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The Curse of Knowledge

by orisasda


      In Faerieland there is an old custom that is still followed by all Faeries. When a Faerie Neopet is born, the newborn will be blessed with a special gift by a certain Faerie. Depending on the month they were born. Some got blessed by common Faeries such as Fire and Air Faeries, while others were lucky enough to be blessed by Aethia the Battle Faerie or Mira the Space Faerie. Some were even lucky enough to be born on the month that Queen Fyora herself gives a blessing to newborn Faerie Neopets. But not all these blessings are gifts, some can be curses and some can be can be both. Not too terribly long ago a woman was give a blessing that was a gift and a curse, depending on how one used it. This woman is know as Lady Dynaheir.

      Lady Dynaheir was born as a Faerie Blumaroo under the name Arianna Dynaheir. She was born in the month of June and the Water Faeries bless every Faerie Neopet child born that month. The Water Faerie who blessed Arianna, her name was Peritia, spend a long time looking at Arianna when she was placed before her.

      "She needs a very special blessing." Peritia had whispered and finally she smiled. "Arianna Dynaheir, I bless you with the Gift of Knowledge. Knowledge is a powerful thing and can change the course of many lives, including your own. May you use this gift wisely." Peritia proclaimed as she placed her finger on the newborn's forehead to give her blessing to the child. So Arianna grew up with the blessing of the Gift of Knowledge and was regarded a genius because of the vast information she had because of the gift. She didn't spend very long in school because the Gift of Knowledge taught her everything she'd ever need to know. But as a result, Arianna grew up very lonely. She was seen as a freak by almost all the children her age throughout her childhood. Most saw her as truly blessed, while she saw herself as truly cursed.


      When Arianna grew into an adult, she opened a fortune-telling shop in Faerieland. Some Light Faeries did fortune-telling. But by the time Arianna was grown, Faerieland had fallen because of the events of The Faerie's Ruin and all the Light Faeries were busy using their fortune-telling skills to see the uncertain fate of Faerieland. So people came to Arianna instead under the moniker of Lady Dynaheir which she had chosen for herself. Although her Gift of Knowledge did not allow her to see into the future, it allowed her to make an educated and often accurate guess because of the vast knowledge it provided her with. If anyone asked her where something or someone was, she'd know immediately as her Gift of Knowledge told her exactly where it or they were. She, of course asked payment for her services and as her success grew, as did her wallet. She started to accumulate a fortune. This was the first time Arianna had felt blessed by her gift. She made a handsome sum of money everyday and everyone who went to her loved her for her gift. She didn't feel so lonely anymore. But it wasn't long before things grew bad for Arianna.

      Suspicious people began to enter her shop, asking her questions that she was unwilling to answer. She, at first treated them like any other customer, but as she wondered how they were using her knowledge. Her Gift of Knowledge gave her the horrible truth of who these people were. They were not people to be trusted with the knowledge she could give them. They could do very bad things with it. Eventually, she began to refuse these same people her services. But these people were not easily stopped. They often sent others to get their answers from her in their stead, obviously not aware that her gift would tell her if they were sent by them, so she could refuse them service. But the worry that her next customer could be sent by these horrible people took its toll on her. She awoke most days tired and stressed. After a few more weeks of worrying and stress, Arianna closed the doors of her fortune-telling service. She'd had enough of worrying about those suspicious people and those who they sent in their stead. But furthermore, she was afraid that even though she would no longer run a fortune-telling service, that they would still try to get answers from her. She thought of these things over and over as she looked into a river nearby her home. She hoped that the babbling of the river would calm her nerves.

      "You did not use your blessing wisely like I hoped you would." A soft voice said. Arianna turned worriedly to the sound of the voice to find herself looking at a Water Faerie.

      "W-who are you?" Arianna asked her.

      "My name is Peritia. I am the Water Faerie that blessed you when you were born." Peritia replied.

      "Oh, so you're the one who gave me this curse!" Arianna said bitterly.

      "The Gift of Knowledge that was my blessing to you. It can be a gift or a curse depending on how you use it." Peritia stated. "It was only a curse to you because you didn't use it wisely. You used it for the wrong things. Like making a simple fortune out of them."

      "Then what am I supposed to use it for?" Arianna asked.

      "You're supposed to use it wisely. You must use your gift when you feel you must, Arianna Dynaheir. Follow your head and your heart and they won't steer you wrong. However, those people you worry about. I think you may have to run from Faerieland to escape them." Peritia said.

      "Wait, how did you know about those people?" Arianna asked, alarmed.

      "Arianna. One of the meanings of Peritia is knowledge. I blessed you with a gift I, myself possessed." Peritia replied with a smile. Arianna just stared at her, a little shocked. "Now, here. Take this." Peritia said, pressing a Skunk Paint Brush into Arianna's hands. "Take that to the Rainbow Pool in Neopia Central and paint yourself with it. They won't recognise you then. Then take yourself and your fortune anywhere but here. Only then will you be safe." Peritia continued.

      "Alright. But why are you helping me?" Arianna said.

      "So many questions... Because you were the only child I ever got to bless. You hold a special place in my heart and to see my blessing causing you so much pain... I'm sorry." Peritia said with a sigh. Arianna smiled and gave the Water Faerie a hug.

      "It's alright and thank you, for helping me."


      So Arianna flew quickly to Neopia Central and painted herself skunk with the Paint Brush Peritia gave her and her powder blue short fur changed to black with a white stripe running down her back. However she was surprised to find that her wings hadn't left with her Faerie colouring. They had just transformed into purple, butterfly-like wings with a floral pattern. She guessed that she was just simply meant to have wings no matter what she was painted. However, she did look quite different regardless and with her fortune that she had made from fortune-telling, she could settle down wherever she pleased. Although her heart ached for Faerieland, she knew that she couldn't return there. In the end she chose Meridell. Partly because who would look for a fortune-telling Faerie Neopet there? And partly because she liked the sound of the medieval land. So went there and bought herself a nice estate, fit for a noble. She even became a member of Meridellian nobility because of her wealth and she gave up her fortune-telling forever, never telling anyone about her gift ever again. So she became known as Lady Dynaheir yet again, but the Lady was now a title attached to her because she was nobility and that suited her just fine. She had finally settled into a place where she didn't have to worry about those suspicious people anymore and could finally use her Gift of Knowledge wisely. Just like Peritia wanted her to.

      The End.

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