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Interview with the Darkest Knight

by gorubeza


Market Town...A mysterious land inhabited by many Neopets, and home to the Dark Knights.

These Dark Knights aren't there without a purpose, however. They're living in this little town to enforce their commander's rule of taxes; Anyone who doesn't obey this law...Well, who knows what happens to them. And who is their commander?

Well, my friends, I'm here to tell you!

He's none other than the Darkest Knight, the most handsome Skeith you'll ever meet!

Okay, that last part is my opinion, but you can't deny he's awesome!

Anywho, I have come to this town in hopes of an interview with him, and needless to say, I'm nervous about it! I've heard about his battles against other foes, and not to mention I'm his BIGGEST FAN! *squeals* Oh, sorry about that, I got carried away. Another reason why I'm so nervous about this interview! I'm very prone to losing control when I'm in front of someone I love so much!

Now, I've prepared myself for any sudden attacks; I have brought my main Battledomer, G0lbeza, just in case we have to counterattack (although I really hope we don't) and get away quickly (again, I hope we don't)...And I also brought one of my drawings of him for an autograph! Hey, I want this meeting to be remembered forever!

Market Town is dark and gloomy as usual, but that didn't stop us from climbing those castle stairs and heading toward the doorway, which of course was guarded by a couple of Dark Knights. Oh boy.

"You're Dusk, right?" one of them asked me, realizing who I was.

"Why, yes. Yes I am." I answered, "I guess you heard of my arrival?" Golby looked at the two bulky knights intently, making sure they didn't lunge at me.

"Oho, yes we have!" the other knight replied with a chuckle, "And may I add that you look like you could be a part of our team?"

I couldn't help but giggle shyly at this comment, then regained my sanity and asked if I could go on through. They agreed and led me into a long hallway lined by statues of what looked like the Darkest Knight himself. I began to shake as I approached another door, of which must've led into the Darkest Knight's room, but tried to calm myself down and took a deep breath. Golby, too, kept a steady approach and followed behind, his eyes never leaving the knights leading us through.

"Wait here." one of the knights finally spoke, stopping us in front of a large, wooden door.

We obeyed and watched nervously as he went inside. I could've sworn I got a glimpse of a large chair in the room, but wasn't sure until the knight allowed us in.

I couldn't believe how cool this room looked! It had a giant chandelier hanging from the ceiling and large stairways on both sides, leading to some stained glass windows. In the front of the room, a desk sat there, and behind that desk, a large, metal throne-like chair...With the Darkest Knight sitting in it!

I tried to contain my inner fan girl as I inched closer to the star of my Neopian life. I will admit I did let out a tiny squeak or two as I looked into the knight's eyes. Did he hear them, I don't know. But BOY was he handsome! In fact, he was more handsome in person than how you see him in merchandise!

"Have a seat." the Darkest Knight spoke up, gesturing to another chair between myself and the desk. I nodded and sat down slowly, with Golby right beside me, then prepared to note down what he had to say.

"So, I've heard you're a huge fan of mine?" he asked, making me jump.

"W-Why yes...Yes I am!" I stuttered, "How'd you know?"

The Darkest Knight chuckled and answered, "My warriors showed me your request, 'Please let me come and have an interview with my Knighty Boo! It would be a huge honor!'"

I forgot I had those exact words for my request and couldn't help but hide my face a little.

"Oh yes, I did say that, didn't I?" I whispered, still trying to hide my shame, but obviously failing.

I heard him get up and then felt an armored hand on my shoulder as he spoke, "I found it amusing, heh! No need to worry...Yes, I'd love to have an interview with one of my fans!"

I looked up at him and saw his eyes glistening, then beamed and exclaimed, "Alright! Let's get started then!"

He went back to his seat and sat back down, placing his hands in front of himself, and I asked my first question.

"Why did you decide to come to Market Town in the first place?" I decided to start off easy, just in case his attitude changed about the interview all of the sudden.

"Ah, it was a calm town...It was peaceful, full of lively Neopets...And the scenery wasn't that bad either." the Darkest Knight replied, "But then again, once an evil faerie tells you where to go, then what else can you do?"

"Ah yes...The Darkest Faerie." I mumbled, jotting down what he had said, "That brings me to my next question. What made you...How should I put it...Join her side? Being a great warrior, I would expect that you could've fought--"

His eyes glinted furiously as I said this, and I covered my mouth quickly.

"I...Never wanted to join her." he growled, rolling one hand into a fist, "She threatened me if I didn't obey her commands. If I dared turn against her, she would've destroyed me in the worst way possible."

"Which was?" I asked hesitantly, trying to keep myself from making him angrier. Golby, too, prepared to defend ourselves if needed.

"I can't say." he lowered his head slightly and looked down at his hands, "But, it wasn't so bad once I came here." He stopped and looked up at me again, then continued, "I was assigned my own soldiers, all of whom obey me without any question, and have kept the good-doers at bay ever since. And anyone who dared stood against my soldiers and survived...Were struck down by me."

I could tell he was very proud of this and smiled a tiny smile.

"I heard you had some relations with Meridell in the past, before...SHE...Came along. How did that go?" I couldn't resist asking this, I just had to for my own curiosity.

He switched his gaze to the ceiling for a moment, as if to recall the past, then looked back down and nodded again.

"Yes, I used to live in Meridell. I was one of the greatest knights in their army." he informed, "You may not have noticed, but I grew up with that Lupe knight, Tormund. Ah, yes...We were good friends, all right...Until we met that faerie. Then he thought it would be fine to ditch me and leave for his farm! I was held captive by that fool and taken away while HE got to become a Meridell Knight! HE took away what was meant for me...And now...I WILL MAKE HIM SUFFER!" He banged a fist on the desk, then calmed down and sat back in his chair again.

I jumped in my seat, then looked around for a topic to keep his mind off of the past events and caught a glimpse of his sword, of which leaned against the wall near a window.

"So...I've heard you're really experienced with your weapon." I nodded toward the sword, then continued, "How do you overcome so many foes with a single sword?"

He let out a laugh, then stood up and took the weapon, his eyes glistening like the sword's sharp blade. I watched cautiously as he walked around us with the sword in hand, then turned around as he spoke from behind.

"Ah, I've had my struggles with this weapon, but in the end, I was victorious." he said proudly, "I had trained myself day and night with this sword, and will only continue to grow stronger as time passes by. You see, I have fought countless battles with this blade, and I never backed down, even when it looked like it was the end of me. Every time I take hold of this sword, I feel stronger, more powerful than even the great Faerie Queen herself! I feel like I can break through the toughest prison wall, slice through the hardest rock, and I have only this weapon to thank."

I was very awed at what he said, then remembered something else he could do with the sword, and couldn't help but ask.

"I've seen you do a certain...Trick...With your sword. Could you please show me?" I requested with glee.

"Oh, you mean the Slicing Circle?" the Darkest Knight asked back, stabbing the floor with his sword. I had the idea he knew what I meant and nodded quickly, trying to contain my excitement.

"Hohoho, then stand back...And watch this!" he bellowed with pride.

I stood up and backed away a little as the sword rose out of the ground on its own and began to levitate around the Darkest Knight as if some sort of psychic power or spirit lurked inside. I watched as the Darkest Knight swung his tail back and forth, focusing on the movements of his weapon, and squealed like a little girl as the sword flew at the wall swiftly, then came back to its owner.

"And there you have it! The Slicing Circle!" the Darkest Knight announced, taking a hold of the sword once more. I couldn't help but applauded...I loved it when he did that and I have been so eager to see it in person if I ever could! Golby, too, began to clap his hooves together, then settled down as the knight came back to his desk.

"That. Was. AMAZING!" I cheered, jumping up and down with joy, "Thank you so much for showing that to me! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!"

"Heh, no problem." the Darkest Knight said, sitting back down, "I'm glad you found my strategy interesting; Hardly anyone seems to care anymore about skilled movements with a sword anymore. Must be because of the fancy blasters and magic people use nowadays. Bah, who needs that?"

I nodded quickly in agreement. "Yeah, who needs magic when you can do...THAT?"

"Uh, Dusk...You do know that I use magic, right?" Golby chimed in.

I looked over at him in shock, then remembered that he was indeed an experienced warlock, and sat back down with a soft, "Oops...Yes. I forgot."

The Darkest Knight chuckled and leaned back in his chair proudly with his armored hands behind his head. I stared at him silently, then realized that it was getting late and spoke up.

"Oh dear, I'm afraid we have to head home. I'm sorry I couldn't stay with you much longer. You are truly an amazing person, and I've been greatly honored to meet you." I stood up and slowly took out the drawing I had been meaning to get signed, wondering if he'll do one last thing for me.

"Um...I drew this for you a long time ago, when I first heard about you." I felt my nervousness taking over me again and handed the drawing to him, hoping he wouldn't laugh at how horrible my artwork was back then, "If you don't mind...C-Could I...Possibly...Uh...Get an autograph?"

The Darkest Knight seemed shocked that I would ask him such a thing. He took a pen from out of the desk and smiled (or at least, I think he did under that helmet of his), then jotted his name on the drawing with a happy glint in his eyes.

"There you go. Cherish it always." he said, handing the drawing back to me. I felt like crying, he was even more amazing than I remembered...He not only allowed me to interview him, but he showed me his special technique, AND signed my art!

"Th-Thank you, Sire." I gave a slight bow, holding back the tears of joy that began to fill my eyes. Golby, too, bowed down and echoed, "Yes, thank you. You have made her very happy... And I have been honored to meet you, even if I do use magic."

The Darkest Knight nodded and summoned one of his soldiers to lead me out, but before we left, he finished, "We will meet again, Dusk. I can promise you that. I'm very happy to have made your acquaintance."

Golby and I waved good-bye, then left the room and through that long hallway, and eventually, out the castle with big smiles on our faces.

"See you soon. Farewell" the Dark Knight leading us out spoke up, "Thank you for taking the time to interview our great master. He really enjoyed it."

"It was our pleasure." I bid him farewell, then left Market Town with Golby right beside me and headed toward our Neohome in Meridell with the Darkest Knight's final words echoing in my mind.

"We'll meet again, Dusk. I can promise you that."

What did he mean by that? Only time will tell...

A few months later...

A knock at on our Neohome door called me over and I couldn't believe who it was...

"Hello again, Dusk. I brought these for you."

"Knighty Boo! I don't believe it!"

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