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A Meepit! Juice Break!

by kat_bus


Want to earn the Meepit Juice Break avatar? Read this guide by two MJB trophy holders who don't run when they see Meepits.


- Feed as many Meepits together as possible

- Match the juice color to a Meepit color

- Use as many pipes as possible

- Avoid Rotten Wormy Apples, but include other things

- Use the codes: Meepits for an extra life, Juice-O-Matic to reset all the Meepits' timers


As you probably already know, Meepit Juice Break is a game about creating complex pipe formations in order to feed Meepits juice before they perish. So basically, you're a combination zookeeper and plumber working in life-or-death situations. Sure. I've heard weirder.

Let's talk about juice colors -- there are three juice sources in the game, each dispensing a different color juice: red, yellow, and blue. We can make even more colors if we mix them. Like you learned in kindergarten, red and yellow make orange, yellow and blue make green, and red and blue make purple. Now here's the weird one: red and yellow and blue make pink. Shh, just go with it. Meepits like to drink juice that's the same color as their bodies (is that not how you choose your juice?), and they'll give you a bonus if you feed them their favorite. So as often as possible, match the juice color to at least one of the Meepits.

Wait, one of the Meepits?! Yes, once you reach the levels with multiple Meepits, you should be feeding as many of them together as possible. This means connecting their pipes to each other as well as the juice so they can all drink at the same time. This is a way to earn you some extra points toward the end of the level, since if you only need one more Meepit to complete the level you can feed two or three. Plus it's more time efficient!

Speaking of extra points, you'll be able to earn a bonus if you use every single piece of pipe. This bonus is bigger and better than a single juice match bonus, so if you have to pick between using all the pieces and using the color of one Meepit, go with all the pieces. If you can use the color of two or more Meepits, that's higher priority than using all the pieces.

Another way to get bonus points: special pipes. Some of the pieces have fruit in them, which I guess the Meepits like. Including a pipe piece with a special treat will earn you points depending on the fruit! Be careful, though, there is a pipe that Meepits don't like. If you include a pipe piece with a Rotten Wormy Apple, you will lose points. Try to avoid these pieces — though sometimes they're necessary to feed the Meepit(s) or earn a different type of bonus.

And like I said: use the codes Meepits for an extra life and juice-o-matic to reset all the Meepits' timers. They're both one-use only, so I'd suggest using Meepits at the beginning of the game and saving juice-o-matic for when you're in an emergency situation.


Now that you know how the game works, you'll need a strategy to rack up enough points for that avatar. My basic approach to a level has five steps:

1. Connect the Meepits to each other. (In the first level, when there's only one Meepit, skip this step.)

2. Disconnect the Meepits from everything else. This is to avoid accidentally feeding them too early. You'll want to keep one piece that you can toggle to reconnect them to the rest of the pipes when you're ready to feed.

3. Pick & build your juice color. If you have multiple Meepits of the same color, you'll want to use that one if at all possible. Otherwise, just choose a color of any of the Meepits.

4. Get the juice flowing through as many pipes as possible! Remember that you get a bonus for using all of the pipes, so try to do that as often as you can.

Go back to that toggle you set up in step 2. Click it until you've connected the Meepit(s) to the juice.

Congrats, you did it! Now do it again. And again. And faster. And with more Meepits.


I keep talking about how to earn bonus points, but never how many. I'm sure the mathematically-inclined among you are wondering. So, here's a breakdown of how to earn points in this game.

Feed a Meepit: +1 point per pipe piece used

Match juice colors: additional +1 point per pipe piece for each matching Meepit

Use all the pipe pieces: +50 points

Use a Rotten Wormy Apple: -10 points each

Use a Rahketmelon: +10 points each

Use a Blue Rambus: +25 points each

Note that there are 40 pipes in the game, so it's better to use all the pieces even if it means sacrificing a juice color. It's also worth it to include a few Rotten Wormy Apples if it means you can use all the pieces. Also note that the points from fruits count as the points for that pipe piece. For example, feeding a pipe with a Rahketmelon will earn you 10 points only, not 10 points plus the normal point for using that pipe.

Confused? Don't worry, you can mostly ignore these specifics as you're practicing your Meepit-feeding talents! Once you're close to the avatar score, you may want to give this section another look to see how you can improve your scores.


Desperate times call for desperate measures. If the time limit is truly too much for you to handle, it is possible to get the avatar while playing on zen mode. In zen mode, there is no timer, but you only earn 1 point for each Meepit you feed, no bonuses. This means that reaching the avatar score could take, like, 8 hours*. By the time you're done, you will probably look like the Meepit in the avatar.

* Please don't quote me on this. I've never actually tried playing MJB in zen mode.

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