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A Guide to Snow Wars II: Icy Snow Way Out

by faeriequeenoffire


The Snow Beasts are coming, armed with their catapults and Lupe friends, and they're after your snowmen. What do you do? Declare the beginning of the Snow Wars, of course! You have five innocent snowmen on your side of the field and are now in charge of protecting them, so let's get to work in defending them before the next wave hits!

The first order of business is to defend those snowmen! Make sure the game loads with them as far away from the frozen river as you can. Later on in the game, when you need to repair the fort, you will have a problem doing so if your snowmen are too close because you cannot build your fort on top of the rift! So you're either stuck waiting for a piece that fits perfectly with your wall, or you may have to risk that snowman – or the game.

There are seven pieces that you can build your fort with, so once you have the layout that you want, go ahead and surround your snowmen with the pieces given to you. The various pieces that you can use include one block, two or three blocks in a row, a four block shape (like a plus sign missing a block), a plus sign shape, a Z shape, and a three block corner piece. With these, you need to completely – without any gaps – surround your snowmen. But make sure to leave space for your Grundo friends so that they can bring their catapults to attack the enemy with!

While you do have five snowmen, you don't have to surround them all at once – or even more than one – but it is better that you do get them all blocked up to avoid the Lupes destroying them. For the first round you should aim – in the small amount of time you have – to make a fort around at least two snowmen, leaving enough space for your catapults. If you can join them together after having surrounded them separately, go for it!

The catapults allow you to throw snowballs back at your attackers, preventing them from attacking you, so you should have plenty to go around. But don't have too many as it becomes much harder to build up and fortify your fort with the small amount of space you'll have left. You should aim for about three catapults per snowman, and they should generally be placed beside them to maximize fort space. Make sure to leave enough space to fortify!

Catapults need to be surrounded to work as well, so if you do choose to build forts only around some of the snowmen in some rounds, make sure you have enough catapults to use. Saving one snowman that doesn't have a catapult will cause you to be unable to do anything that round – because those not protected won't work – so make sure you have enough to attack with before fortifying your defences.

Next is your method of attack! Now that you have your snowmen in their forts and your catapults ready to fire, look across the icy field at your opponents. The Snow Beasts have catapults so you should eliminate them first so that they don't take down too much of your fort. But the Lupes can be just as dangerous if they get too close, so keep them as far back as you can in the time limit, because even though you can't attack when you're repairing, they can still move – and in that time, they can destroy your fort and take down some snowmen! If you block them in, though, that will take care of them – but that should only be used as a last resort, so take care of them in the small amount of attack time that you're given.

Your catapults should be fired when ready – never idling – and when you aim, make sure to do so around the enemy as well since they can move about in the time it takes for your snowballs to hit them. While the Snow Beasts are important to eliminate first, don't hesitate to shower the field over the Lupes with your snowballs! You should have enough catapults to be able to take care of both enemies at once.

After a few rounds, you should be able to join up all your snowmen – if you so choose. The problem with this is that it's harder to find holes and repair everything in time and that can cause you to lose the war if you're not quick enough to fix everything. To prevent that from happening, leave space inside so that you can section off the snowmen with walls in case there isn't enough time to fix everything at once – that way, you still end up with some snowmen protected and enough catapults to use.

The main idea is to build the fort so that it's easier to repair when damaged. If you have to, break down your own walls! This can be useful if you've joined all your snowmen so that there's enough space to section them off in an emergency. Also, you can clear space around the perimeter so that you have more pieces to use to fix it up; instead of waiting for that one piece that will fit, this method gives you more options to repair the wall with. This way, you can last as long as possible.

The war continues until – unfortunately – you lose, so make sure to last as long as possible! Build, attack, and repeat – that is all that you need to do, so make sure you do it well. Don't hesitate to sacrifice one snowmen for the sake of the many if you have to! If you do well enough, you may even find yourself in the possession of an avatar and a shiny new trophy! But until then keep your fort closed and your snowmen safe, because the Snow Beasts and their Lupe allies will not rest until all your snowmen have been destroyed!

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