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The Best Souvenirs in Neopia: Maraqua Edition

by frenchleijon


Sitting around all day can be SO INCREDIBLY BORING. Luckily, Neopia is full of many fun lands that are all incredibly different from one another and are just brimming with amazing areas to explore! Little vacations can help to raise your mood and give you amazing memories, but what happens when you get back home? How can you keep the magic of distant lands alive in your own home? How do you know what gifts will make your friends jump for joy? To your fortune, that’s where we come in! The Faerieland Travel Agency (working directly under the Faerieland Employment Agency) has kindly put together a collection of the best food and trinkets to bring home so you can show off to your friends and other pets, neatly organized by the land they come from!

Today’s edition features Maraqua! Maraqua has a rich history, full of pirates and battles, but stands peaceful today. It’s basically an underwater paradise, and a fantastic place to visit during the summer months. It is a land of sophistication, where you can easily find collector’s items and fine dining restaurants. But what should you bring home? Here’s the top 9 things our travel agents loved, in no particular order:

1. Thornberry Brew

What better way to top off your very fancy, very impressive, and of course very expensive dinner party than some Thornberry Brew? Made with only the finest Thornberries, this extremely concentrated drink pairs well with a fancy cheese dish. It is exclusively available at Kelp, Maraqua’s finest and most prestigious resturaunt. If you’re lucky enough to be able to take this sweet drink home from Kelp, then you have definitely earned the right to show it off to all of your friends.

2. Triple Chocolate Shell

If a wonderful drink doesn’t tickle your fancy, perhaps you’d like to sit down with the world’s most decadent dessert? The Triple Chocolate Shell has milk, dark, and white chocolate mixed together to create nothing short of a masterpiece. The chefs down at Kelp really know how to make a meal with elegance and grace, and the desserts are no exception. Your pets will thank you for bringing some home, and your friends will be practically begging for a taste.

3. Dazzling Blue Mussel Shell

If you’re looking for a souvenir that’s going to be a little more permanent, why not head on over to the collectable shell shop? It has plenty of collector’s items for you to place in an album for absolutely no reason at all but to look pretty, and pretty this item is! The rare Dazzling Blue Mussel Shell shows up in the Collectable Sea Shell shop from time to time, and if you see it there be sure to snatch it up! Not only will it fetch a pretty penny back home when you tire of it, but it is a gorgeous shade of blue and is sure to match any décor. It effortlessly adds an aquatic vibe to any room, and is sure to mesmerize anyone who walks in your door.

4. Choker of the Deep

Speaking of mesmerizing, the Choker of the Deep is the epitome of Maraquan beauty. This super rare item is too fancy to even wear, not that you would want to risk so many neopoints hanging from your neck anyway. It is more suited to sitting around looking pretty, as it is sold at the Collectable Sea Shell shop. This choker is sure to be the centerpiece of any room, and will leave your guests ooh and ahhing for hours. Make sure it’s locked up tight, as your pets may want to play dress up with your fancy new jewels!

5. Mundo

If your pets are the kind, nurturing type, you can always bring them home a petpet to love and cherish forever. You don’t even need to run around with a fishing net in order to catch the perfect petpet for your perfect angels – just head on down to the Maraquan Petpet shop and find the perfect match! The Mundo is an absolutely adorable aquatic creature who is popularly kept around King Kelpbeard’s court. Who wouldn’t want a petpet that even royalty adores?

6. Kora

If your pet doesn’t seem too keen on a Mundo, a Kora might be the way to go. They are just as pretty and interesting as a Mundo, but require half the work and effort to take care of! In their natural habitat, they blend into coral gardens around Maraqua, so they’re used to being low maintenance. It makes a great starter petpet, as you’ll probably forget they’re even there from time to time. They are little masters of camouflage, but your pet will probably still be able to find it to play with it.

7. Decorative Maractite Sword

Now, every room needs a fantastic centerpiece and conversation starter, and there’s no better item to put above your mantle than a Decorative Maractite Sword! It has gorgeous swirls of light blue throughout the sword, but the short hilt makes it less than useful for actual battling. That’s perfectly okay, however, because who really wants to fight with each other when you could decorate instead? If this would look fantastic on your wall at home, head on down to Maractite Marvels and see if you can grab one for yourself!

8. Deadly Snail Brooch

I’m sure everyone has encountered those people that tend to get just a little bit too close to your stuff. Whenever you bring home a new fancy trinket, they have to handle it and possibly almost break it. If you get a pretty piece of jewelry, they have to try it on. Luckily, the Deadly Snail Brooch is an item to help you end that while also looking incredibly stylish. In fact, this gorgeous brooch isn’t just a brooch, but is indeed a weapon! Also available at Maractite Marvels, the Deadly Snail Brooch gives you a touch of aquatic glamour while delivering a small amount of damage to anyone who dares to cross you.

9. Maraquan Paint Brush

For the ultimate luxury, be sure to give your pet a dip in the rainbow pool with a Maraquan Paint Brush. There is no greater souvenir from Maraqua than to look like the inhabitants themselves. Maraquan pets are absolutely overflowing with beauty and grace, and though you might balk at the cost, your pet will definitely thank you over and over again. This paint brush is for those pets whose lives would not be complete without the ocean and the sea life.

There we have it folks! The top 9 best things you can bring home from Maraqua all on one tidy list! If Maraqua isn’t in your travel plans, perhaps you’ll find the souvenir of your dreams in another edition of The Best Souvenirs in Neopia!

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