     17. Name: Ghostkerchief Swarm

     Value: 1-3 caps

     Source: This was one of many items that was awarded from the JubJub Power Bounce game in 2010.

     18. Name: Spooky Moon

     Value:3-4 caps.

     Source: This was a limited edition item obtainable from the Spooky Moon Halloween Mystery Capsule which was released back in 2010.

     19. Name: Boo-ffant Wig

     Value:1-2 caps

     Source: This item was a prize from the 13 Days of Trick or Treat back in 2010.

     20. Name: Tombstone Foreground

     Value: 1-2 caps

     Source: This was one of many items that was awarded from the JubJub Power Bounce game in 2010.

      As an added bonus, here are the top 5 Neopoint Halloween/spooky items that various Neopians could not resist to mention! All prices were checked using the Super Shop Wizard but could have possibly changed.

     1. Name: Jack-O-Lantern Pail

     Price: 14,000nps

     2. Name: Old Cobwebs Foreground

     Price:1, 400nps

     3. Name: Graveyard Silhouette Fence Foreground

     Price: 140,000nps

     4. Name: Haunted Wood Foreground

     Price: 1,900nps

     5. Name: Dark Secret Background

     Price: 55,000nps

     Author's Note: I wanted to say thank you to everyone who took the time to post on my boards, to Neopets for making it possible for us to dress up our pets, to Jellyneo for providing the sources of each item, and lastly, to Shannon for her NC Value guide on /~Korolie.

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