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Happiest Items In Neopia

by doglover3662


Neopia is an incredibly happy place, but it's still possible to have bad days here! You could be feeling down after mispricing an item in your shop, after having the Pant Devil show up and snatch your favorite plushie, or maybe you had a Petpet in your inventory eat the meal you were about to feed to your Neopet! So it isn't all glamour and glitter in the world, but there are plenty of ways to cheer yourself up. Perhaps you go off and play your favorite game or dress up your Neopet. But me? One of my favorite things to do is go and look at all the happy items around the site.

There are hundreds of happy items, ones with smiley faces on them or ones that exude this positive spirit. I surround myself with positivity to manifest it in my own life and it is a great way to feel better after a rough day. So what are the happiest items on the site? There are a lot!

Happy Negg (TCG)

If your opponent is smiling, there is probably a Happy Negg in his or her hand!

This is one of the original trading cards found around the site, and it comes from the original Base set. It features a Happy Negg, which in itself is an incredibly happy item, but the card takes it a step further by adding all the gold glitter in the photo. This card is also useful when playing the trading card game, and is an easy item to keep in your pocket so you can take it anywhere. If you try to carry around the real Happy Negg, it'll probably rot and turn Grey mighty quick.

Cheery Tomato Plushie

Aww its a super cute Cheery Tomato plushie. How cheerful!

Based around the popular and equally happy Cheery Tomatoes, this super soft plushie it a great addition to any sofa or bed. The attention to detail in this plushie, from the two-toned leaves to the big button eyes, really elevates this above a lot of other stuffed toys on the site. Be careful with it though, otherwise you'll end up with a Ripped Cheery Tomato Plushie, but even if it's ripped it'll still be smiling! A quick trip to Donny and his toy repair shop will fix it right up though.

Happy Slorg Mug

This Slorg is more than happy to serve you your morning coffee!

Mornings are rough, you probably didn't get enough sleep, maybe you had a bad dream, and now you have a super long day ahead of you. It's hard to get started on the right foot. That's where this mug will come in! It features a giant Slorg smile, the perfect face to cheer up your day. Fill it with your favorite coffee or tea or hot chocolate and get excited about things to come. And you can even have your sleepy-time tea in it at the end of the night! Start the day with a smile and end it the same way.

Cheery Plant

Why is it so happy? Because it tastes extremely foul and no one dares eat it.

This is one of the most inexpensive happy items you can find, but just because it is cheap doesn't mean it is lacking in cheer! Each leaf of this plant features it's own smiley face and it's impossible not to crack a grin when you see them. Plant a bunch of these in a window box, or in the front garden, or even in a little pot next to your bed. Actually, why not in all those places? They are so cheap to obtain and so absolutely irresistibly happy that there is no need to limit yourself to just one or two!!

You Can Be Happy

No matter what you're going through, you can harness the hidden power of your mind and lead a happy life.

This is one of my favorite books. It's a self-help book and guide to using the power of positive thinking to improve any and every situation. It's a how-to guide on looking at the bright side of everything. For example it will tell you how you can take that Pant Devil theft and turn it into a motivator to do better next time, and to focus on how it motivates you to spin your attitude into a brighter light. It's an incredibly helpful book but also it is beautiful to look at! It features a big grinning Chia right on the cover!

Cheery Polka Dot Dress

Those bright yellow and blue colours are quite cheery!

I couldn't get through this whole list without including something your pet can wear! This dress has all the happiest pastel colors and is super comfortable for the Spring. It's a bit of a rare NC Mall item but is totally worth the hunt. Not only will this make you and your pet feel chipper, it's an instant mood booster for everyone you come across that day!

These are only a few of the many happy and cheery items around Neopia. This is a great place to start but I also think you should head out and try to find an assortment of your own! The items I find happiest may not be the same for you, and part of the fun is finding the items that resonate with you. Hit up the Shop Wizard, the Trading Post, and even search around in galleries and see what you can come across. There are even a few galleries out there that specialize in smiley and happy items, those are great places for inspiration. Don't limit yourself to just "happy" and "cheery" in the name, search around for "rainbow" and "sweet" too! There is not much happier than cinnamon hearts on your cinnamon rolls!!!

But after you start collecting some happy items, make sure you take the proper precautions with them. There is nothing worse than collecting a bunch of sunshiny items only to have the Pant Devil swoop in or Dr. Sloth turn something to sludge. My best advice is to pop them in a gallery! If they are hiding out in your safety deposit box you are unable to share that joy with the world, but in a gallery Neopians from far and wide can come admire and smile along with you! Happy smiling!

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