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The Last Of Your Neo Neuroses!

by indulgences


I logged into my main account one day and freaked out over the fact that the site theme had been changed. I panicked, checked my gallery (all was well), checked my shop (still chock full of items), and scanned my pets (all were present). Then I suddenly remembered that the night before, I'd been playing with the various site themes on my account. I must have forgotten to return my active site theme to the JumpStart theme! I breathed a sigh of relief, changed the theme back to JumpStart's colorful theme, and nursed my shattered nerves with a hot cup of coffee.

That said, I wondered if I was the only one who neurotically kept her site theme the same way, no matter what! I have plenty of rare site themes from past events and plots, but I always use the JumpStart theme.

I also make sure that my side account site themes are all different from my main account's site theme. That way, I know which account I'm logged into, and can prevent myself from doing things on the side accounts that I shouldn't be doing (such as restocking or voting in the Beauty Contest).

I've written 2 articles in the past all about our Neopets neuroses, and I think it's about time I wrote a third! To do this, I went to the Neoboards and asked the players there, What are your weird neuroses, things that are unique to this site? I got a lot of interesting replies!

Many people were like me, and assigned a different site theme to each of their 5 accounts. One player said that her main account uses the Habitarium site theme, while her side accounts use the Blue site theme. Another player said that each of his 5 accounts have completely different site themes, depending on each account's purpose. (One account is for zapping pets, another account is for holding Royal pets, another account is for holding Baby pets, etc.)

One player had a completely unique neurosis that made me smile. She swaps her gender from Female to Male, and from Male to Female, depending on her mood that day. She refuses to stick to a single gender! I thought this was interesting! And now that TNT has created the Unknown gender option, everyone has hopes that they'll continue to roll out with more options, such as Robot or Alien...haha!

I have a hobby that I adore on Neopets -- zapping pets with the Secret Laboratory Ray and giving them away to great new owners. Right now, I'm zapping pet #101. I neurotically keep a petpage list of pets I've given away, complete with their images, so I can see at a glance how they've been customized, painted, and spoiled by their new owners. I love seeing a common pet like a Purple Peophin, for instance, become a glowing purple beauty after being customized with purple wearables from the NC Mall. It's so gratifying to know that my zapped pets are treasured and esteemed! And it drives me to continue zapping pets. Who knows if my Chocolate Gnorbu or Faerie Pteri will be someone's ultimate dream pets?

I also have another hobby -- getting my Neofriends' dream pets! So far I've accomplished 8 of their dreamies, by zapping pets and trading them for my Neofriends' dreamies. It's so gratifying when they finally get that Garlic JubJub or Sponge Kiko that they've been dreaming of! I'm dead set on accomplishing 20 dream pets, and I'm glad that my neurosis is leading to my Neofriends getting all the pets they love!

Many players admitted that they live vicariously through other players. By this, they mean that they scour the Avatars Neoboard to congratulate people on their new avatars, or scan the Pound Neoboard and clap for people who have finally achieved their dream pets. I thought this was an interesting neurosis! I myself tend to lurk the Battledome Neoboard and gape at the amazing battle pets of my fellow players. I'll never have a pet with 5000 hit points, but it's fun to gaze at the people who do!

Several players said that one of their biggest neuroses was their need to downsize their accounts at least once a year. By this, they meant they'd sell their gallery items, give away pets, and empty out their Safety Deposit Boxes into their shops. One player gave away a whopping 11 pets, and admitted that he loves the extra space on his accounts. Now he has the freedom of scanning through the Pound, as well as the freedom to create new pet and color combinations that will probably happen in the future, such as 8-Bit Acaras or Biscuit Blumaroos.

My battle pet won the top trophy in the Obelisk War, so I know that his stats are good enough to get the top trophy in future plots and events. However, I continue to zap him for stats, mainly strength and hit points. I have the neurotic need to boost his hit points to 2000, just because I like the number. A lot of Battledomers have the same need to keep training their pets, though their pets are already impressive enough to beat the biggest bosses of the Battledome. I thought this was an interesting neurosis!

I've been published in the Editorial 22 times, and my overall goal is 50! I don't know of anyone else on Neopets who has this neurosis. I get a rush whenever TNT publishes my questions, and I'm glad that they think my questions are keen, interesting and insightful. The coolest part of being published is when TNT has to make up new rules as a result of my questions. It feels great to be pivotal and important!

Many players organize the contents of their accounts juuust so. For instance, one player's main account's SDB holds only Petpets. Her side account's SDB holds Advent Calendar items. Her other side account's SDB holds only books. I had to nod and agree that being neat and organized is definitely a popular neurosis on this site, something that makes our gaming experience so much more rewarding!

There are aspects of the site that will never garner people awards or trophies, yet they continue to participate in them. For instance, one player admitted that she's obsessed with her classic Neohome, even though only Neohomes version 2 can win a trophy. And other players said that they love to weave intricate stories for each of their pets and post them on their pets' petpages and pet lookups, even though they'll never win anything for their efforts. And finally, the Kadoatery feeders are obsessed with accruing thousands and thousands of trophies, even though no one really cares what their trophy count is. I thought their neurotic need for these aspects of the site was really unique and unusual!

And finally, the best and coolest neurosis on Neopets is: changing your password and PIN regularly! One player said that her biggest accomplishment on the site was keeping her account safe from hackers, scammers, charlatans, and more. She neurotically changes her password and PIN every week, something that inspired the people on my threads. One player admitted that she only changes her password once every 6 months, which caused a lot of consternation amongst the rest of us. We entreated her to change her password more often, and she took our advice to heart! From now on, she's going to change her password once a week. I'm glad that one person's neurosis led to another person's safer account!

So these were the last of our Neopets neuroses! It was a fun series of articles to write, and I thought it was amusing that there's no end of neuroses on this site. Only Neopets players are this obsessive and high-strung, and I have to wonder if they're neurotic in real life as well.

Thanks for reading this article, my fellow Neopians! Stay tuned for future articles from yours truly, and have a spectacular week!

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