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Will my Neopet die if I don't feed it? I really like my pets but if I go on vacation I'm scared I'll lose him. :( ~cecilinas
Of course not!! Your pet will be very sad and miss you oh so much butttt they will be waiting for ya when you get back!

Hey there! *waves* Just to clarify, is it okay doing Kitchen Quests on a side account as long as you haven't done any for the day in your main account? It could help eluding a stat being given to a random pet that is not currently under training. Thank you!
Unfortunately no, since you could win NP on your quest it is technically not allowed on a side account. However, if you stop earning Neopoints on your main account for a few days and want to make your side account your main one then you can do that!

Scrappy, I've been a dedicated, & loyal user, with an account 13 years old. I love all of my Neopets, & would hate to be apart from them, which is why I've always strived to play as honestly I can & seek to obey the rules. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING worth risking getting frozen over! But I've heard that, at least last year, innocent users playing in the Altador Cup got caught up & FROZEN in the crossfire of dealing with cheaters in the AC, despite their efforts to be honest & fair! I'd like to think they got their accounts back, but I'm worried.... I want to play in the AC, because I want to support my favorite team, & bring them respect & a trophy. Obviously I'll play fair for them, too, like anything else. But what can I & other rules-abiding players do to be SURE we won't get mixed up with cheaters during freezings & such & SHOW we wouldn't ever GET mixed up in cheating at all? I'm really stressing out! Please help!
My best advice for you is to play as fair and within the rules as you can. You can go look at our updated Rules and FAQ page for this year's Cup to clarify rules you are unsure of. However, if you know that you are playing fairly and not breaking any rules then you have nothing to worry about!

Most Highly Reverend Editor, if I could beg audience with your exalted reverence, I have a request for your excellency. As a humble scholar, I yearn for adventure, yet within recent years no quest, no story, no adventure has come to, I ask, will there ever be another story to unfold in Neopia? -your humble servant, Mei Hai of Shenkuu
Keep training, humble servant. Your patience will be rewarded.

Will Premium be on sale to celebrate the NC Mall's birthday? Can you tell me when the sale will run so I don't miss it?
Of course! We have manyyyy birthday surprises in the NC Mall! While the actual birthday is July 15th, I would keep a look out that entire month as we'll have lots of specialties for you guys!

Dear Fellow Neopians,

Although it is early I wanted to let everyone know that there is an official date and theme for our next Collab Issue. This issue is called "In The Sky" and will be published August 18th. So get those creative juices flowing and start thinking of anything and everything that soars above our great Neopia! I also am giving you this heads up in hopes that you'll have plenty of time to get all submissions within 1-2 weeks of that date! Whenever your submission is ready just add a note specifying that it is for the collab issue and send it my way!

I can't wait to see what all of you beautiful writers and artists come up with!


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