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Spot the Difference! Vol #10 Solution

This is the last of the Spot the Difference series. I hope you have enjoyed it!

by snwarren
Today I learned! Book 8

Learning is fun - book 8 of 9.

Also by fluffyluloo

by syariesx

Ill for Good: part 5 - Cricky Neck

Okay now what?

Also by cherokee165

by sergente__hartmann

Guess the Character 3

Do you think you know everything about Neopia ? Time to find out!

by dtrg
An Obligation

We don't even look alike...

by butterflybandage
Take It or Leave It

Even the Pant Devil has trouble with inventory size.

by applejuicerain
Simple neopets joke #3

Get it???

by souxis
That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles on Halloween

KC wonders something!

by pikemaster1
Dyeworks Struggles

But I look the best in blue...

Also by juli_sb

by khanhm666

High-Protein? Who Knew?!

Decisions decisions...

Also by itaela

by aeronamous

Makeup Madness

2 hours later...

by sallyneko
Hot Dog Hero

Have you heard of it?

Also by seluker406

by kat_bus

8-Bit Silence


by rawbeee
Snot what it looks like!

it's a bit slimy...

by hunnybunnie
"Plushie Tycoon"

You should not always trust a Skeith.

by lepetitpoulet
Elixir - Part 1

The doctor isn't feeling too well...

by hamster_z
Oxymorons - Kiosk Rolled

I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed...

by kougra_adoptables
Eyrie Eccentricities 6 - Festival Freakout

Good intentions, poor delivery.

by 360spinfish
Battledome Adventures (2-2)

Just avoid the pie...

Also by waitwut101

by fleohr

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"My Childhood Neohome" by jillcrash
When the buyers arrived, Rupies was already sitting on the front steps of her childhood Neohome waiting for them. The pair of Kacheeks seemed surprised to see such a brilliantly painted pet in a neighbourhood as… well… ordinary as Neopian Central. However, after only a brief moment of hesitation, they approached the Darigan Lupe and introduced themselves politely. Though Darigan is considered a bit of a… aggressive color, Rupies did not consider herself an aggressive Neopet. She had her vices, and her brothers sometimes got on her nerves, but overall she was a gentle soul and of no danger to anyone. Her fierce appearance was softened by a twinkle of kindness in her red eyes. Rupies stood at their approach and nodded, listening to their introduction before turning to gaze at the place she, until very recently, had called home. A wistful expression came over her, but any regrets were quickly pushed aside as she welcomed the pair and began to point out key selling points of the front yard. She took them along the beautiful front gardens, featuring a lovely display of Aurora Lilies as the main focus. A whimsical gnome nestled between two bushes, a cheerful smile frozen on his face. There was even a section dedicated to bamboo, a favourite of one of Rupies’ brothers. "Although it may not be as new as others listed at the same price point, this Neohome has been built with only the best materials. It was designed to last a lifetime." Rupies directed the Kacheeks to the porch, inviting them to look closely at the wood for signs of wear and tear. As they admired the craftsmanship, the female turned to Rupies with a smile. "How long have you lived here?" she asked shyly. "Since I was quite young," Rupies replied, hesitating for a moment. "It used to belong to an elderly Cybunny.

Other Stories


The Song
The song was beautiful.It was the sort of song that made you think of walking alone on a forest path in the autumn twilight...

by knannia


Usuki Singing Stars #41: Go and Fly a Kite!
"Did you see that man with the flying diamond toy?"

by downrightdude


A Scary Master's Scary Minions: Part Two
Lord Dark Noirgus gives a tour of his graveyard.

by krabbox


A Guide on Shopping for Clothing Under 2500 NP
In the years since Neopia’s conception, the economy has gone through its ups and downs, and since my return I’ve discovered that more than a few of my wishlist wearables have become (dare I say it) affordable.

by cherishtwilight


A trip to the Seven Wonders of the (Neopian) World!
The branches of the Money Tree were so long and seemed to stretch for yards!

by sallynicol


A Pound Story: Part Two
The week had passed before she knew it, and so Ihae found herself on the way to the Neopian Pound, ready to get back to work this weekend.

by eyre101619

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