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Hide and Seek

by supertualet

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Fostering Identities for Altador Cup XII and Beyond
First and foremost, congratulations to Mystery Island for winning Altador Cup XI. But doesn’t it sound dull just to say “Team Mystery Island?” It’s not really befitting a championship team or any team competing in a prestigious event such as the Altador Cup, hence the proposal behind this article: team names.

by hahoho


Orlitz and the Search for the Emerald Crown: Part Two
A warm ray of light streamed through the small slit between the curtain covering the large cut-up windows. The gentle light awoke Orlitz who hid under the quilts of an enormous bed. A clock on her bedside table notified the Cybunny that it was time for breakfast at the lodge.

by josephinefarine


Heard It All Before
Trust me, I've heard it all

Also by robotbo23

by wowlame


This is how bad I am at playing games...

by innosently

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