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Illusen Quiz

by aleu1986


Illusen Day is my favourite Neopian day of all, the day we celebrate the kind and brave Earth Faerie. How much do you know about Illusen? Have you ever attempted to complete her quests, or perhaps you have created a gallery in her honour? This quiz will put your knowledge of Illusen and Earth Faeries to the test, have fun!

I have broken the quiz into sections and placed the answers to the questions below each section for your convenience.

Let's start off with some simple, basic questions that even those not too familiar with Illusen should know the answer to.

1. Is it Illusen's Glade or Illusen's Grove?

A. Glade.

B. Grove.

C. Neither, it's Illusen's Hidden Glade.

D. Neither, it's Illusen's Secret Grove.

2. Where does Illusen live?

A. Faerieland

B. Meridell

C. Tyrannia

D. Brightvale

3. How old is she?

A. 150 years old

B. 1,000 years old!

C. 394 years old

D. Ageless

4. What colour are Illusens (beautiful) eyes?

A. Blue

B. Purple

C. Green

D. Brown

5. When is Illusen Day?

A. 04. February (The 4th Day of the Month of Awakening)

B. 17. March (The 17th Day of the Month of Running)

C. 20. January (The 20th Day of the Month of Sleeping)

D. 17. May (The 17th Day of the Month of Hunting)

Answers to this section:

1: It's Illusen's Glade, officially. Some Illusen item descriptions call it a grove, but on the sign in Meridell it clearly says "Glade."

2: Illusen lives in Meridell. She used to live in Faerieland, but moved to Meridell for unknown reasons... presumably to get away from Dark Faeries.

3: Illusen is ageless!

4: Her eyes are a brilliant emerald green.

5: Illusen Day is 17th March (The 17th Day of the Month of Running)

The thing Illusen is most famous for, is handing out quests to the Neopets that come to her home. What do you know about the quests and the rewards Illusen offers?

1. How many quests/levels are there in total?

A. 50

B. 55

C. 60

D. 100

2. What is the level 1 prize?

A. Mud Mixture

B. Illusens Potion

C. Illusens Cream Cookies

D. Cucumber Eye Cream

3. What is the level 35 prize for completing her quest?

A. Honey Potion

B. Illusens Earth Potion

C. Illusens Elixir

D. Leaf Shield

4. What is the level 50 prize?

A. Earth Spell Book

B. Leaf Taco

C. Illusens Staff

D. Illusens Blade

5. How many quests must you complete in order to get the "Illusens Glade" avatar?

A. 16

B. 18

C. 20

D. 25

6. Do you get a special avatar for completing a quest on Illusen Day?

Yes... and it's beautiful!

No... *pouts *

7. True or false: Completing a quest for Illusen unlocks her as a Battledome challenger.

True, you unlock Illusen as a challenger when you complete the level 1 quest.

False, Illusen is not available as a challenger at all.

Completing quests for Illusen will get you some pretty items, but if it's stats you're after, you need to complete a quest for an ordinary Earth Faerie.

8. What kind of stat do you get from completing an Earth Faerie quest?

A. HP (Hit Points/Endurance)

B. Level

C. Agility/Speed

D. It's random

9. What kind of items does Earth Faeries ask you for?

A. Potions

B. Grooming

C. Toys

D. Items in the 80-99 rarity section

10. If you have been around Neopia a while you may remember what the Earth Faeries old reward


A. She gave you a random Negg that could increase your pets stats (such as Power Negg)

B. She restored your pets health and made it bloated

C. She gave you a random gourmet food

D. She healed your pet

Answers to this section:

1: There are 50 (fifty) quests/levels in total.

2: The level 1 prize is Illusens Cream Cookies.

3: The level 35 prize is Honey Potion. (Most people attempt Illusens Quests so they can get this weapon).

4: The level 50 prize is Illusens Staff.

5: 20 completed quests is the requirement for the Illusen's Glade avatar.

6: Yes! For completing a quest (any level) on Illusen Day, you get the "Aren't I A Doll?" avatar.

7: False, Illusen is not a Battledome challenger. (Though I suppose those who have failed quest 35 multiple times wish she was!)

8: Upon completing an Earth Faerie quest, your active Neopet recieves an increase in a random stat.

9: Earth Faeries ask you to bring them different kinds of potions.

10: The Earth Faeries old reward was healing your Neopet and making it bloated.

In this section of the quiz, you have to find the item/option that does NOT belong. Good luck!

1. Which of these items is NOT a wearable?

A. Illusens Belt

B. Illusen Curtains

C. Earth Faerie Daisy Ring

D. Illusen Wig

2. Which of the following books is NOT related to Illusen?

A. Growing A Vine Yard

B. 101 Leafy Uses

C. Tree Magic

D. A Faerie Beautiful Day

3. Which is NOT a TCG representing an Illusen item?

A. Illusens Charm

B. llusens Ring

C. Illusens Staff

D. llusens Bow

4. Which is these is NOT an Illusen-related instrument:

A. Flute

B. Drum

C. Harmonica

D. Panpipe

5. Which of these is NOT an Illusen-related food?

A. Illusen Ice Cream

B. Illusen Chilled Summer Soup

C. Illusen Day Pizza

D. Illusen Gum

Answers to this section:

1: Illusens Belt (Illusen Curtains is a NC item.)

2: Tree Magic (It is about Earth Faeries, not Illusen. The three other books mention Illusen in their descriptions.)

3: Illusens Bow

4: Flute

5: Illusen Gum

This next section of the quiz is simply random, assorted questions. Enjoy!

1. What is the NP value printed on Illusen Stamp?

A. 100 NP

B. 15 NP

C. 25 NP

D. 1 NP

2. What colour is the Illusen the Earth Faerie NeoDeck Card?

A. Yellow/Gold(en)

B. Green

C. Black

D. Purple

3. Together with the Soup Faerie, Illusen appears in this Terror Mountain game:

A. Let It Slide

B. Snowball Fight

C. Terror Tilt

D. Snow Wars

4. In the game Faerie Bubbles, what does a combination of Earth bubbles do?

It makes a new line of bubbles appear

A. It destroys all Earth bubbles on the screen

B. It changes all bubbles to random colours

C. All the bubbles within the combo change to random colours

5. If you're lucky, you may get a random event while browsing the site featuring this lovely Earth

Faerie. What effect does this random event have?

A. 10,000 NeoPoints are added to your on hand total

B. You receive a random Illusen item

C. You receive a random food with the words “earth faerie” in it

D. You are automatically redirected to Illusen's Glade in Meridell

6. It is rumoured that Illusen witnessed Jhudora performing a terrible act of evil… what did Jhudora do?

A. She made all the pages of the books in the Faerie Library go blank

B. She created the Meepit

C. She made Queen Fyora go bald

D. No one knows… And if Illusen does know anything, she isn't telling

7. What effect does the Illusen Negg have?

A. It increases your Neopets intelligence

B. It increases your Neopets agility

C. None, it's just a food item

D. It yields a random faerie wearable

8. The Earth Faerie Doll was a prize from which contest?

A. Poetry Competition

B. Mystery Pic

C. Caption Contest

D. Random Contest

9. What item category does Illusens Horn belong to?

A. Instrument

B. Wearable

C. Weapon

D. Toy

10. < Aside from Illusens Diary and Illusens Novel, there is a biography written about her, what is it called?

div align="center">

A. Finding Illusen

B. On Illusens Wings

C. Illusens Journey

D. The Earth Faerie Journal

Answers to this section:

1: The value printed on Illusen Stamp is 15 NP.

2: The Illusen NeoDeck Card is yellow (or golden.)

3: The Soup Faerie and Illusen both appear in Snowball Fight.

4: When you play Faerie Bubbles, and make an Earth Bubble combo, a new line of bubbles appear.

5: If you get the random event featuring Illusen, 10,000 Neopoints are added to your on hand total. What a kind faerie!

6: No one knows what great act of evil Jhudora did, or even if the rumours are true. If Illusen does know anything, she is keeping it to herself!

7: The Illusen Negg does not have any effect, it is a Gourmet Food, however.

8: The Earth Faerie doll was given out as a prize from a Mystery Pic contest.

9: Illusens Horn is an instrument

10: On Illusens Wings

And finally in this quiz there is a true or false section! Can you recognize the truth and spot the lies?

1. True or false: The Illusen Faerie Doll is sold in the Hidden Tower in Faerieland.

True, it can be yours for the small price of 2,000,000 NP!

False, it restocks in the Toy Shop in Neopia Central.

2. True or false: Ilere and Iyana are both Earth Faeries.

True. Ilere appeared in the Tale of Woe plot and Iyana appears on a NeoDeck card.

False. Ilere is an Earth Faerie, but Iyana is a Water Faerie that appeared in the Curse of Maraqua plot.

3. True or false: In the early days of Neopia, the Earth Faerie was a Battledome challenger.

True. Defeating the Earth Faerie in the Battledome gave you cool items like Earth Sceptre.

False, the basic elemental faeries have never been Battledome challengers.

4. True or false, the Illusen Contacts was released through the Questing Faeries Finest Collection. (NeoCash)


False, it was a NeoCash Card prize.

5. True or false: Illusen is featured on the 4 years userlookup shield.


False, she appears on the 30 month shield.

Answers to the true or false category:

1: False, the Illusen Faerie Doll restocks in the Toy Shop, not the Hidden Tower.

2: True, both Ilere and Iyana are Earth Faeries.

3: True, you could in fact fight the elemental faeries in the Battledome many years ago.

4: True, Illusen Contacts was the 4th item in this collection.

5: False. Illusen appears on the 30 month userlookup shield.

I hope you have enjoyed taking this quiz, I certainly had a fun time putting it together! Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I wish you a very happy Illusen Day!

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